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Friday, January 30, 2015

Greetings dear readers!

I'm going to take to you to an ice cream adventure, 'Make My Magnum!' 

Magnum cafe is now in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! The first ever Magnum cafe in Malaysia is located at the newly revamped 3rd floor, South Court of Mid Valley Megamall, not far away from the Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC). It is officially opened on Friday the 14th of November 2014. 

What is so special about this Magnum cafe until dessert lovers go gaga from the moment it was opened until today? What makes a different between grabbing a Magnum ice cream over the hypermarkets and having the ice cream at the cafe? 

The reason being, it is more than ice cream you bought in the hypermarkets. The highlights are when you have the privileged to customize your own Magnum ice cream with delicious toppings, 'Make My Magnum'. 

You will have the choice upon entering the cafe whether to dine in or take away your customize Magnum ice cream. The cafe has two floors. The first floor (top floor) is for those who favor to have a meal besides ice cream which Magnum cafe also offers wide array of selections from pasta, soup and snacks. They are also more seats upstairs compared to the second floor. 

Basically, there are 4 steps  involves which are coating, topping, drizzling and setting in customizing your own Magnum ice cream which is the center attraction to the diners. 

Coating will be based on your personal favourite, classic vanilla or chocolate brownie flavor. The toppings varies from almonds, pistachio, marshmallows, popcorn, chilli flakes, blackcurrant pastilles, potato chips, chocolate chip cookies, dark chocolate pearls, white choco crunch pearls, goji berries, rose petals, freeze dried raspberries and dried mango. Next, choose to drizzle your Magnum ice cream with either white or dark chocolate to fill up the look for your ice cream. Then, give yourself 2 minutes for your ice cream to set into shape with the white or dark chocolate drizzle. Finally, the perfect moment is to indulge in your customize own Magnum ice cream after patiently waiting for the whole process from queuing until getting your first bite of your special made Magnum!

Price wise, 'Make My Magnum' ice cream starts from RM 9.90. These are examples of certain menus that Magnum cafe showcases for you.

Based on others experiences and reviews, the first floor are only for those who having a meal and ice cream. If you opt to buy only ice creams, you have to take away, no dining. 

The queue is completely long, especially on weekends and public holiday. Patience is needed to get your customized Magnum. You can try your luck via the entrance located upstairs because the queue usually shorter than the second floor. 

The hype still continues until today, so try your luck and be patients to give it a go for your DIY Magnum ice cream!

Enjoy it, Indulge in it, Embrace it.

The 'M'' Logo is the signature touch of Magnum Cafe

List of Magnum Cafes Around The World!

Magnum Cafe Malaysia

Magnum Cafe Kuala Lumpur
3rd Floor (South Court),
Mid Valley Megamall,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200, Kuala Lumpur,

Business Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 10 am-10 pm
Friday and Saturday: 10 am-12 am (last call at 11.30 pm)

Photo Credits: SF Artography

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mid Valley Megamall are now fully revamped (3rd floor area). Most of the shop has been fully operated early of this year. The 3rd floor (top floor) has improved a lot and you should go and see for yourself if you are interested. However, the Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) are still renovating but don't worry, they still open for business. Business as usual, go grab your movie tickets! Will update you once the renovation is totally done. 

There are several new outlet and restaurant you can find at the 3rd floor of Mid Valley Megamall (South Wing). Some of the old ones are closed and moved to other floors. You can checked out the most trending place now at Mid Valley, Magnum cafe. Tryout during weekdays to avoid long queue. 

These are several pictures for showcase to make it convenient for you to picture how the 3rd floor looks like after months of renovation.

Heads on to Mid Valley Megamall and have a great moment with your loved ones!

Photo Credits: SF Artography

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Plague. You are a plague of evil.

You should be ashamed from the beginning of your attitude of being mean, full of sins. Stop blaming others like all of you are angels. Forgiveness should be given to those who seeks it, repent and worth giving. Do not use religion as a tool.

As a result of people like you, the world has too much evil roaming around. Prophet is a loving and a brilliant leader nevertheless he also punish those who deserved to be punished. If he don't, God sure will.

When it comes to forgiveness, there you go, 'religion'. When you commit destruction and nuisance, now where is your religion?? Selfish. Hypocrite. Evil. Faced the consequences when you are wrong. Stop using verse to cover up your wrongdoings. Quit all the drama.

You may be lucky to pass through all the slandering you have done to others however not to the person I love. You have crossed the line. Extremely. This is not a game. Never a joke. Don't mess with me. Don't mess with us. Don't simply overlook a person. Never ever underestimate people. Don't ever look down on the people you barely know.

All those people who favor you even your attitude is down the drain and they know how vicious and cruel you genuinely are still listens to your drama and believes it, I sincerely feel sorry for them. Kissing your back is like kissing the deepest hole of you know where-7 deep down. They do not know they just ordered a ticket to again-you know where.

If that is called support albeit knowing all the wicked things you did and still doing that leads to shame and abomination, they are absolutely your evil mates, meant for each other. Evil will be with the evils and the good ones knows to value the greatest good.

People who can observe will notice and people who are just too blind to see will perish. If you get punishment from the world because of your evilness, wait and see in the after world. Learn the difference between mistakes and repent, being malicious, maintain being inhuman and never stop from being corrupt and immoral.

Carry on, if I failed you, that's not me. It is life and those who suffered agony from your depravity act through me. I am not your hater-my time is too precious to waste on hating you. I am just a painful disturbance in your life called truth.

A creative writing.

Written by Sofia Naznim

Photo Credits: Original artists from Wallpapers apps

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Komugi is a Japanese derived bakery that runs bakery & cafe which offers its luscious authentic breads, cakes and confectioneries. 

Komugi actually means "wheat" and the kanji for Komugi is 小麦. 

Everything is baked fresh daily by their Japanese pastry chefs and team according to Japanese recipes, standards and techniques to serve you the best quality of KOMUGI. The best top of all is everything are made from natural and premium ingredients! Not to forget, they also remember to give hot promotions from time to time. Awesome!

Looking at their cakes will actually make you drool and in hesitation to choose which the best because all of them look delightful! If you are truly a pastry and cake lover, this is a place for you. They offer plenty of great choices that will make you come for more. The bread and pastry have been just ummmphhh! You have to try to earn the satisfaction from your first bite. Hopefully it makes you smile!

Komugi has lots of products to offer. They are categorized from:-
❣ Bread
❣ Cake & Pastry
❣ Baum
❣ Puffy-O
❣ Chocoletto
❣ Macaroons
❣ Hot Kitchen
❣ Beverages

You can review their hot products at www.komugi.com.my/products

Komugi has 9 outlets in Malaysia. These are the locations.
❣ USJ 21
❣ Mid Valley Megamall (2 Outlets)
❣ Pavillion Kuala Lumpur (2 Outlets)
❣ Paradigm Mall
❣ Sunway Pyramid
❣ Subang Parade 
❣ Sunway Giza Mall

One of their famous outlets is at Lower Ground Mid Valley Megamall (LG 078), Petaling Jaya. The bakery outlet is available from Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 10 pm.

Must try items: Cherry Brioche, Cookie Cream Puff, Hanjuku Cheese, Creamy Custard Krone

Here are several pictures of their bread and pastry from SF Artography for you guys. Enjoy! ♥

Taste the freshness and goodness and ask for more! ❤

Photo Credits: SF Artography & Google image

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Mental illness is a dreadful disease. Mental illness is a condition which causes disorder in a person's thinking or behavior. There are others 450 definitions how mental disorders is defined. 

Many people have mental health concerns now and then. Sometimes you won't know that you have the illness until you just snap because of it. However, a mental health concern could become a mental disorder when symptoms and ongoing signs affect your ability to function well and could cause frequent stress. 

There are 5 major categories of mental illness which are:-

1) Anxiety disorders
2) Mood disorders
3) Schizophrenia/Psychotic disorders
4) Dementias
5) Eating disorders

I would explain more about mental illness in academic contents on my other entry. This article would be more on today's world issues that not many people realize the seriousness of mental problems that most people are facing.

Nowadays, there are a lot of people with mental problems but you don't simply see them as that 'crazy'. The illness may be hidden beneath their joyous or passive character. It can be a silent illness that may 'kill' a person's character if treatment not be sought. 

Such individual could claim themselves mentally healthy but their character shows opposite through the way they behave, think, speak, write and others. They may be vulgar, spiteful, inhuman, vicious with their words and behavior to try to notify others how emotional they are without thinking other peoples' feelings and well being. They may go the extra mile to bring people down by threatening, slandering, and worse killing. 

Oh yes, it can be horrid, thinking that they are the good one and no wrong has been done and everyone is at wrong except them. This is a serious issue where mental problems have been detected and one of the cure is try your best to be calm, reflect, realize, repent and change

Find a cure. Sometimes these people become like this may be due to lack of love, attention, guidance, education and all the beauty that the world can give. If it is a mental situation, hopefully it can be treated. 

On the contrary if it is not a mental case, people who like to hurt and see others in pain are maybe because there are just evil at hearts. Only they could save themselves from God punishes and only God can save them from going to you know where.

These illnesses (mental or purely being evil) can make you miserable and may cause you serious problems in your daily life from relationships, works, and life routines. Most of the times, the problems can't be seen now but it will soon or later will be seen especially to those who are in the know. Yes, being evil is an illness too. It can be a disease that can be treated or there is just no treatment for some evilness in the world. 

If these kind of symptoms is detected, a combination of medications and counselling (psychotherapy) should be considered (for mental illness). Nevertheless if it is because the individual is somehow just evil at heart, guidance should be given. 

It is such a disgrace to be an evil human being because the world doesn't need more of them. Hopefully people do change to better not to worse although most of the times people will never change and if they change, they change for worse. But still, hope they will see the straight path.

Mental illness is not a joke. It is real and common and it can be treated. Same goes to those who are a bad person or such evil. Be calm, reflect, realize, repent and change. Nothing is too late if you realize and repent. 

Being wrong and doing wrong to God is a thing, being and doing wrong to human is another thing. So think. Don't make yourself a bait to evil because they surely love it and they don't think twice to turn your souls to theirs. Think, think, and think. If not, you just another human who deserves a place in you know where.  

I strongly believe that there is some good in this world and it's worth fighting for (quoted from J.R.R. Tolkien). Anyhow there are also many evils in this world that we must fight to sustain the some good in the world. There are those evil that we can see with our naked eyes and those that we can't see. 

Fight them if they don't want to change, fight if they forget the deeds of virtues, fight until the light shine upon us! 

Note: This is an educational and informational article, not to be used as a diagnostic instrument.

Photo Credits: Original artists from Wallpapers apps

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