My Very 1st Book - A Book of Life❤


I am extremely happy to announce that I have launched my very 1st Book, A Book of Life, published by Ukiyoto Publishing Canada! 🥰

Thank you so much to all of you who have been supporting me all this while and here's to you, cheers!😘

17+ Years of Passion & Dream

5+ Years of Hustle & Dedication 

Putting myself, art, and work out there, was tough and challenging, but it's all worth it to see my dream turn to reality!🥳

My passion is writing and I love to share and help what I can. I hope through my writings, I can help you in anyways as I have helped myself in embracing love and life and becoming a better version of mmyself🌱 

A Book of Life (ABOL) is a motivational book, to fuel your passion, love, and life. This book will take you on the deep journey of enlightening you to find your motivation and inspire you to be a better you🙌

ABOL size is A5, handy and you can easily keep it in your handbag/bag. Must have book for yourself and also perfect as a gift❤

I put so much love and effort into this book. If you purchased directly from me, you will get an exclusive signature, special handwritten note, and thank you note dedicated to you! You will also receive 2 little stickers and a bookmark specially made just for you! You only get this EXCLUSIVE from ABOL and me!


I hope when you read ABOL, you can relate to my sharing and gain positivity, motivation and perhaps inspired you to be the best version of yourself! May all of us can make a difference in our lives, the life of others, and other beings too.

Email me at if you would like to have this self-help/enrichment/improvement/motivational book or you can simply purchase my book at the links below ♡ :)


ABOL is also selling internationally on:

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✅ABOL in Singapore -

✅ABOL at Ukiyoto (Paperback, Hardback, Digital Flipbook) -

✅Frankfurt Buchmesse -

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Read, so we can learn more, and evolve to be a better person day by day 

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