Co-creation & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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In relation to co-creation and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), I agree that co-creation is the future for all of us. 

This is when companies view their clients as stakeholders of their brand where client input is valuable and companies could acknowledge by creating better products and services. Eventually, this would benefit companies to:

1) Innovate better
2) Create customer-centric products
3) Generate brand loyalty

On the customers’ end, they are more likely to purchase from a company that supports and engages activities to improve society. They do not accept unethical business practices or companies who act irresponsibly. CSR would benefit companies by:

1) Develop and enhance relationships with customers, suppliers, and networks
2) Improve business reputation and standing
3) Generate positive opportunities and give back to society

In brief, co-creation of CSR activities would benefit society and it helps to build a better community and the nation. Without corporate social involvement, how could the poor and those in need benefit from this marvelous social initiative? It should not be viewed as a drain on resources but a divine responsibility to help back the society for a better future for everyone.

Sofia =)
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