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Monday, December 28, 2015

Nothing is impossible if you believe in it. Sometimes you just have to be bold enough to fall hundred times before you can stand up strong and help others who starting to fall in business or life. It is never easy to make a business a success, but it is worth the journey to attempt and make it materialize if you really want to strive.

Every business objective is to make money, profit; nonetheless there is more than just profit for every business. That "more than just profit" is based on business owner's intention. Some are just noble to begin with. In brief, your mindset helps a lot in living life to the very best of it.

Hopefully this simple illustration of mine from Robert T. Kiyosaki input helps you on business knowledge and perspective. One important note, find and treasure that group of people who really support and inspire you. You will go further and accomplish things in life better, God bless. =)

Sofia Naznim

Saturday, December 26, 2015

In the Middle, Photo Credit: SF Artography
What does success mean to me in my life? Many years I have been searching for the answer since I was a young little girl. After understanding life better through personal life experience and other people’s life experiences, to me, success means happiness and happiness means success. It is a direct link between them. 

If you are happy, it means that you live your life with purpose and you achieve what you truly want and need in your life. This includes happiness in doing what you love until you reach new heights and triumph.

First, for me, happiness is when I do the things I love. For example, my passion is to write poetry and stories. I write since I was 13. I began writing seriously when I met my husband where he encourages me to pursue my dreams and share my writings with the rest of the world. This year, I share my writings and photography with many friends from different parts of the world. I’m doing what I truly love, I’m happy and God bless, this is my joy and one of the triumphs in my life. 

Happiness for me is also when I’m helping less fortunate beings. At the moment, my husband and I are focusing on two projects, which are ‘Feed the Homeless and Hungry’ in KL and also feed the stray cats and dogs. If I can make other people or animals happy, I’m happy and that is what success means to me.

Success is a journey, not a destination. So is happiness. Once we feel the real feeling of happiness in the power of loving, giving and living, we will understand the real meaning of success! 

By: Sofia Naznim

*Wrote for my public speaking class based on the given topic 
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Friday, December 25, 2015

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The gratitude, Photo Credit: SF Artography
When we talk about giving, it doesn’t always mean money. It’s more than that. It’s about giving your time, energy and effort to help other people and causes. 

We don’t need to wait until we get rich to help others because by the time we are rich and successful, we have little time even for ourselves, what else other people, right? So, remember, in giving, we rise by lifting others.

For example, based on my personal experience, currently my husband and I are working together on two charity projects. The first project is to feed the homeless. Every month, we will go to Central Market and Petaling Street area and provide food and drinks to the homeless and the hungry. We start small and cater for 20 to 30 people per month. 

The second project is to feed the stray cats and dogs. We provide them food and fresh water.

To us, this is our small part to give back to the world of what we have and make the day of the unfortunate ones. Sometimes the little thing you do for someone or an animal in need can mean the whole world to them. 

For us, maybe RM 1 means nothing, but for a homeless or destitute person, RM 1 could mean everything. Hence, always put yourself in someone else shoes especially the unfortunate ones, and you will never underestimate the power of giving! 

By: Sofia Naznim

*Wrote for my public speaking class based on the given topic  
Stray Cats Rescue and Treatment Community Help (SCRATCH), Photo Credit: SF Artography

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Aim, Photo Credit: SF Artography
We all want a little more success out of life, right? But what are we really doing to get to a point where we can say we’ve achieved something outstanding? That success may only be a few strengths and weaknesses away from being realized. Remove the obstacles that stand in your way and use the aptitudes that work best for you in achieving your goals and dreams.
My personal strengths would help me succeed at work by allowing me to complete my work in a quick manner while maintaining accuracy, therefore making me an efficient worker. What will help make me be a successful worker is by focusing on utilizing and improving my strengths, which are mainly 1) Willingness to learn and 2) High determination.

I’m a believer of “never stop learning”! I really love to learn and my willingness to gain knowledge is tremendous. Based on my past working experiences, my bosses appreciate me as I always have a strong will to learn and study my job diligently. To me the universe is a book where every page offers a sea of knowledge for us to learn and explore. I believed with this strength, I can go further in my job and life.

Besides that, I am a determined person. I always persevere and pursue what I want in life in a good manner. Even though it is hard or it takes time to achieve certain goals, I never give up and try my best to materialize it towards success. 

Fail 7 times, rise 8 times. I always keep in mind to be positive and be sincere in what I do. I will always try my best to perform my work and responsibility in my job and life. 

To conclude, I strongly believed that my main strengths could contribute a great deal in my career and my life. Believe in your strengths and improve your weaknesses and you will find success in the light of learning life. 

By: Sofia Naznim

*Wrote for my public speaking class based on the given topic  
Strike, Photo Credit: SF Artography

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Give, gift, Photo Credit: SF Artography
Suspended Meal Program (Helping the poor to fight hunger)
 "With just RM7, you could prevent someone from hunger"

❣Pursue your dream as it will make you happy in what you do and with perseverance you will achieve success.
❣Life is just not about yourself-it's beyond than that, see and feel things in a bigger picture-help others.
❣Leave a legacy by helping others-that will impact and give meanings to their lives.
❣Never judge a book by its cover.
❣Remember good things of people.
❣Acknowledge blessings-write even the smallest blessings.
❣Time management-'me time' (Saturday off time).
❣Do what you love.
❣Exceed expectations.
❣Trust your employees.
❣Learn how to mingle in a business environment.
❣Business etiquette.
❣Step back to solve problems.
Give, gift, Photo Credit: SF Artography
Photo Credit: eliteentertainment.org
Personal Branding-What do you stand for?
~You serve yourself
~You serve your company
Photo Credit: addisonwhitney.com

Benefits from Personal Branding

♛Top of mind
♛Distinctive, known for something
♛Reputation & Credentials
♛Trusted, know what to expect
♛Perceived Value
♛In demand, command top $

In time, personal branding is the biggest asset that you can acquire in life.

Photo Credit: primaldm.com
What do you stand for?
♛Personal value/Core values
♛Professional mission
♛Personal mission
♛Personal brand

♛Don't lose curiosity (be a long life learner)
♛Look it as a calling, a passion
♛Build and help the future of others (level of greatness, not position)
Photo Credit: www.experience.com
Be a person of

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Photo Credit: gbshconsultinc.blogspot.com
1) Define your goal
2) Use interpersonal skills
3) Listen to the other party
4) Make concessions (let go)
5) Reach a compromise

1. Define your goal
✯Know both sides wants and needs
✯Think about strengths and weaknesses
✯Plan for a settlement range*
✯List and practice all concessions/resources of exchange

2. Use interpersonal skills
✯Set the climate
✯Set an agenda
✯State the respond to opening positions

3. Listen to the other party
✯Understand each others wants and needs
✯Explore and brainstorm

4. Make concessions (let go)
✯Be willing to make small concessions
✯Don't just say no, offer alternatives
✯Debating tactics

5. Reach a compromise
✯Summarize agreement
✯Follow with a formal documentation to ensure proper accountability
✯Explore implementation pitfalls

 *Settlement range
✯Opening position
✯Desired settlement point
✯Walk-away point
Photo Credit: www.shareyouressays.com
Photo Credit: www.crowngas.co.uk
CS Principles
✪Create the environment by treating your customers as guests of your home
✪Welcome your customers
✪Attend to their needs
✪Inform them
✪Meet their needs and where possible, exceed expectations
✪Confirm satisfaction and thank them
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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

20 December, 2015
Richard Electronics
Kuala Lumpur


Dear Mr Richard,

Account No: HN757/879
Amount overdue: RM 15,000
No of months overdue: Three months (3)

We are writing concerning the amount of RM 15,000 which was due to be paid on 31 August 2015 and despite three requests on 10 September, 10 October and 10 November 2015, remains outstanding and unpaid for over three months.

We do appreciate our long and mutually beneficial, excellent relationship prior to the amount falling overdue and we most certainly would like to continue and maintain this relationship. However, continuation is again dependent on the settlement of the overdue amount at the very least, an indication as to when or in what manner you propose to settle the amount overdue for our review and approval.

We urge you to treat this matter as very urgent and look forward to your kind response immediately or in any case not later than 14 days from the date of this letter. However, in the event we do not hear from you it will leave us with no other alternatives but to initiate legal proceedings without any further references to you.

We sincerely hope that this will not be necessary and look forward to continuing our relationship.

Thank you.


Sofia Naznim
Debt Collection Department

*This is a draft of an example from my English class. It is not a real case.
Hope it helps for reference and research.
Image result for final notice
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Sunday, December 13, 2015

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1) Share information, thoughts and opinions
2) Able to think on our feet
3) Train critical thinking
4) Develop a short speech in a short time
5) Strengthen relationship
6) Connect with people
7) Congratulate people
8) Impress customer/management
9) Develop confidence
10) To get feedback


1) Meeting
2) Presentation in class/university/workplace
3) Company retreat
4) Business talk/entertainment
5) Sharing session
6) Social activities
7) Induction/orientation
8) Farewell party
9) Debate
10) Graduation/award event
11) Farewell party
12) Questioning session
13) Marriage proposal
14) Job interviews
15) Answer phone
16) Speak with customers/clients/co-workers/management
17) During networking
18) Funeral (eulogy)
19) Wedding speech/birthday party

Basically, you are doing the informal, impromptu speaking on your day to day basis. So, do not be afraid if you have any formal impromptu speaking. Be calm and use the techniques below in delivering an effective impromptu speech.

♛5 Steps Key Formula

1) Listen
2) Pause
3) Confirm
4) Tell
5) End

♛Key Success Factors

❅Point-make a point/statement
❅Reason-give a reason to enhance point/statement
❅Example-give example for reason stated
❅Point-Repeat & emphasis on the point you made earlier

2) Structure Pros and Cons
3) 1H 5W (How, What, Why, When, Where, Who)
4) Past, Present, Future

The PREP formula is normally used by speakers and can be very useful in gather and structure your thoughts and make you ready to deliver your impromptu speech.

To illustrate the PREP formula;-

♡ We should count our blessings everyday
❅P-We should be grateful on everything that we have.
❅R-Because in the other part of the world, there are people who are hungry and homeless.
❅E-Africa-starving, Malaysia-hungry and homeless (you can relate with personal experience/facts)
❅P-We have food, roof and all the basic needs, we should always be grateful as there are other unfortunate individuals.

Don't forget to:-
❅Deliver with style
❅Deliver with substance (content, message)

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Photo Credit: www.multifamilyinsiders.com
✌Control Relationship Damage by:
1) Rectify mistakes in the office
2) Pacify an angry boss
3) Project proper behavior and control

✌The Right Attitude in Damage Control (3A's)
1) Apologize for the bad situation -Be humble and sincere
2) Accept responsibility -Be communicative
3) Act to restore the situation -Be intuitive and willing

Photo Credit: www.adweek.com
✌Skills needed in Damage Control
1) Customer relations (to protect business) -Respect and courtesy
2) Public relations (to protect reputation) -Press conference
3) Interpersonal relations (to protect relationship with bosses and colleagues)

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Photo Credit: nmwa.org
Click to read on: Competing in the global marketplace

Embracing the key elements as stated in the articles can help business thrive in the competitive global marketplace. All the elements are interrelated to one another for any businesses to strive in the business world. Below are the examples that I can relate with my company.
Photo Credit: www.weldingandgasestoday.org
Focus on the Customer: My Company is a multinational company where it spreads its businesses internationally and locally. Customer need and satisfaction is always the top priority to ensure the successfulness of the business. It’s vital to know the customer in understanding their needs and build the products and services accordingly. I understand that my company is awarded as the number 1 insurance brand in the world where they are very concerned of their customer needs. 

Have the right team and network in place: Every company requires good leaders and followers that can form good teams and ideas for the business expansion. The right network of people working in a company can create a good company culture. Based on events conducted and concerned for employee welfare, my company did a great job.

Understand Cultural Nuances: Business can survive better if they focus on understanding the local culture, language and ethics. I’ve heard a few Malay language (local) words and sentences came from my company’s CEO who is a French man. As he said, it is vital to be adaptable to survive and succeed in this world.

Act Local: My company joint venture with a local bank. The joint venture helps the product and services tackle the local community. Besides that, it also helps foster the relationship between local companies, other related local organizations and local markets. 

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Saturday, October 24, 2015

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Video: How the Japanese conduct their meetings

Compare your country’s meeting style with 
how the Japanese conduct their meetings

Personally, it depends on where you work. Meetings are conducted differently at government and private company. It differs from one company to another, from international companies, multinational companies, and enterprise to the small business industry.

Photo Credit: it.toolbox.com
The difference is based on the way how the management or parties conduct the meetings. If you have a Japanese boss, you’ll have a meeting like the one as shown in the video. If you have a European or American boss, the meeting would be conducted by the presenter of the day or chaired personally by him or her. Occasionally they would encourage junior staff to chair the meeting for exposures. If you have a Malaysian boss, the meeting would be conducted and chaired by him or her.

Photo Credit: www.impactcommunicationsinc.com
One of the criteria of poor meeting is that it can be too lengthy to discuss small issues or to brainstorm ideas. This problem usually arises when there is no proper planning, organization and communication between parties. In the end, the successfulness of a meeting depends on the company’s culture and the leadership approach adopted by the company.

One of the best methods is to adopt a meeting style that produces a positive result with having a positive environment. Offer chances for junior employees to chair a meeting to provide them a learning experience to handle company’s meetings. Don’t forget that different types of meetings have to come with a proper time management.

In brief, all companies have different style of meetings based on their company’s culture and leadership style. 
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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Photo Credit: www.mtraining.co.uk
Video: Presentation Skills for Business Professionals

Referring to the video, most typical business presentations failed because they follow a standard template, ”Who I am, what I do and what I can do for you”. As an alternative, the speaker recommends us to engage with the audience by creating a mutual understanding and interaction between both parties.

I agree with the speaker in the video. It is vital for us to focus on the audience and let them be a part of our presentation. We should avoid giving presentations for the sake of delivering without taking advantage of the focus approach tips. Let the audience feel they matter. Engagement and two way communication are the elements of an effective presentation.

Photo Credit: www.mtraining.co.uk

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Photo Credit: www.milestonesmarketingllc.com
Video: Outsourcing

Outsourcing is an arrangement in which one company delivers services for another company that could also be or usually have been provided in-house.
These are the policies and strategies that the company can set for the benefit of the clients and the employees.
1. Get the clients involved in the progress of the project and how it’s handled. They will create a positive image of the company through their progress in achieving targets which will be closely monitored.

2. Two way communication should be created between the management and the workforce for the betterment of the company.

3. Make the work clear – The company should overcome inconsistencies related to the KPI targets which affects the employees’ bonuses. Employees’ need to create a strong union in order to have sales and contribution for future growth of the company and quality assurance.

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Impromptu Presentations

To deliver a good and effective impromptu speech, we need to link our ideas to these 3 important aspects.

1. Know-Ideal information to let them aware and understand
2. Feel-Motivate them and make them feel and inspired
3. Do-Persuade them to act on the information shared

Example: My impromptu speech on “Why do we have to love animals”.

1. Know-I’ll share with them about the current situation of how the animals are being treated by the humans.
2. Feel-I’ll motivate them by making them imagine themselves in the position of animals.
3. Do-I’ll persuade the audience by showing them real life projects that will make them interested and take part in loving animals.
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Friday, October 09, 2015

Can customer satisfaction kill a business?
Photo Credit: latimerappleby.com
Customer satisfaction can kill a business only if it is used as an indicator of loyalty. Nevertheless, customer satisfaction must be set as a high priority on a business mission statement. Customer satisfaction is crucial for businesses and it can be measured.

One of the top ways to increase a company’s profit is by retaining the customers. These satisfied customers will come back for more, repeat orders and refer the business to other people. The word of mouth is a very powerful marketing tool in the business world. One happy and satisfied customer could refer to four of other new customers and so forth.
Photo Credit: www.themsrgroup.com
This tremendous testimonial and referrals cycle will continue and boost the business performance. However, business owners must always be aware of this behavioural pattern to ensure that they can gain loyal customers rather than just satisfied customers.

Thus, the goal of every company should be geared towards the customers’ satisfaction and provide them a reason to come back for more which in return will give a positive outcome to the company.
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