Genius vs Wisdom

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Genius vs Wisdom

A person is called a genius when he or she has exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability. 

A person is said to have wisdom when one has the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment-the quality of being wise.

Those with an Intelligent Quotient (IQ) score over 140 make up about 0.25% of the population or around 1 of every 400 people, roughly under 200 million people worldwide. However, the IQ tests concept is very slanted in terms of education, age, and cultural orientation. So there could be more geniuses than the statistics of IQ tests indicate.

There are 9 different bits of intelligence:
1) Bodily-kinesthetic
2) Naturalist
3) Musical
4) Existential
5) Mathematical-logical
6) Interpersonal
7) Intrapersonal
8) Linguistic
9) Spatial

For example, the famous Einstein was probably a genius in spatial and mathematical-logical, but not in bodily-kinesthetic or interpersonal.

On the other hand, Michael Jordan was a bodily-kinesthetic genius, but not any of the others. The same can be said for Mozart (musical).

This is indeed a subjective topic, which the answer would differ depending on who you talk to. Just because one has an exceptional IQ test score does not mean they will do anything with it or accomplish anything significant. 

There are many individuals who do not have an IQ that high, but they are exceptional in their line of work or passion. They show intelligence in what they perform.

I respect those who have high intelligence as to how I would respect others as well. Unfortunately, some geniuses think highly of themselves and they tend to look down on others. Some individuals tend to be cynical and ignorant and would only accept information with solid facts and proof. 

This data must be obtained from legitimate sources with credible research and solid grounds. Everything in the world needs to have proper justification. If not, what you're going to say to this type of person would just be stupid and meaningless. This will end up in losing respect towards each other because both parties have different points of view. 

Not all geniuses, but some of them. Some of them tend to become highly dependable on facts and figures rather than experience and understanding being a normal human. This may lead them to feel less human and couldn't understand the world in the eyes of a normal human being. 

They compressed their feeling of love towards life and others being deep inside them. Their humanity switch is off or just half-open. They prefer to increase their level of intelligence rather than their feelings towards their loved ones and the world itself.

They think others see the world in a smaller picture than they do. They may think if we are ignorant when we questioned their beliefs and give them ideas to think upon. They think you are not smart if you can't perform what you are supposed to. In brief, they think they're God, and you are just another ass that they meet in their life. 

To me, this kind of person doesn't know the true meaning of life. They wouldn't want to believe anything except themselves. They do not want to learn from others. They do not want to learn to be humble and understand peoples' feelings. They resist humanity and just obsess focusing on themselves. 

I respect people with wisdom because they are wise with their knowledge, experience, and judgment. Personally, it is difficult to find someone who has wisdom, but I do know some of them. I'm blessed to meet many types of people in my life who teach me the meaning of love and life. Without them, I wouldn't understand all of these. 

It is true, there's always a reason behind someone you've met in your life. There's always something you can learn from everyone you've met in your walk of life. And it is also true that you can't change some people or I would say, the majority of the people. You just have to stay calm, be good and continue to grow in every possible right direction, and help the world as you grow. 

If you are blessed with intelligence, used it wisely. Don't obsess about becoming Einstein because the best person you can be is the best version of yourself. There's no point you're a genius but zero at heart and soul.

Yes, I believe in what I write because this is a true fact. It is because I'm nobody, that's why 'some' might say you have no solid proof. Again, it depends on you as a reader. If it is fiction, then it is. If it's not, then it's not. Sometimes we just have to put aside our ego and just listen and understand. Then you will understand. =)

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