Impromptu Speaking

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1) Share information, thoughts, and opinions
2) Able to think on our feet
3) Train critical thinking
4) Develop a short speech in a short time
5) Strengthen relationships
6) Connect with people
7) Congratulate people
8) Impress customer/management
9) Develop confidence
10) To get feedback


1) Meeting
2) Presentation in class/university/workplace
3) Company retreat
4) Business talk/entertainment
5) Sharing session
6) Social activities
7) Induction/orientation
8) Farewell party
9) Debate
10) Graduation/award event
11) Farewell party
12) Questioning session
13) Marriage proposal
14) Job interviews
15) Answer phone
16) Speak with customers/clients/co-workers/management
17) During networking
18) Funeral (eulogy)
19) Wedding speech/birthday party

Basically, you are doing the informal, impromptu speaking on your day-to-day basis. So, do not be afraid if you have any formal impromptu speaking. Be calm and use the techniques below in delivering an effective impromptu speech.

♛5 Steps Key Formula

1) Listen
2) Pause
3) Confirm
4) Tell
5) End

♛Key Success Factors

❅Point-make a point/statement
❅Reason-give a reason to enhance point/statement
❅Example-give example for reason stated
❅Point-Repeat & emphasis the point you made earlier

2) Structure Pros and Cons
3) 1H 5W (How, What, Why, When, Where, Who)
4) Past, Present, Future

The PREP formula is normally used by speakers and can be very useful in gathering and structuring your thoughts and making you ready to deliver your impromptu speech.

To illustrate the PREP formula;-

♡ We should count our blessings every day.
❅P-We should be grateful for everything that we have.
❅R-Because in the other part of the world, there are people who are hungry and homeless.
❅E-Africa-starving, Malaysia-hungry and homeless (you can relate with personal experience/facts)
❅P-We have food, a roof, and all the basic needs, we should always be grateful as there are other unfortunate individuals.

Don't forget to:-
❅Deliver with style
❅Deliver with substance (content, message)

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