Negotiation Process

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1) Define your goal
2) Use interpersonal skills
3) Listen to the other party
4) Make concessions (let go)
5) Reach a compromise

1. Define your goal
✯Know both sides wants and needs
✯Think about strengths and weaknesses
✯Plan for a settlement range*
✯List and practice all concessions/resources of exchange

2. Use interpersonal skills
✯Set the climate
✯Set an agenda
✯State the response to opening positions

3. Listen to the other party
✯Understand each other wants and needs
✯Explore and brainstorm

4. Make concessions (let go)
✯Be willing to make small concessions
✯Don't just say no, offer alternatives
✯Debating tactics

5. Reach a compromise
✯Summarize agreement
✯Follow with formal documentation to ensure proper accountability
✯Explore implementation pitfalls

 *Settlement range
✯Opening position
✯Desired settlement point
✯Walk-away point
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