The First of 2015

Here comes 2015 and there are new hopes, new resolutions. 

Have you thought of your hopes and resolution for this fresh year? Thinking about it is one thing, but never forget to write it down okay? It is proven that writing your goals is proven that you will achieve your goals rather than not writing it down. 

You can easily jot your goals at your diary, planner or even a piece of paper and best if you could stick on your walls or your ceiling so that you can see it every day and be reminded that you must try your best to achieve your goals! Well, it starts from zero to become a hero. Start today if you really want to achieve your dreams.

Every day is, in fact, a new beginning of life. The time you wake up is a fresh start. The beginning of making things the best you can as today is your last day on earth. Live your life to the fullest but do remember your action for today will make an impact on your future and others as well. So be sure to dance properly rather than tossing and turning and bothering other people.

Thus, it is crucial to apprehend before you step forward and perform with goodness. Think before you speak. Analyze before you write. Do not be judgmental, brutal and rude. That is sure an ugly attitude and behaviour. Learn to be good.

The most paramount, cherish life and love. Everybody makes mistakes, have their ugly unwanted history, stumble and fall along with all other things that make life rough. All those awfulness and craziness make who you are today.

However, if you reflect back yourself and perceive that you have transformed to betterment, then thumbs up but don't stop there, go further to become better and never stop because goodness does not have an endpoint. 

On the other hand, if you know that you still the old you, worse or becoming evil and evil, please change. The world has too many evils already and don't add yourself in the abomination. Don't be you because you think you are beautiful the way you are unless you do. Be sure if you want to claim that you are as you declare, your inner soul are rightly beautiful. 

It is never late to change. You will appreciate life and other people better if you become someone good. Somehow, you will simply know which is valuable and which is not. Only the good will be with the good. Don't worry too much, you will find the way.

To sum it up, we will never know how much life is worth until the moment of dying. Be sure to cherish life because we will never know when is death approaching us. Age is not the element however your good deeds do. 

Anyway, be cool and cheers! 


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