Violation of Ethical Practices at Workplace

Video: Ethical Practices at Workplace

What are the 2 ethical practices from the video 
which you think is often violated in your workplace

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Sadly to say, I’ve come across all the problems as shown in the video. Honestly, this is the sad truth and real situation that is happening in the workplace. It is either you already have encountered them or not just yet. The two ethical practices which are often violated in the workplace environment would be controlling anger and working efficiently.
There will always be someone who gets angry about almost everything and throws tantrums at someone else. These are common events that happen in the workplace where there is miscommunication between certain levels without thorough investigation. 

Some individuals tend to listen to gossip and they circulate unwanted stories and negativity in the workplace. When this happens, the workplace environment becomes unhealthy and discrimination will follow through. This will lead to anger, depression, and suppression. Therefore, it is crucial to manage your anger and don’t circulate unwanted stories in the workplace that may spark further problems.

Besides that, an unhealthy work environment will lead to inefficiency in the workplace. It may not affect everyone, however, it will affect those who are at the center of the problem. Again, it is vital for an individual to have a strong heart and principles to survive in a workplace. Certainly, these two violations are not the only issues, but many more are there as we grow in the workplace and life. We need to identify the issue and understand how to solve the problem in the right manner to be content at work and life.
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