Learning Values from the Suspended Meal Program

Give, gift, Photo Credit: SF Artography
Suspended Meal Program (Helping the poor to fight hunger)
 "With just RM7, you could prevent someone from hunger"

❣Pursue your dream as it will make you happy in what you do and with perseverance you will achieve success.
❣Life is just not about yourself-it's beyond that, see and feel things in a bigger picture-help others.
❣Leave a legacy by helping others - that will impact and give meaning to their lives.
❣Never judge a book by its cover.
❣Remember good things of people.
❣Acknowledge blessings-write even the smallest blessings.
❣Time management-'me time' (Saturday off time).
❣Do what you love.
❣Exceed expectations.
❣Trust your employees.
❣Learn how to mingle in a business environment.
❣Business etiquette.
❣Step back to solve problems.

Give, gift, Photo Credit: SF Artography

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