3 Keys to Deliver an Effective Impromptu Speech

Impromptu Presentations

To deliver a good and effective impromptu speech, we need to link our ideas to these 3 important aspects.

1. Know-Ideal information to let them be aware and understand
2. Feel-Motivate them and make them feel and inspired
3. Do-Persuade them to act on the information shared

Example: My impromptu speech on “Why do we have to love animals”.

1. Know-I’ll share with them about the current situation of how the animals are being treated by the humans.
2. Feel-I’ll motivate them by making them imagine themselves in the position of animals.
3. Do-I’ll persuade the audience by showing them real-life projects that will make them interested and take part in loving animals.
Photo Credit: grantandassociates.com

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