See You Always

Hello beautiful readers!

I feel it has been ages since I have not written anything in this blog. A few months feel like years. That's how you feel about something that you love. I'm trying my best to write wherever I can although time is limited. But yeah, there's always time for something that you truly love. 

I have tons of write-ups to share with you and I hope you can bear with me to wait for my writings to be published. I try to figure things out how can I manage a few blogs, websites, and accounts. At times I really thought of having a personal assistant. Lol =D

If you have been reading my blog since the first day, you know how much I've grown as an individual and shared my writings from knowledge, experiences, dreams, ideas, and creativity. I have so much to share with the world and all I know is to share through my writings. 

Maybe my writing does not impact hundreds of people yet, but if it could open up a few hearts and minds towards the beauty of love and life, I'm a happy writer. I've given a few speeches to a group of people and one of my favourite topics I loved to share with them would be passion. 

I believed passion could lead you further in life. If it doesn't make you rich, it'll make you whole. There are many people I've met who are rich and famous but they feel empty because there is no passion in their eyes and heart. They did what they have to do to become rich but they abandon the ultimate passion - dreams that can lead them to real success. 

Everywhere I go people always mention their dreams of being rich and famous. Yes, the majority of us or maybe I could say, humans would want to be rich if not famous. We would want to live in a beautiful mansion, have luxurious apparel, supercars, and everything that we want we could have, simply just name it. 

However, not all of us would have that. That is the balance of the world. I used to hope day and night and wish that this world would have no poor people and poor souls. Unfortunately, there will always be and need to be. 

It was thought-provoking after I watched a movie that makes me realize that yes, it's true that this problem will always exist. I can't recall which movie, but yes, it is from a famous movie. I'm not sure whether it was Hunger Games or something similar. Forgive me, I watched too many movies and that makes my memory bank full. =| Nevertheless, I do believe that nothing is impossible, especially with His power and I do hope the best for the world. =)

If you are just blog walking and dropping by at my blog, Hi you! I hope you enjoy reading my entries and gain something that would benefit you in any way. =)

To my beloved loyal readers and friends who support my writings and ramblings, a million thanks to you! There are those who I know and there are those who I don't even know but I would love to know, thanks! Thanks for your feedback, moral support, love, and loyalty. Without all of you, I'm still the little girl with her green notebook in the back of her hand. =)

Guyssss, I know this song might be a little too late to share with you but I still want to share it. =D I really love this song. No matter how many times I listened to this song, it reminds me of how strong friendship could be. Hope you enjoy it! =)

To my readers, see you always in ABOL and my other blogs! (^.^)


Wiz Khalifa-See You Again ft. Charlie Puth 
(Official Video) Furious 7 Soundtrack

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