How I plan to use my strengths in my job

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We all want a little more success out of life, right? But what are we really doing to get to a point where we can say we’ve achieved something outstanding? 
That success may only be a few strengths and weaknesses away from being realized. Remove the obstacles that stand in your way and use the aptitudes that work best for you in achieving your goals and dreams.
My personal strengths would help me succeed at work by allowing me to complete my work in a quick manner while maintaining accuracy, therefore making me an efficient worker. What will help make me be a successful worker is by focusing on utilizing and improving my strengths, which are mainly 1) Willingness to learn and 2) High determination.

I’m a believer in “never stop learning”! I really love to learn and my willingness to gain knowledge is tremendous. Based on my past working experiences, my bosses appreciate me as I always have a strong will to learn and study my job diligently. To me, the universe is a book where every page offers a sea of knowledge for us to learn and explore. I believed with this strength, I can go further in my job and life.

Besides that, I am a determined person. I always persevere and pursue what I want in life in a good manner. Even though it is hard or it takes time to achieve certain goals, I never give up and try my best to materialize it towards success. 

Fail 7 times, rise 8 times. I always keep in mind to be positive and be sincere in what I do. I will always try my best to perform my work and responsibility in my job and life. 

To conclude, I strongly believed that my main strengths could contribute a great deal in my career and my life. Believe in your strengths and improve your weaknesses and you will find success in the light of learning life. 

By: Sofia Naznim

*Wrote for my public speaking class based on the given topic  

Strike, Photo Credit: SF Artography

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