How Healthy is Your HEART? Check your heart with iHEAL ❤

Have you ever wondered how healthy is your heart? 
Our heart is one of the most vital organ in our body, which pumps blood throughout the body via the circulatory system, supplying oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and removing carbon dioxide and other wastes. How it is not important right to have a good-functioning heart? Besides ensuring we are good physically and mentally, it is also crucial to ensure our internal organ is also in a good condition. We can be more proactive towards our health by performing a regular medical check-up. It is recommended to have a heart screening once a year and you can start as early as age 20 years old to get your heart check.

Did you know?
⚠ Ischemic heart disease and stroke remain as top 2 global causes of death in the last 15 years (WHO)
⚠ In Malaysia, Ischemic heart disease remains the leading cause of death among Malaysians, with the total number of deaths standing at 13,503 or 13.9 percent last year (Department of Statistics Malaysia, DOSM)
⚠ Malaysians are developing heart disease at a younger age compared with their peers in other countries. Malaysians developed heart disease at the age of 58 years, compared to populations in Thailand (65 years), mainland China (63 years), western countries (66 years) and Canada (68 years) (IJN)
⚠ High levels of cholesterol in the blood may lead to Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD), which include heart attacks and strokes
70% of heart attacks are caused by Minor Blockages
⚠ In nearly 50% of all cases, heart attack or sudden cardiac death is the first presentation of heart disease
⚠ By 2040, it is estimated that the population of Malaysians aged 65 and above will exceed six million, which is 14.5% of the total population

I’m a person who is always concerned about my medical condition. Recently, I did a 10 Point Heart Check at iHEAL Medical Centre. Besides a full medical check-up, I understand that heart screening is also crucial and I’m glad I did the 10 Point Check with iHEAL.

The 10 Point Heart Check covers:
❤Body Mass Index
❤Blood Pressure
❤Ankle Brachial Index (ABI)
❤Blood Glucose
❤Cholesterol Level
❤Carotid Arteries
❤Abdominal Aorta Size
❤Electrocardiogram (ECG)
❤Heart Function
❤Heart Valves’ Function
❤Consultation with Doctor

The whole process was simple and quick! I was nervous at first worrying about the whole process and of course the results. From the first checkpoint, the staff were friendly and helpful. The nurses explained the process especially during ECG because it was my first time. I like the experience. It was unique to me because I finally can see how does my heart look like when she scan and I can listen clearly the beating sound of my heart. I completed the 10 Check Point in just less than 30 minutes, that’s fast! I spent more time during the consultation with the Doctor because I wanted to understand more about my health profile and I’m glad I took the test. I’m happy with my results and my aim is to improve my overall health and to focus on building a healthier life!

From my results, I learn about Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) risk in 10 years. Gladly, my risk is 0.2%. That was a relief after being nervous the whole day thinking about what the result can be. Prevention is better than cure. CVDs can not only lead to physical dysfunction (disability) and extra financial burden, but can also be emotionally taxing. It is better if we do regular check-up and this 10 Point Heart Check can be done frequently. Special for my followers and readers, the price of the 10 Point Heart Check is at an affordable price of RM 400 (retail price at RM 500)! This heart screening can be done in iHEAL Medical Centre or it can also be done at your office.

Health is wealth, we are responsible for our own health. Don’t forget to get your heart checked as soonest as you can at iHEAL Medical Centre. Most importantly, eat more healthy food, exercise regularly, avoid alcohol, smoking and foodstuff containing polyunsaturated fat and lower calorie intake.

Why iHEAL?

iHeal Medical Centre is strategically located in one of the largest shopping malls in Southeast Asia Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur. This One-stop Boutique Medical Centre is known for their heart and heart related illnesses and also recognised as the centre of excellence that specialise in Lung, Sweat Solutions, Metabolic & Weight Disorder and Sleep Apnea. 

iHEAL Medical Centre focuses on personalised medicine, early detection of diseases and offer less-invasive treatment option to minimise injury and expedite recovery. It is home to the world’s most fastest and advanced CT Scanner - The Toshiba Aquilion One 640-Slice 4D CT scanner which has the ability to perform a heart scan in just 350 milliseconds and producing high quality CT images for a more accurate diagnosis, thus replacing the need to perform a Catheter Angiography for the detection of heart disease. 

iHEAL has a group of specialists with over 20 years of experience in Cardiac and Cardiac Health Management. iHEAL has also won the Best Bariatric Service Provider 2019 from APAC Healthcare and Medical Tourism Award. In addition, iHEAL also perform Beating Heart Surgery (offpump bypass) which is done without connecting the patient’s heart to the heart-lung machine and the heart is not stopped.

Interestingly, I like the name and concept behind iHEAL - i to represent the person, HEA to represent health, and L to represent life. iHEAL therefore equals “I am responsible for my own health and life”. This medical centre is unique in its location, focus, technology and service in line with its logo; Infinity in Service, Technology and Accessibility. It promises impeccable service, use of advanced technology, located in a bustling mall city yet at a reasonable package price. Their hope is to be able to help you obtain and maintain your first wealth – your health.

iHEAL Pillars
Focus: Heart Health as it is amongst the most vital and crucial of one’s state of health up to date
Approach: offers a less-invasive method to most procedures or surgeries, as we believe less is more. With that, recovery period is shorter and injuries are minimised
Strength: Well equipped with world class facilities and state-of-the-art technology to ensure effective and efficient results

You may get more information about iHEAL and the health packages and promotion offered by iHEAL at

iHEAL Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur
Level 7 & 8, Annexe Block, Menara IGB, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

iHEAL Business Hour
Monday - Friday: 8 am - 6 pm
Saturday: 8 am - 1 pm
Sunday & Public Holiday: 8 am - 1 pm (By appointment only)

HP: 016-2615297
Office: 603-22877398
Instagram: @ihealmedical

iHEAL Medical Centre is currently running a contest called Don’t Stent In My Way and you may stand a chance to win a stay in a 5-star hotel in Kuala Lumpur or The 10 Point Heart Check just like the one I did! So head over to @ihealmedical and join the contest now!

Plus, don’t miss out the chance to be there at iHEAL for the World Heart Day 2019 event on the 6th of October from 9 am – 3 pm! Free entry and bring along your family and friends!

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