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Thursday, January 16, 2020

I still can’t move on from my delightful visit at Golden Valley, Melawati Mall, one of Kuala Lumpur’s top Halal Chinese Restaurant. One of the things I’m passionate in life is food. For me, I feel Malaysian cuisine is the best food as there are variety of delicacies which consists of cooking traditions and practices around Malaysia that is culturally rich and diverse, just like Malaysia itself. 

I’m also a fan of Chinese Cuisine and seafood! I’m so blessed to find Golden Valley as they offer best quality seafood and Malaysia Chinese Cuisine that is prepared to order using fresh ingredient and it’s halal! 

So, shout out especially to all my Muslim friends, you can eat all you want at Golden Valley, great Chinese Cuisine food and halal. To my international friends, if you visit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, this is one of the best places you must try and enjoy Malaysian Chinese Cuisine and Seafood to the max!

How do you get here? Easy! We get to Golden Valley by Waze because it’s our first time to Melawati Mall and it’s convenient to get there. The mall is close to Zoo Negara. Once you’re in the mall, just make your way up to Level 3 and Golden Valley is nearby one of the corner escalator. 

The restaurant has this elegant vibe with Chinese potteries lining the walls brings out the artistry overall look and feel of the restaurant. The ambiance and lighting sets the mood and it is a fantastic place to enjoy delicious meals with your family or friends as it is spacious and have plenty round tables, great table settings especially for big groups. 

We were greeted by their friendly waitresses and was seated in one of the round tables. I love to eat at round tables, especially with big family because it’s easy for you to talk and share food with each other. 

Golden Valley menu features many varieties of dishes which includes vegan dishes which I like very much. If you are a vegan, there are 11 special vegan dishes you can savour and other veggies and tofu menu that you can enjoy too. 

Some of the signature dishes you must try here includes chilli crabs. The Crab is specially air-flown from Indonesia (RM16/100g) and you can choose your favourite sauce from chilli sauce, butter cream sauce, deep fried in chili and pepper HK style, deep fried and sautรฉed in salted egg sauce or marmite sauce, and you can add their scrumptious deep fried mantao, my all time favourite! Each crab usually weighs approximately 500g. Must order dish if you come here. 

My personal favourite is the Stir Fried Australian Beef with Cambodian Kampot Pepper on Hotplate (RM28) which served tender beef sliced in delicious zesty sauce and the unique Szechuan Hot and Sour Soup!

I couldn’t resist not to try out their signature and recommended dishes. We usually have our personal favourites like the butter prawn and salted egg yolk squid, so we thought of giving it a try here. Amazingly the taste was yummy! Veggie dish is a must for me, so we ordered one of my favourite veggie dish, broccoli mushroom. 

The other dishes are listed below and overall I would rate that all dishes are delicious, worth eating and definitely need to return and try out their other dishes and also repeat the one we have tried because it was too yummy! 

For drinks, I ordered fresh orange juice and hubby ordered sparkling lime and sour plum which has a nice distinctive taste combination that will quench your thirst. We also had their refreshing hot Chrysanthemum tea in a pot to complete our Chinese Cuisine meal. 

They also have bento set lunch promotion on weekdays where you can choose from 12 various mains that comes together with 3 condiments, rice, daily soup and Chinese tea with prices starting from RM 18++. 

All the food is flavourful, delectable and at this point of writing, I want Golden Valley food so bad! The list below is the food and drinks that we enjoyed during our dinner at Golden Valley.

Recommended mouth-watering signature dishes                                                                                           
Crab with Signature Chili Sauce
Australian Beef Stir Fried with Cambodian Kampot Pepper on Hotplate
Kung Po Chicken Yam Basket
Szechuan Hot & Sour Soup
Murray Sweet & Sour Sauce – Deep Fried
Tiger Prawn Butter with Oats
Salted Egg Yolk Squid
Prawns Omelette
Thai Style Chicken
Mushroom with Broccoli

Chrysanthemum Tea in a pot
Cold pressed Orange Juice
Sparkling Lime & Sour Plum

Recommended size for food portion
S serve: 2-3 pax
M serve: 5-7 pax
L serve: 8-10 pax

There are many other appetising dishes that you can try out besides the ones I have recommended. We had a superb dinner at Golden Valley and I would rate 5 stars for the food and service provided. Definitely worth the calories and money! All prices that you see on the menu is inclusive of 10% service charge, hence it is reasonable and with the right food portion, it is great value for money. Hope you will enjoy your dining and delicious food at Golden Valley and celebrate momentous events with family and friends!

They also have Chinese New Year Set Menu and Yee Sang! Celebrate the auspicious festival at Golden Valley with family and friends. Make your reservations today at +603 4161 3328

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Read about my Harley's experience at Cyberjaya outlet

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Golden Valley - Melawati Mall outlet
L3-18 & 19, Level 3,
Melawati Mall, 355,
Jalan Bandar Melawati
Pusat Bandar Melawati
53100, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 4161 3328
Opening Hours: 10 am-10 pm


Friday, January 03, 2020

To all my readers and followers, thank you so much for having me and Rainbow Pegasus as part of your life! ♡

I wish you a fantastic 2020 and may all your wishes come true! 

Focus on your goal and motivate yourself to achieve your ultimate dream.

Never give up, persevere, be strong, be positive and be kind in your way getting what you want. 

I believed every day is a new beginning for you to start something if you have not and restart if you have missed or want to make a change. Don't wait for the following year, do it now. Do it today if you can. Time waits for no man. Perhaps start with one small goal and execute your goal. 

Never forget to celebrate small wins. Celebrate little things in life. Celebrate moments. These can be the big ones one day. Never underestimate anything.

Most importantly, enjoy your life with your loved ones and love yourself! >3


Friday, December 27, 2019

This post is a tribute to our elderly family cat that is truly missed, Popo ♡

Popo – a beautiful white fluffy female cat that has a unique heart shape top of her stomach when you captured from the top and sometimes look like a cute cow. She is the queen of the house, even Lucky obeysed her. Maybe because of her seniority and charms (Lucky tried his chances to play with her though Popo meowed no cuz she’s the queen). Popo was loved by the whole family, used to be the only cat in the house, till Lucky came in. Her one and only owner was my hubby’s brother. Hubby’s brother cared for her since she was young, found her near the drain helpless and he immediately brings her home and cared for her. She then was brought home to the family when she was 8 years old and stayed with everyone till her last breath, at the age of 15 years old.

Sometimes, I played with Popo, cleaned her place and gave her attention when she was around me. I love cats, animals very much. Popo was one of them. She and I had a bond although I’m not her immediate family member. One of her habit is to bite everyone, but not me, which I felt it’s nice of her because that would make me in pain if I played with her. She’s always nice to me, wants me to snuggle and pat her whenever we are together. She loved to tease me whenever I do my photography session near her place, chill with me and just naughtily love to sit top of my stuff while I photographed them. I always feel that it would be great if she can sleep with us just like Lucky does, but she’s a queen and she is more of a hi bye friend relationship with Lucky, so we cared her from far because we do not want both cats to fight and feel depressed if they are not close buddies.

Until one day, when everyone was away, we had the opportunity to care for Popo, but Popo was very much ill at that time. 2 weeks before Popo passed on, she was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3. Prior to that, she was unwell because her leg was injured as there was a stray cat that managed to get in the house through a window and apparently the cat fought with Popo and Lucky as our cats tried to protect their territories (cat’s nature). Both of our cats were injured when we got home. Hubby and I immediately brought Lucky to our regular veterinary clinic, Shah Alam Veterinary Clinic and he was properly treated. On the other hand, Popo was brought by my hubby’s sister to another veterinary clinic called iVet PetCare Shah Alam.

When we return home from work that night we understand that Popo was given anesthetic at iVet PetCare and she was unconscious for the night. We couldn’t’ understand why the vet did that, but at that time we all thought maybe there’s a medical reason why. Days pass by but she was not getting better. She seemed weak and she had a very bad flu. She was not being herself. Hubby and I felt that something is wrong and we quickly brought her to our regular vet at the Shah Alam Veterinary Clinic and the vet did a full blood test check up to determine her condition before giving her any possible treatment because the vet suspected that she might have kidney disease because of her body weight and her age. His suspicion was right, the blood test result came out positive for Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3. It was ultimately heartbreaking. Understand more about Cats Kidney (Renal) Disease here

Further to that, her condition become worsen because of the anesthetic earlier given by the other vet which triggered her Feline Coronavirus and became active, and make her existing disease becomes worsen. Note for everyone, if you have an elderly cat, please be mindful to ask the vet to run a blood test for the cat first before treating the cat for any injuries, sickness or suspected disease. Elderly cat especially if the cat has an existing disease and has Coronavirus (common in most cats and warning!, the virus is contagious. The difference it’s either active or not), they are not supposed to be given anesthetic because this will make the cat condition worse. Popo Coronavirus became very active due to the anesthetic and the reading was nearly given her diagnosed with another often fatal disease, Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), which the Coronavirus can mutate into FIP. Read more about FIP here

Unfortunately, nothing can be done for the virus and kidney disease except treatment for dialysis because of Popo’s chronic condition, she was unwell with her high fever, flu, infection and her old age. It was multiple and complicated condition for her at the time. Her immune system was weakened, which makes her harder to recover. Though her kidney disease was stage 3 where she supposedly might survive for another 2 years, the vet mentioned that her life span may be less than a year or months because of the virus. She was recommended to be treated every day with medication and dialysis every alternate day. Every alternate day, we will bring her for dialysis treatment. It was heartbreaking to see her frail and her body is getting thinner day by day. She used to be a healthy and chubby cat, and at that time her bodyweight start dropping drastically.

The last meal she had was her first and only Burp (the one Lucky loves to eat). Then we noticed she no longer wants to eat anything, including fresh cooked fish made specially for her. She has lost her appetite. She drinks, but very little because of her bad flu and her eyes become infected due to her terrible flu and made her had breathing difficulty. She had to take several types of medication to help her recover from the flu and we used eye drops for her eyes to recover so she can see and breathe better, hoping that she will eat like normal again. We were also afraid if she’s going to be blind because her eyes were ultimately red especially the right eye. Fortunately, at that time, slowly, her flu and eyes become better after 5 days of constant treatment, but Popo still refuse to eat, and even drink. We had to force feed and give her water a little using a syringe just to ensure that she has the energy to survive and live.

Popo had almost daily checkups whenever we were at the vet to ensure how well she has progressed, however, she’s not becoming better overall except for her flu and eyes were improved. After a week, we had to bring her for dialysis every day because she no longer eats and drinks, and hoping that the dialysis treatment will help her a little bit. She was also injected with multivitamins to help her survived.

4 days before Popo passed on, her condition of not eating becoming worrying and we talked to our vet if there’s something worse than already is. The vet gave a thorough check and noticed that Popo had jaundice by looking at her ears. Her ears became yellow, less blood supply and worse, she had liver problems too. She had systemic failures and unfortunately, her organs were shutting down one by one. Understand jaundice in cats better here and liver failure in cats here

The way the vet described as if Popo lifespan is just around the corner, though he didn’t mention specifically when. Knowing that makes us bleed because we think we might need to make the hard call to probably put her to sleep if she no longer moves (in days) or she might get seizure or nerve problems that makes her suffer even more as discussed with the vets. We tried our best to give her the best care, we sleep with her for 2 weeks, we ensure that we’re there when she need us (she want us close to her every day, maybe because she’s ill and lonely). Even Lucky respected her by not disturbing her when she was ill.

The night before Popo passed on, we did a video call with the whole family except we couldn’t reach the brother (her original owner) at that hour. Everyone talked and watch her and cried. It was very emotional. At that time, she was completely down, she just lay down and her movement was limited. Hubby and I managed to carry her and hold her in our arms and said how much she is loved and cared. When she was in our arms, she felt so light and we no longer feel her used to be chubby flesh. We literally felt her skin and bones. She looked at us like she loved us very much and she’s going soon. It was devastating. I felt that we might have 1-2 days till she decided to leave us from the world or if we all decided to put her to sleep because she was tremendously suffering.

The next morning after Fajr prayer, we managed to get in touch with my hubby’s brother (Popo’s original owner) and quickly video called him with Popo. I was shocked to see Popo at that time because she had breathing difficulty and not even moving, just laying down while her eyes only look at one point. Brother talked to her, hubby and I hold her and talked to her too. We all cried and we think that she might be going soon.

Right after 20 minutes talking, petting and holding her, she gave her last breath and meowed involuntarily (last breathe) to all of us and she’s gone. It seems like she waited to listen to her owner’s voice before she passed on and she wants to go naturally. We all cried and we felt super sad and down. When the lights were out, we had a proper burial for Popo and prayed for her well. We clean her place and things and keep some of her stuff for memorial.

I can’t explain the feeling exactly, but death, especially our loved ones just makes you don’t want to live too kinda feeling. Not many would understand, even Popo is a cat, but she was our family. The feeling is the same like I lose my brother or father. For me it’s the same. It’s unexplainable with the right words. You will understand only if you have the same view, feelings and experience.

Popo’s journey, especially during her last 2 weeks in pain and her death somehow teaches me more things about sickness, death, pain, sorrow, unconditional love and more about elderly cat and cat diseases. Everything was not easy and it was painful, but we on this side not experiencing what she’s gone through, can only feel little than what she’s gone through. Same goes to animals or people out there that is going through pain, sickness, incurable diseases and losing their loved ones-it’s hard where no words can describe justly.

I decided to document Popo’s journey because
☼I hope this post might help other owners and family members that have pets out there if you’re going through a rough time battling something that only you and family knows, be strong for them and don’t be hard on both sides
☼Hoping that people will become more aware in keeping their pets checked and gave proper treatment and love till the pet’s last breathe, not to abandon them when they get sick in many cases worldwide
☼Hoping that vet at any veterinary clinic to give proper checkup and diagnosis, especially for sick and elder cat so they don’t unnecessarily suffer for the incorrect and irresponsible verdict
☼Hoping that owners and family members love and care for their pets more when they are alive and in no matter what condition
☼Hoping that people don’t simply underestimate any pets, condition or situation and gave immediate attention in every way possible
☼Hoping that the owner will give their very best in caring for their pets because for some people, pets are a family, loved ones or even life saver
☼Hoping that people who don’t own pets understand that there are many people out there that love their pets like family and children, hence don’t judge, ridicule and being a heartless individual

Our heartiest gratitude to Shah Alam Veterinary Clinic for their amazing service, dedication, patience, support and love for Popo throughout Popo’s journey living. We like to thank all staff especially, Dr. Hafiz, Dr Jay and Dr Hidayah for your best service, knowledge and understanding for Popo. Thank you Dr Hafiz for specifically taking care of Popo during her last days of living.

The Shah Alam Veterinary Clinic is the best Veterinary Clinic so far for us because from the staff to the doctors, there are all helpful, friendly, understanding, and importantly animal lover who truly understands their mission to help animals the best they can. They can answer all my questions pertaining to Popo’s situation with patience and calm and they did well throughout the journey till the end. Lucky has been with these vets ever since he was diagnosed with FIV until today. Thank you for giving the best care for our baby boy Lucky too (will share about Lucky’s story in another post). This is not a sponsored post, this is humbly my honest opinion, which is based on our experience of 2 years being with these vets.

Pets are family. That’s what I always believe since I was a child. For me, I loved Popo very much, just like how I love Lucky. Lucky is my baby and Popo is like a cousin’s baby and very much loved, just like how much I loved all my late cats. I wish she’s now happy up there, no more suffering and she’s always forever in our mind and heart. She will always be remembered and if you’re reading this till the end, thank you. You’re a one of the animal lovers out there or if not, perhaps, trying to become one. ;)

Much love,


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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Hello Butterflies!

Ho ho ho! I felt so Christmassy and Japanese at the same time with around 50 butterflies at the awesome Butterfly X Dolly Wink Christmas Party on 7th December❤ Everyone wore their Japanese outfits which makes the party more kawaii! I enjoyed the party very much, met familiar, friendly faces and made new friends along the party. Once I entered the beautiful space of Kaki Yuki at 163 Retail Park, Mont Kiara, I quickly stumbled upon Mamasan and finally got the chance to take many photos with her as promised after our Coachella Butterfly Party! Thanks Tammy for having me again and I truly love this kind of get together event. You have the opportunity to meet a lot of people and celebrate together. This time, I get to celebrate Christmas with Dolly Wink and the butterflies!

So ladies, when you think of party or event, you think of makeup and the makeup look feels complete if you have beautiful eyelashes, right? To get beautiful eyelashes, it is either you are born with natural long and curl eyelashes and with just a little mascara tadaaa you're set to go or you wear the current trending eyelashes extension or the famous fake eyelashes/falsies. Having said these, eyelashes is important for women especially. That’s why we have Dolly Wink to the rescue if you need beautiful, easy and light eyelashes to wear at any event, party or even your day-to-day outings!

Let’s discover Dolly Wink together! The brand was launched back in 2009. At that time, “Japanese gal culture” becomes a social phenomenon in Japan. “I struggled to be my Kawaii look”. This message sent from Tsubasa Masuwaka captured the heart of girls. Tsubasa has been acknowledged as a trendsetter who has empathy for girls in all ages and capable of creating new fashion trend changes with the time. She wants to send cheerful power to girls in the world and after 10 years, with novelty and surprise, Dolly Wink is here to pave the way in the makeup world.

Dolly Wink is equipped with Koji Honpo technology from Japan. Recently, cosmetic market has become saturated due to a lot of players of eye makeup products in the market (eyeliner / mascara). Dolly Wink helps to cater the need for those are not fully satisfied with mascara or eyelash extension. Wearing mascara is known to eye lumps prone, lesser long lash effect, takes time to apply and can be hard to remove before sleep and it can be boring to use with the same makeup look. In addition, eyelash extension can cause damage to own lashes and it can be very expensive to maintain.

To the group of people that still wants a good eyelash effects and want to still protect the eyelashes, falsies is an option to compliment your look. The new trend of Dolly Wink brings is to transform negative eyelash elements or inconvenient use of mascara or eyelash extension to “Easy, New Eyelash Trend”! People acknowledges the benefits of eyelash once they use Dolly Wink. They feel it is easier to make lashes longer than applying mascara and it is instagrammable and photogenic when they use Dolly Wink.

Today, Dolly Wink's goal is to change the common sense of falsies in the world from “GAL fashion make up technique” to Daily eye make product for everyone” in just 10 seconds to complete the eyelash makeup. If you are someone like me who don’t know how to put a falsies, you can try Dolly Wink as it is easy to use. Simply anyone could complete eye makeup by using this revolutionary, new concept point type eyelash and you can say bye bye mascara! Dolly Wink provides 16 various types of eyelashes, perfect choices of the point lash for tail end, center point lash, variations of length and lash colors according to your mood of the day or any upcoming occasions and scenes!

If you struggle with falsies, remember Dolly Wink. I tried using Dolly Wink falsies at the party. Thank you so much Dolly Wink Malaysia for the Xmas gift! So many eye makeup products which includes four of their 10th Anniversary “Easy Lash” 10 seconds falsies! Who doesn’t like to receive pressies right?! Once we unbag the gifts, we are surprised with a mini eye makeup challenge. The contest was probably easy for those who know how to makeup, but not for me, it’s my first time trying falsies by myself and do eye makeup which is not my forte. The challenge was to see the before and after effect on your eyes after use the Easy Lash and Dolly Wink eye makeup product.

I am totally new to this as honestly, I just know the basic makeup like wear powder and lipstick, but not eye makeup. I tried and coloured my eyes and I get to try the falsies for the first time at the party. I was excited and nervous at the same time because the butterflies all around me make it like super easy when they put on the falsies and I’m still unsure. Luckily, there was this Dolly wink assistant who helped and guide me how to use them. After merely 10 seconds, it instantly booms ‘I got this long, curl and stunning eyelashes’. :D 

Here are 3 easy steps to use Dolly Wink falsies!
1. Apply glue on the base of your falsies
2. Lift your chin with your half closed eyes. Position the base on the root of own lashes
3. Adjust the angle and you are done!

Easy right?

Bonus point is the falsies are light, it is not heavy like most falsies out there. It feels like you are not wearing one. Love it! For me, my original eyelashes are short (still happy with it), I do feel falsies are great for events and parties. I usually have my makeup artist do it for me when she does my makeup for events. I instantly look different, in a good way. It was nice to learn something new. At least I know how to put on falsies and I can say it’s easy for a first timer like me.

A great party gets more awesome with good food. We had good handcrafted Japanese desserts at the party. It was spreads of desserts and if you love Japanese desserts, you will surely love this. Top of that, each table were given 2 Kakiyuki, the famous Japanese shaved ice dessert. We got the best-selling Matcha Brulee and the Pink Mont Blanc. It was fluffy and delicious and fun to share the desserts with each other.  I personally liked the delightful Pink Mont Blanc as it is strawberry and yogurt based, yummy! Then we had more Japanese desserts such as pillowy artisan Daifuku Mochi, Warabimochi, Yoyogi custard pudding, matcha roll cakes, hojicha, matcha and so much more. We also had winners for the eye makeup contest and best dressed winner before the party ends. Congratulations to all winners!

At the end of the party, we all took lotsa pictures together, and each of us gets a thoughtful and cute gift from Tammy, a cute lil monkey muffler from Japan! Thank you so much Tammy for such a wonderful Christmas gift! Wore it immediately! ;P

It was nice to meet many people and had a great time with everyone. If you love falsies and eye makeup products, give Dolly Wink a try. Great to be part of your daily makeup essentials. 

Dolly Wink Easy Lash RM29.90/each is available online on http://www.4allbeauty.com and at Sasa stores.


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1) Enjoy RM 10 off on FIRST online purchase
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Instagram: @kojihonpomy

Party Venue:
Kaki Yuki @ 163 Retail Park
163, Jalan Kiara 1, Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,

Merry Xmas luvs!

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