Make My Magnum @ Magnum Cafe Malaysia!

Greetings dear readers!

I'm going to take to you to an ice cream adventure, 'Make My Magnum!' 

Magnum cafe is now in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! The first-ever Magnum cafe in Malaysia is located at the newly revamped 3rd floor, South Court of Mid Valley Megamall, not far away from the Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC). It is officially opened on Friday the 14th of November 2014. 

What is so special about this Magnum cafe until dessert lovers go gaga from the moment it was opened until today? What makes a difference between grabbing a Magnum ice cream over the hypermarkets and having the ice cream at the cafe? 

The reason being, it is more than ice cream you bought in the hypermarkets. The highlights are when you have the privileged to customize your own Magnum ice cream with delicious toppings, 'Make My Magnum'. 

You will have the choice upon entering the cafe whether to dine in or take away your customize Magnum ice cream. The cafe has two floors. The first floor (top floor) is for those who favour having a meal besides ice cream which Magnum cafe also offers a wide array of selections from pasta, soup and snacks. They are also more seats upstairs compared to the second floor. 

Basically, there are 4 steps involves which are coating, topping, drizzling and setting in customizing your own Magnum ice cream which is the centre attraction to the diners. 

The coating will be based on your personal favourite, classic vanilla or chocolate brownie flavour. The toppings vary from almonds, pistachio, marshmallows, popcorn, chilli flakes, blackcurrant pastilles, potato chips, chocolate chip cookies, dark chocolate pearls, white choco crunch pearls, goji berries, rose petals, freeze-dried raspberries and dried mango. Next, choose to drizzle your Magnum ice cream with either white or dark chocolate to fill up the look for your ice cream. Then, give yourself 2 minutes for your ice cream to set into shape with the white or dark chocolate drizzle. Finally, the perfect moment is to indulge in your customize own Magnum ice cream after patiently waiting for the whole process from queuing until getting your first bite of your special made Magnum!

Price-wise, 'Make My Magnum' ice cream starts from RM 9.90. These are examples of certain menus that Magnum cafe showcases for you.

Based on others experiences and reviews, the first floor is only for those who have a meal and ice cream. If you opt to buy only ice creams, you have to take away, no dining. 

The queue is completely long, especially on weekends and public holiday. Patience is needed to get your customized Magnum. You can try your luck via the entrance located upstairs because of the queue usually shorter than the second floor. 

The hype still continues until today, so try your luck and be patients to give it a go for your DIY Magnum ice cream!

Enjoy it, Indulge in it, Embrace it.

The 'M'' Logo is the signature touch of Magnum Cafe

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Magnum Cafe Malaysia

Magnum Cafe Kuala Lumpur
3rd Floor (South Court),
Mid Valley Megamall,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200, Kuala Lumpur,

Business Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 10 am-10 pm
Friday and Saturday: 10 am-12 am (last call at 11.30 pm)

Photo Credits: SF Artography

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