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Tuesday, March 02, 2021

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Monday, March 01, 2021


The Wildflower 

scattered by the wind

Broken and shattered

Free and untamed

In the gardens of wildflowers

Through dirt and soil

Sun and rain

It holds its domain

Other flowers viewed her as a rose

Beautiful and yet painful to hold

Some golden daffodils dance

And fluttered miraculous

To win the wildflower

The wildflower grew 

in all the gardens

Where no flowers thought it would

The aching hopes

Hurting memories

Eternity for infinity

The wildflower just blooms

Grow between the hollows


Deep in the roots

And keep the light

From the broken earth

Able to weather

Knowing that it will soon wither

Written by Sofia Naznim

Published at Teesta Review

A Journal of Poetry

Volume 3, Number 2


Thursday, February 25, 2021

Strong hair is as important as a strong body and mind. Since I'm active daily, I must give the best hair care to minimise hair problems and ensure I have strong, natural and beautiful hair.🙆‍♀️

Himalaya Malaysia @himalayashampoo just relaunch their NEW Natural Protein 5 Shampoo and one of them is the Anti-Hair Fall range. Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall range helps to nourish, smoothen and reduces hair damage. 

I find the complete set makes my hair more nourished and stronger, less breakage and hair fall. The shampoo makes my hair smells good too. 🥰

👩Hair Care Steps with Himalaya Malaysia

💖Pre Wash - Anti Hair Fall Oil 

Apply oil on the scalp & massage the scalp gently. Leave for 1 hour before washing

💕Helps to stimulate hair growth, prevents hair fall and hair thinning and relieves dry and itchy scalp

💖Cleanse - Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

Use daily 

💕Provide root nourishment, improve hair texture, strengthen weakened hair fall due to breakage, helps nourish & smoothen hair, reduces hair damage

💖Leave on treatment - Anti Hair Fall Cream 

Use daily after hair wash. Massage gently on the scalp & hair, leave it overnight

💕Reduce hair fall, strengthen hair follicles & promotes hair growth, provides hair conditioning and daily nourishment 

Himalaya new Natural Protein 5 Shampoo is available in 6 variant:

💚Anti-Dandruff Soothing & Moisturising: Suitable to help fight dandruff and soothes the scalp

💚Anti-Dandruff Gentle Clean: Suitable for hair with dandruff flakes

💚Softness & Shine Daily Care: Suitable for full and dry hair

💚Smooth & Silky: Suitable for rough and frizzy hair

💚Repair & Generate: Suitable for lifeless and damaged hair

💚Anti-Hair Fall: Suitable for weak and hair fall-prone hair

All these shampoos have winning formulations and the formulations are designed to provide good foaming, cleansing, and conditioning of the hair. They are free from preservatives like MIT, CMIT and Parabens. This shampoo uses exotic herbs with Natural Protein 5 for hair structure replenishment. 

Himalaya Protein 5 Shampoo is available for purchase at Himalaya Boutique, and major drugstores like Watson and Guardian.

Stronger & beautiful hair with Himalaya Malaysia!


For more info on Himalaya products and ongoing promotions, you may check them out at:





Tuesday, February 23, 2021


A Day in Selangor, Let’s Visit Klang


Klang has always been a well-known royal town that captivates local and international tourists with their history and culture. From eco-nature to heritage, every attraction in Klang town is worth the visit! Due to its efficient transhipment port and container port in Port Klang, the Petaling district is known to be the best for processing imported and exported goods. As the State’s official Tourism Promotion Agency, it is definitely our responsibility in making your one-day trip to Klang town unforgettable, so don’t worry as we are delivering you a list of ideal locations that you can visit in this historical town!


8.00am  : Breakfast at Chong Kok Kopitiam

9.00am  : Royal Klang Heritage Walk Tour

12.00pm : Lunch at Archana Curry House

1.00pm  : Roam around the remarkable Little India at Jalan Tengku Kelana

2.00pm  : Shopping spree in GM Klang

5.00pm  : Chill out at Café 1986, Botanic for tea

6.00pm  : Lay your eyes on the astonishing sunset at Tanjung Harapan

7.00pm  : Enjoy dinner at Restaurant Faridah Nasi Ayam & Kambing Bakar

8.30pm  : Wander around Pasar Malam Teluk Pulai at night


So, here’s why...


1)       Breakfast at Chong Kok Kopitiam

Begin your day by having breakfast at one of the renowned eateries in Klang that is regularly visited by the locals of the area. It definitely is a hot spot and you can see a diversity of races and ages enjoying their first meal of the day here! You do not want to miss out on their non-other than the famous local coffee, steamed or toasted bread with butter and kaya and soft-boiled eggs!


2)       Royal Klang Town Heritage Walk Tour Programme

If you are in Klang, it is certainly a must to explore the whole town to make your journey more exciting! You can try joining the free guided tour provided by Tourism Selangor where you will be taken to a number of spectacular landmarks with a professional tour guide to assist you throughout the tour.   


3)       Lunch at Archana Curry House

Highly suggested by the locals, make sure you stop by one of the best Indian Restaurants there is to get your lunch! This famous Curry House has been running for more than 15 years and known for its signature dish called Banana Leaf served with mouth-watering chicken peratal which is one that you should try!


4)       Roam around the remarkable Little India at Jalan Tengku Kelana

Swing by the buzzing sidewalks at Jalan Tengku Kelana where there are a lot of shopping choices making it a tourist favourite spot! Attracting crowds with their traditional clothing shops, textiles, street food and many other selling stalls that promote the Indian Culture is truly something you don’t want to miss.

5)       A shopping spree in GM Klang

If you would like to experience the best shopping experience at an affordable price, GM Klang is where you should go. Step into this large wholesale centre that provides you with fashion, food, home decorations, wedding, textiles and even electronics and gadgets all at below retail prices. So, what are you waiting for?!


6)       Chill out at Café 1986, Botanic for tea

Whoever says that Klang lacks choices when it comes to cafes with unique aesthetics, it is time to prove them wrong! If you are into great food and great places to chill, don’t forget to stop by Café 1986. Serving you with a variety of meals to choose from, such as western to local favourites and desserts that will definitely win you over!   


7)       Lay your eyes on the astonishing sunset at Tanjung Harapan

Located near the notable Medan Muara Ikan Bakar, Tanjung Harapan is the best hangout spots in the evening! Many are willing to make the drive all the way to this place just to witness the extraordinary view of the sunsets followed by the calming view of the sea and the breezy air that will totally blow your problems away!


8)       Have a delightful dinner at Restaurant Faridah Nasi Ayam & Kambing Bakar

Searching for the best Chicken Rice in town? Restaurant Faridah has it! Be sure to order their signature Nasi Ayam or Chicken Rice and Kambing Bakar or grilled lamb once you are here. Also, it is located near Matahari Supermarket, you won’t have any trouble finding the restaurant.


9)       Wander around Pasar Malam Teluk Pulai at night

Wandering around this famous night market will bring you so much fun as you get to satisfy your cravings with local delights of Malaysian street food! With its variety of food choices, this place has become the most visited spot for tourists to get a taste of the best street food in town! You can also find other items such as clothes, household items and just about anything under the stars, literally!


Complete your trip to Klang with our preferred choices here. Take this chance to explore the exquisite town that will mesmerise you with its beautiful and historical buildings and culture. We assure you that this itinerary is going to be very handy once you reach Klang town!


All the listed activities and travel destinations are Tourism Selangor’s preferred choice. Any business operators interested in promoting their product(s) can email us at comm@tourismselangor.my together with their contact details.

For more information, please log on to the official website of Tourism Selangor at Selangor.Travel.

(Archana Curry House by Ng Su Ann)

(Cafe 1986 by vmo.rocks)

(Chong kok kopitiam by ayuhtravel on twitter)

(GM Klang on Facebook)

(Little india by Joyce Koh)

(Restaurant Faridah On Facebook)

(Tanjung harapan by Edmund Yung on flickr)


About Tourism Selangor

Tourism Selangor is a state government tourism arm established to increase the number of local and international tourists to Selangor by enhancing and developing the known as well as the undiscovered beauty of the State. Many initiatives are taken to achieve this such as organizing local and international campaigns, events, overseas tourism trade missions, local roadshows and many more.

Thursday, February 11, 2021




As a Melting-pot of Cultures, Selangor is Home to Religious and Sacred Venues with Stunning Infrastructure!

Photo by Shah Shukri

Photo by @Jessi.Chenfeiwen

Photo by @kurukure

Photo by @sooming87

Photo by @ethanielsiaw

Selangor is the most-developed State and it is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in Malaysia. Multiple religions and cultures exist in this State; hence it is to a no-surprise, Selangor’s temples are ones most-visited by domestic and international travellers. If you do not want to leave it to chance, then you should get planning on your visit to the best temples in Selangor whether it be for religious reasons or just to attain some spiritual inspiration. Most of them are also beautiful architectural landmarks. If you want to pay a visit to these holy places, it is advised to dress properly out of respect.

The best places to visit during Chinese New Year are always temples as they will come alive during this festive occasion. In addition, Chinese New Year 2021's SOPs are out; - It is permitted to perform prayers for 30-minutes at the temple within 10-km radius with a limit of 30 persons at a time on three dates; February 11th, 12th and 19th. As such, here we focus on the mysterious and beautiful Buddhist temples of the State and which ones every traveller should seek out later.


1)     Qi Jian Xian Shi Fo Zu Gu Miao Temple, Kuala Selangor

Qi Jian Xian Shi Fo Zu Gu Miao Temple, is located at Pasir Penambang, Kuala Selangor. It is located near the Kuala Selangor river and a popular destination for tourists. Dedicated to Lord Buddha, this two-level temple is unique as its upper level consists of a man-made cave with overhanging stalactites. The deity Di Zang Wang Pu Sa is worshipped here. The two-storey temple has a pair of grand staircases leading up to the top floor. The main prayer hall is on the ground floor, while upstairs is created to mimic a mountainous scene.


2)     Fo Guang Shan (FGS) Dong Zen Temple, Jenjarom Kuala Langat

Every Chinese New Year, Jenjarom town is lit up with magnificent lanterns at the Fo Guang Shan (FGS) Dong Zen Temple. The temple has been running an annual CNY Lantern and Flora Festival for more than a decade and it has become somewhat a staple on Selangor’s events calendar, thanks to its display of giant light instalments.


The free-admission festival attracts nearly a million visitors yearly. But a visit to the venue should not be just a once-a-year affair, not when the temple itself is a nice year-long attraction in the quaint district of Kuala Langat. The grounds of the temple are home to many beautiful buildings and decorations. Take a stroll along Lumbini Garden to appreciate the abundance of colourful flowers. Over at 33 Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Street, take in sculptures that embody various good virtues.


3)     Kuan Yin Temple, Klang

Built in 1892, Kuan Yin Temple is one of the oldest Chinese Temples in the royal city in Klang. As Fujian Chinese who fled their hometown settled in Klang to fill labor shortages in tin mines, plantations, and railway constructions back in the days, they brought along their Gods and Goddesses with them to build a temple in their new hometown. That is how this temple came into existence. It was nearly faced demolition until the Sultan of Selangor declared it as State’s heritage site. Located at the bustling Jalan Raya Barat, it is now a place of worship for the Chinese community in Klang. Immerse yourself in artistic and heritage galore the moment you get into its majestic entrance. The best is yet to come, get in deeper and you will definitely be amazed with the symphony of artistic and faith. Come and see it for yourself!


4)     Nan Tian Temple, Sekinchan

Nan Tian Temple (Nine Emperor Gods Temple) in Sekinchan, a Chinese temple located in the middle of Sekinchan paddy field. Nan Tian Temple was established in year 1984 and extended in year 2004 into today’s scale. Nan Tian Temple become the landmark of Site A, Sekinchan. Every 1st to 9th of the 9th month of the Lunar Calendar, the worshipers celebrate the birthday of Nine Emperor Gods for a period of ten days. This is the most important religious event in Sekinchan. The two main industries in Sekinchan are farming and fishing; on which both are highly depending on the weather.


5)     Guan Yin Gu See Temple, Kuala Kubu Bharu

Located at the peak of a hill, it offers mesmerizing views from the top with a statue of Guan Yin Bodhisattva overlooking the nearby village. Historical architecture in Kuala Kubu Bharu includes traditional shophouses spanning from the 1920s to the 1980s, as well as old fire and railway stations. A Buddhist temple (Guan Yin Ge Temple) that survived the flood was refurbished in the 1980s, while Cecil Ranking's grave is located within the compound of MRSM Kuala Kubu Bharu and serves as a monument to the 1883 flood.


Tourism Selangor wishes Happy Lunar New Year’s Day to everyone who celebrates it in Malaysia, especially Selangor. May this new year be filled with happiness, prosperity, good health and success. In rise of Covid-19 cases, it is best to maintain new norm practices based on the SOPs.

While enjoying festive weekend at home, you may log on to Tourism Selangor’s official website, www.selangor.travel for inspiration on your travel to Selangor in the future. Tourism Selangor’s Pusing Selangor Dulu Campaign Promotional Video featuring Ambassador, Che Puan Juliana Evans can also be watched in 4K resolution on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHzQdXhtBo0 .

About Tourism Selangor

Tourism Selangor is Selangor State Government’s Official Tourism Promotion Agency established to increase the number of local and international tourists to Selangor by enhancing and developing the known as well as the undiscovered beauty of the State. Many initiatives are taken to achieve this such as organizing local and international campaigns, events, overseas tourism trade missions, local roadshows and many more.

Friday, February 05, 2021



Have a Fun-filled Day in Selangor at Highly and Conveniently-Accessible Indoor-Sport Attractions


When it is time to be “out and about” again after the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) has been lifted, some may feel they have been missing the fun and thrill while movement was limited. Parents with kids might want to send the children for a good sporty session; however, may be reluctant to do so if it is carried out outdoor involving a large number of people.

Worry not, your kids and you will not be missing the fun and thrill any further as Selangor is home to various indoor-sport attractions. On top of that, these attractions are highly and conveniently-accessible, with some located in well-known shopping malls in the State. Hence, good news for everyone, a great shopping session may tail after; just like the phrase “killing two birds with one stone”. Hence, let’s get to the Top 10 Best Indoor-Sport Attractions in Selangor which are definitely suitable for both kids and adults!


1)     Camp5, 1Utama

Sweat it off at Camp5! Operating since 2005, Camp5’s flagship outlet is home to Malaysia’s tallest indoor wall. The Facility is fully air-conditioned, located in a steel and glass tower on the 5th floor of 1Utama Shopping Centre (New Wing).


Wall Specifications are as follows:

Total Wall Area: 2300m2

Total Boulder Area: 450m2

Total Roped Wall Area: 1850m2

Tallest Wall Height: 20.3m


If you are new to climbing, do not let these specs scare you. Camp5 has walls in a range of sizes and with a wide scope of challenges from super-easy to insanely-hard. Hence, they are confident you will find a route you can conquer and a lot more that will challenge you.

For more information, log on to: https://selangor.travel/listing/camp5-1utama/


2)     District21, IOI City Mall, Putrajaya

District21 is a first of its kind; a 70,000sq.ft., post-apocalyptic themed Action and Adventure Park comprising 10 attractions, 8 party rooms and more, located in a 55ft air-conditioned atrium within IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. It has more than a dozen activities, which most of them are newly-featured in Malaysia such as Go-Pedal, Pump Track, Power Station, Low Ropes, Launch Pad, The Maze, Free Fall, Sky Trail, Tubby Ride, and Roller Glider. Weight & Height Restriction applies at all attractions.

        For more information, log on to: https://selangor.travel/listing/district21/  


3)     AirRider, 1Utama

AirRider, 1 Utama is the Indoor Skydiving simulation of an actual outdoor skydive at 14,000 feet. It is the hottest thrill ride and sport flying into Asia. Everyone who has dreamt of flying can come to one of the World’s 7th largest shopping mall – 1 Utama Shopping Centre, and experience the thrill of flight.

The all glass-panelled circular wind tunnel creates a cushion of air in a 12-foot diameter 32ft high flight chamber where the flyer enters onto a cushion of air and becomes airborne, all within the reach of a qualified instructor. The base of the chamber is a trampoline floor of aircraft-quality stainless steel and with wind speeds of up to 250 km/h, active flyers can easily and safely perform aerobatic manoeuvres. Spectators can watch this exuberating sport from a free viewing gallery and seating area too.

For more information, log on to: https://selangor.travel/listing/airrider-1-utama/


4)     FlowRider, 1Utama

Ever thought of surfing in a shopping mall? Now you can with the flow-riding and surfing simulator venue in 1 Utama Shopping Centre. FlowRider, 1 Utama is a hybrid board-sport combining the techniques of surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding and skimboarding.

Whether a beginner or an expert, one can catch a perpetual wave with the guidance of a professional instructor. Waves are flawlessly created by endless sheets of water flowing at a 32 km/h over a composite vinyl surface. FlowRider also provides a wide range of lessons and courses from beginner to advance level with their dedicated coaches to improve your FlowRiding technique with reliability and safety.

For more information, log on to: https://flowrider1utama.com.my/ 


5)     JumpStreet Trampoline Park

Jump Street Trampoline Park is an urban universe with world-class facilities dedicated to jumping, bouncing, tumbling and any other imaginable gravity-fighting activities. It has hundreds of trampolines, with its Main Court taking nearly 10,000sq ft of interconnected trampolines, including special courts with basketball hoops, courts for trampoline dodgeball games, a foam pit to jump into and giant airbags to land safely on.

JumpStreet offers fun and challenge for people of all ages (minimum age to jump independently is 3) and trampolining skill level. Its high-performance area will also help skilled athletes hone their aerial skills. JumpStreet also has areas that are dedicated to small children to ensure their safety and enjoyment.

For more information, log on to: https://selangor.travel/listing/jump-street-trampoline-park/


6)     Malaysia National Ice Skating Stadium (MYNISS)

Located in the highly anticipated Empire City development, Malaysia National Ice skating Stadium (MYNISS) is the first Olympic-regulated ice rink in Malaysia with complete facilities to host tournaments of international standards. Hence, it is time to hone your rhythmic skating skills on an ice rink with international specs; nonetheless!

For more information, log on to: https://selangor.travel/listing/malaysia-national-ice-skating-stadium-myniss/


7)     It’s a HIT Rooftop Baseball

It’s a HIT Rooftop Baseball is the first and only Baseball Fun Park in Malaysia and South-East Asia. No eye-watering theme park entrance fees – here you can confidently walk in and enjoy the one-of-its-kind Batting Cages and Carnival Games. Located on the rooftop of premier mall, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, come by for truly unique activities with great vibes and views!

For more information, log on to: https://selangor.travel/listing/its-a-hit-rooftop-baseball/


8)     Sunway Pyramid Ice

Sunway Pyramid Ice is the first world-class ice sports entertainment in Malaysia. It is strategically located within the internationally award-winning Sunway Pyramid mall, integrated resort city of Sunway Resort, Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, Convention Centres, universities, colleges, international schools, corporate companies and residential communities.

Sunway Pyramid Ice is a popular recreational destination in Malaysia which attracts approximately 15,000 skaters each month. Spanning a 39m x 22.5m rink size, the spectacular view of the rink’s sleek-modern design creates an open view for the shoppers on each of the five floors to watch the skaters in action - an enjoyable and relaxing view.

        For more information, log on to: https://www.sunwaypyramidice.com/


9)     TraXion Karting at X Park Sunway Serene

TraXion Karting is South-East Asia’s biggest indoor karting centre, located in the heart of Kelana Jaya. It offers Kiddie Cart for kids up to 140cm tall and Fast Cart, for adults. Each session will take 10 minutes, and the operator is able to accommodate a Mini Race comprising 3 sessions including the finals, which requires a minimum participation of 8 racers at a time.

For more information, log on to: https://www.facebook.com/traxionkartingmy/


10)   Galactic Laser, Sunway Pyramid

Galactic Laser is the largest and longest-running laser tag in Malaysia. Located in a premier shopping mall, Sunway Pyramid and equipped with the latest technology, it is time to picture yourself as a character in a science fiction video-  with a phaser in your hand, energetic music in the background and fog swirling around in the air, as you stealthily sneak around in a flowing arena that looks like an alien landscape. It definitely offers the thrill of hunting in darkness while avoiding getting tagged yourself.

For more information, log on to: http://galacticlaser.com/v2/


Fun and thrill is attractively-convenient in the State of Selangor. With various options to look into, both adults and kids are able to spend quality time in a safe and well-supervised setting. For all types of thrills; from flying, ice-skating, karting to laser tagging; Selangor has got your options pretty much covered.

However, it is to be reminded, new-norm practises based on SOPs should be emphasized at all times, for the sake of many. Tourists in Selangor should always register via “Selangkah: Langkah Masuk Dengan Selamat” mobile application, ensure social distancing, apply hand sanitizers regularly and wear face masks at all times whilst exploring Selangor in the near future.


For more information, log on to Tourism Selangor’s official website; Selangor.Travel.

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