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It's been a while I didn't blog and I'm so sorry for not doing so. There are many projects and upcoming events that I have to handle and time is very limited for me. I'm sure there are many people out there have many tasks and time is one of your biggest challenges. 

I always wish I have more than 24 hours a day. I feel like time fly so fast and there are so much to learn, perform, love and live. But I learned something that no matter how much and long hours are given to you, it will never be enough. 

We need to focus more on the right direction and hopefully, we will feel enough. I also learned that when you are happy, time really flies so fast. If you feel unhappy, time really beats you up. So I guess it depends. I chose to be happy and focus on the right direction and if time flies so fast, I know I live my life the way I want it to be and be happy with those dear to me.

My Blogs

I just set up a new blog on poetry in my native language, Bahasa Malaysia. Besides poetry, there are also quotes and motivational words. Those writings are my own write-ups for a decade. I feel so old right now. (>.<) I am really happy to share these collections with literature lovers and readers out there and I hope you'll love my writings. 

I still write poetry from time to time when I have ideas and inspiration. If you look up for something to read and appreciate the beauty of poems, kindly read my new blog at

Don't forget to check my second blog on marriage particulars at This blog is also in Bahasa Malaysia. You can simply translate all of my blogs to your preferred language using Google Translate at the top page (Home) of my blog. All of my blogs have this feature for your convenience. Although it doesn't translate perfectly, I do hope it helps you to gain any information or make your reading a lot easier. 

I rarely update my blogs due to time constraint. However, I will try my best to update regularly with informative, yet entertaining stories at the same time. If you are my loyal reader, stay loyal because God bless, I will never stop writing and updates are a matter of time and opportunities. ABOL is my first and English blog, so stay tuned! Be sure to bookmark this blog (ABOL).

Be sure to follow up on my blogs and enjoy reading! =)

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