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Sunday, July 12, 2020

The #EcoBeautySquadMY Campaign seeks fresh-faced talent

THE FACE SHOP, a leading Korean beauty brand, kicks off the #EcoBeautySquadMY Campaign, a nationwide search for a new local star right here in Malaysia. Kicking off on 6 July, the competition aims to find a young personality who embodies the brand’s ethos of real, natural beauty. 


Calling for applicants to express about what it means to be bold, the campaign encourages everyone to “Dare to Be”, whether this means feeling free in one’s own skin or being confident about one’s best features. With no prior experience required, it’s an amazing opportunity for aspiring talents to vie for an exciting experience.


“We are advocates for inner and outer beauty that comes from treating our skin and our planet with respect. At THE FACE SHOP, our products are designed to care for various skin types and needs using natural, plant-based ingredients that are proven to be both gentle and effective,” said Mr Steven Jeong, Business Director of LG Household & Health Care Sdn Bhd. “With this nationwide search in both Malaysia and Singapore, we seek up-and-coming talents who share our philosophy and relate to the clean, simple and natural approach espoused by THE FACE SHOP and we hope to build them up to become the next big social media star.”


Applicants are called upon to let their natural beauty shine forth, demonstrating their inner strength and desire to be bold trendsetters. The #EcoBeautySquad Malaysian winner stands to receive a comprehensive Grand Prize package including a 12-month contract with THE FACE SHOP, 12-month supply of the THE FACE SHOP’s range of products and more, worth up to RM20,000.

Applicants will go through several rounds of virtual elimination. In the initial stage, 100 participants will be shortlisted to attend Malaysia’s first ever series of virtual workshops, beginning with an introductory course, followed by three thematic sessions.


The workshops will be led by popular social media personality and mentor Venice Min, a multi-talented young woman who once trained as a ballet dancer before moving on to modelling and acting. Today, she is also an entrepreneur who is an advocate for female empowerment and a strong believer that hard work and constant self-improvement are keys to success. 


During the virtual workshops, she will guide participants on techniques and strategies for success in the digital world. Each workshop will focus on a specific topic, with elimination challenges to identify those who will proceed to the next level. In addition, the top three challenge winners from each workshop will receive exciting prizes.


At the end of the workshops, ten (10) finalists will be selected to participate in a full-day finale event that will end with the announcement of the Grand Prize winner.


How to Enter

The #EcoBeautySquadMY Competition is open to all Malaysian residents aged 18 years and above. To participate:

* upload a photo or video (no longer than 1 minute) of yourself on Instagram, with one interesting fact about yourself that makes you a top choice to be the next Eco Beauty Star!

* fill up a google form at https://bit.ly/EcoBeautySquadMY

* hashtag #EcoBeautySquadMY and tag @thefaceshopmalaysia

* set your profile to public


That’s all it takes to be in the running for a life-changing experience with THE FACE SHOP!


All entries will be judged on creativity and originality, engagement level and how well it complements the brand values and image of THE FACE SHOP.


Submission of Entries deadline: 16 August 2020


For more information on THE FACE SHOP and the #EcoBeautySquadMY Campaign terms and conditions, visit www.thefaceshop.com.my or follow the official social media channels www.facebook.com/thefaceshopmalaysia & www.instagram.com/thefaceshopmalaysia.


A leading Korean beauty brand, THE FACE SHOP was launched in 2003 with 3,000 stores across 35 countries; there are over 50 stores in Malaysia. The core brand values of THE FACE SHOP are Naturalism, Value and Variety with the tagline ‘Natural Story’. Its range of personal care products utilise over 600 natural ingredients from flowers, grains, herbs and more. All products from THE FACE SHOP are imported from Korea, against animal testing and dermatologically tested, with recyclable packaging. For more information on THE FACE SHOP and its products, please visit https://www.thefaceshop.com.my or follow the official Facebook page www.facebook.com/thefaceshopmalaysia 

Capella Hotels and Resorts is also named the No.2 Hotel Brand in the World” by T+L readers.


Travel + Leisure announced the results of its highly anticipated annual World’s Best Awards, with Capella Hotels and Resorts’ properties receiving top honours. Capella Ubud, Bali, the brand’s tented-retreat designed by acclaimed architect Bill Bensley, scooped up the top title of No.1 Hotel in the World in Travel + Leisure 2020 World’s Best Awards! Accompanying this grand title is Capella Hotels and Resorts ranking No.2 Hotel Brand in the World.

“We are extremely honoured to receive these prestigious recognitions. These awards are a clear reflection of the passion, care and attention to detail our colleagues have placed into creating each exceptional Capella destination. Our vision to create the perfect stay is only made possible due to their dedication in providing the highest levels of personalised service and curating experiences that celebrate our communities and their culture”, said Nicholas M. Clayton, CEO, Capella Hotels and Resorts.


Constantly pushing the envelope, Capella Hotels and Resorts is lauded for being masters in the craft of hospitality, with its award-winning designs and polished experiences that come with a twist of the unexpected. Guests of Capella are given the opportunity to fully immerse into the local way of life thanks to the expert team of Capella Culturist, who spend time scouring each locale they are based in, leaving no leaf unturned in their quest to provide guests with unforgettable moments.


Part-time neighbourhood expert, part-time intuitive mind-reader, the Capella Culturist are champions of meaningful discovery and keepers of the destination’s storied past and present. Explorers, they take pride in unlocking new skills, gathering unforgettable curated experiences and immersing into the local culture to engage and discover local heritage and culture. They understand that the fascinating people you meet along the way enrich your travel experience and seek to bridge the gap between the local community and guests with Capella Curates.


Capella Curates are on- and off-site experiences designed to become lifelong memories. From discovering unique rituals of ethnic minorities to learning how to make traditional Indonesian elixir, the Capella Culturist spearheaded this initiative to give guests a glimpse into the soul of each destination.


To thank voters and guests for their never-ending support, Capella Hotels and Resorts have launched a ‘Dream Now, Travel Later’ offer across all properties. The limited-time package presents exclusive rates for guests to experience Capella’s philosophy of curating visionary experiences and culture for when travel resumes.


Capella Hotels and Resorts’ global expansion plans are on track with exciting new hotels in the pipeline. Set to open late this year is the highly-anticipated Capella Bangkok featuring expansive suites and villas overlooking the Chao Phraya River as well as three-Michelin-starred chef Mauro Colagreco’s first foray into Asia. Following Bangkok will be the unveiling of Capella Hanoi, which is also designed by Bill Bensley and features 47 rooms and suites that will transport guests back to the romantic era of Opera in the Roaring Twenties.


The World’s Best Awards are the result of votes from Travel + Leisure’s readers and hotels are rated on the following characteristics: rooms, facilities, location, service, food and value. Capella Ubud was also voted the No.1 Resort Hotel in Asia and the No.1 Resort Hotel in Indonesia, while Capella Singapore – the brand’s flagship hotel – was named No.2 Hotel in Singapore.


This is the award’s 25th anniversary and the brand will be celebrated with an expanded print issue this August. The 2020 World’s Best Awards are published online at Travel + Leisure’s website and celebrated in the August issue of Travel + Leisure’s US edition.



The Capella Hotels and Resorts collection consists of properties in Singapore, Ubud, Shanghai, Sanya and Düsseldorf. Capella Bangkok located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River will be joining the portfolio later this year, along with Capella Hanoi designed by world-renowned architect Bill Bensley. Set to open in the coming years include the Maldives, Sydney, Macau and Chiang Mai.


The exceptional hospitality brand focuses on crafting authentic, cultural experiences for its guests, combining a legacy of thoughtful design with the highest level of personalised service. For more information please visit www.capellahotels.com

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Wednesday, July 08, 2020

My keynotes from LinkedIn Learning

Strategic Planning Foundations: by Mike Figliuolo


Why have a strategic plan?



★Risks and opportunities


Chap 1: Before you begin planning


Principles of strategic planning

★Set a clear direction and stay in your lane

★Say no to distractions

★Making sure you diversify your bets


Avoiding major strat plan risks

Warning signs if strat plan is flawed

★Initiative Proliferation

★Thinking too small

★Thinking too big

★Random initiative generator


Strat plan process (Overview)

★Vision, Mission, Goals of company & Core competencies

★Defining strategic filters

★Tools – 2 by 2 matrix (Growth rate, profitability)

★Initiatives prioritization & resources

★Check for diversity of portfolio

★Execute the plan


Strat plan process (Tactical) – balance process between individual and team

★Pre-work (individual)

★Vision mission principles (team)

★Evaluate initiatives (individual)

★Prioritization (team)

★Deep analysis (individual)

★Final planning & resource allocation (team)


Strat plan contents

★Core competencies

★Prioritized initiative list

★Implementation and sequencing planning


Chap 2: Defining the strategic environment


Assessing the market (Threats & Opportunities)

The 5 forces that shape industry competition

★Rivalry among competitors

★Threat of new entry

★Threat of substitution

★Buyer power

★Supplier power


Conducting a SWOT Analysis

Strengths – typical within own organization (e.g. Brands, supply chain, sales force, plan safety, recruiting IT, financials)

Weaknesses – typical within own organization (e.g. Expense reporting, IT desktop support, digital marketing, intern program, integration)

Opportunities – internal or external market (e.g. social media growth, competitor bankruptcy, 3rd party sales, couponing product at retail)

Threats - internal or external market (e.g. customer pricing, talent poaching, weather, acquisition, economy)


★Extracting insights from a SWOT analysis

★Eliminate things that aren’t going to be major strategic themes

★Synthesize the major themes


Chap 3: Setting your strategic direction


Defining the direction

★4 Elements

★Articulating vision, mission, guiding principles and goals (SMART) (aggressive, but pragmatic)


Creating a mission statement (why the organization exist/purpose) – tips

★Clear and brief


★Defines your industry

★Rallies employees


Defining the organizational vision (provide a clear picture of where you want to be as an organization in 3 to 5 years)

★States value proposition

★Ambitious and realistic

★Excites employees

★Market differentiation



Refining the mission and vision statement

★Recruit stakeholders for brainstorming

★Pass out to everyone what exists today - Current mission and vision, SWOT analysis and Porter’s 5 forces

★Get teams to generate ideas/focus group - Refining the statement – clarify and eliminate buzzwords, remove redundant words, reduce to one or two sentences, share and get feedback)

★Capture all the ideas, step back, look for synthesis and common themes, and hammer it out into a clear, crisp, compelling vision and mission statement


Guiding principles (behavior) and goals (SMART)

★What’s the vision

★What goals help you to get there


Chap 4: Determine How You’ll Compete


Core competencies (something your organisation is great at) – identify two primary core competencies, what our best strengths, and can form the type of opportunities that you’re going to pursue


★Product quality

★Innovation ability

★Supply chain efficiency

★Brand strength

★Technology infrastructure


★Focusing on core competencies – plot on the grid (high low)

★What initiatives should you pursue

★Example potential initiatives – new markets, products or services, capabilities to build)


Chap 5: Evaluating and Prioritising Opportunities


Understanding strategic filters (common set of criteria that everyone across the organization uses to evaluate decisions and planning)

Then understand how much risks they’re going to have you take on (5 things to look at as you evaluate risk (low/high) – capabilities, channels, cost structure/infrastructure, customers, competitors)


Creating strategic filters

★Get the right people in the room (different stakeholders)

★Take a look back at the organisation mission, vision, guiding principles, goals and core competencies)

★Generate qualitative and quantitative filters (6-12 filters), determine hard and soft filters


Applying strategic filters

Homework – evaluate initiatives with strategic filters (hard filters – pass or no pass, soft filters – low, medium or high initiatives score) and document the rationale


Comparing and prioritizing initiatives

★Needed input – completed scores of initiatives against strategic filters

★Calibration process

★Then prioritise


Conducting deep analysis of high priority ideas

★Assign template to individuals for further analysis. Fill out multiple aspects of the initiatives.

★Initiative analysis components – initiative description, value proposition, target customer, point of differentiation, owner, opportunity type, detailed financial analysis – net present value, return on investment, internal rate of return and executive considerations – teams, campaigns, core operations, technology, risks)

★Identify milestones

★Identify resources needed


Initiative prioritization (Initiative, Cost, Resources): Drawing the Line

★List the initiatives based on highest priority to lowest priority (driven by strategic and financial goals) – which give highest financial return

★What resources required

★Go through an exercise – Draw the Line (top priorities are properly resourced) “Finite pool of resources that I can use” – sort from highest to lowest


Chap 6: Assessing your Initiative Portfolio


Applying the 2x2 matrix (Low-High Profit) & (Low-High Growth)

★Take the initiatives, think about the objectives that are most important to the business, plot the initiatives, and that should help confirm what is your priority list is


Creating multiple diversification views

★Look at the portfolio and create multiple looks through 2x2 matrix and see where the highest priority initiatives showing up on that matrix

★If unbalanced, spend some time rebalancing that list of initiatives


Assessing initiatives over time (so you can see how small initiatives today contribute in the future)

★Look beyond this year’s financial impact

★The smaller initiatives may play a bigger role in the future

★Able to prioritize ad allocate resources for that initiative portfolio to achieve overall vision


Chap 7: Organising for Success


Planning resources

★Common mistake – Strategy by default (a plan determined by existing resources and structures)

★Right way to allocate resources – state your strategy, describe your strategic filters, determine the best organizational structure to purse your initiatives)

★Then identify your human resource needs to fill the boxes on that correct organization chart (swap talent, move people from one team to another, hiring gaps that need to fill)

★Align big corporate goals all the way down to individual goals



★Every single initiative – have a very clear initiative owner (hold accountable for delivering results on that project)

★Need appropriate reporting and metrics for tracking

★Able to balance initiatives across portfolio and get the results that you’re promising back to the organization


The ongoing prioritization process

★Put in place ongoing evaluation process (people generating new ideas, definition and positioning, strategic filters, deep analysis, prioritisation, launch, monitor, and iterate as needed-document and reprioritizes any fixes)

★Define an owner for the process (new ideas, run prioritization meeting (quarterly)


Running the strategic planning process

★Announce planning process

★Identify resources needed (project charter)

★Initial group meeting

★Individual initiative evaluation

★Initial group prioritization

★Individual deep analysis

★Group resource planning

★Ongoing execution


Chap 8: Conclusion


Strategic planning pitfalls

★Clear direction

★Saying no

★Failure to prioritize

★Lacking diversification

★Starving the kids (all resources going to the one big core business that generates most profits all great new ideas are never getting funded)

★Not revising strategic plan on regular basis (at least once a year)


Next steps

★Assemble team and dedicate resources to the planning effort

★Conduct planning efforts and then assign resources to run this process going forward

★Set regular strategy reviews, check at least quarterly to make sure strategy is on track and no major shifts in the market

★Conduct this process every year (market move too fast)


Strategic planning is a critical element of success. If you do it well, you can thrive, not just survive.


For more may refer to Thoughtleadersllc.com

Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Pengumuman pembukaan semula sektor pelancongan domestik bermula 10 Jun 2020 dalam fasa Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan Pemulihan (PKPP) serta perkembangan terkini yang membenarkan taman tema dan taman tema air (termasuk kawasan riadah air) kembali beroperasi pada 1 Julai 2020, adalah sebuah perkembangan yang signifikan kepada operasi sektor pelancongan domestik.


Sukacita dimaklumkan, kawasan pelancongan seliaan Tourism Selangor, Taman Eko Rimba Kanching dan Chongkak Park & Resort kembali beroperasi dan dibuka semula kepada umum bermula 6 Julai 2020. Namun begitu, sebarang aktiviti perkhemahan adalah tidak dibenarkan, sehingga satu masa yang akan diberitahu kelak.


✔Waktu operasi: 8.00 pagi sehingga 4.30 petang*

✔Had bilangan pengunjung: 300 orang pada satu-satu masa

*Pengunjung tidak dibenarkan berada di dalam kawasan selepas waktu operasi.


Pengunjung juga perlu mematuhi garis panduan atau SOP terkini yang ditetapkan oleh pihak Majlis Keselamatan Negara (MKN) seperti berikut:

★Melalui proses imbasan suhu wajib

★Mendaftar masuk dengan aplikasi SElangkah: Langkah Masuk dengan Selamat

★Memastikan jarak sosial 1 meter

★Digalakkan memakai topeng hidung dan muka

★Tidak berhimpun atau berkumpul melebihi 10 orang di lokasi

★Memastikan hanya 5 orang berada di pondok rehat dan gazebo pada satu-satu masa

★Pelaksanaan aktiviti juga perlu mengambil kira kesesuaian pengendalian aktiviti dan pergerakan, dengan ruang minimum sebanyak 2 meter persegi setiap individu


Diharap orang awam dapat kembali menikmati aktiviti riadah alam semulajadi di Negeri Selangor, namun menitik-beratkan soal keselamatan diri dan pengunjung lain dengan mematuhi secara garis panduan dan SOP yang telah ditetapkan.


Untuk sebarang informasi lanjut, sila layari laman sesawang rasmi Tourism Selangor; Selangor.Travel

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