Successful Team Building

Video: Successful Team Building

If I have the chance to let my company engage in any 2 team-building activities from the video, I would choose the e-bike tour and collaborative painting to enhance engagement in my company. I believe these activities would spur creativity and encourage team building between colleagues and the management team.
E-bike tour activity can build better relationships among members as it is performed outdoors. Teams will have the opportunity to treasure serenity, enjoy nature at the same time, and also exercise, which can help to reduce work-life stress. As the e-bike has a motor to assist the rider’s pedal-power, the activity also encourages participants to appreciate the technology that can solve modern problems.
Collaborative painting, on the other hand, has its own unique benefits. The teams will work with each other to produce an image based on collective thinking from various backgrounds. The result of the painting will vary depending on the creativity of the team and it will visualize the relationship that the team members have by sharing a vision together.

=) Sofia
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