Mental Illness & Sometimes People Will Never Change

Mental illness is a dreadful disease. Mental illness is a condition which causes disorder in a person's thinking or behaviour. There are other 450 definitions of how mental disorders are defined. 

Many people have mental health concerns now and then. Sometimes you won't know that you have the illness until you just snap because of it. However, a mental health concern could become a mental disorder when symptoms and ongoing signs affect your ability to function well and could cause frequent stress. 

There are 5 major categories of mental illness which are:-

1) Anxiety disorders
2) Mood disorders
3) Schizophrenia/Psychotic disorders
4) Dementias
5) Eating disorders

I would explain more about mental illness in academic contents on my other entry. This article would be more on today's world issues that not many people realize the seriousness of mental problems that most people are facing.

Nowadays, there are a lot of people with mental problems but you don't simply see them as that 'crazy'. The illness may be hidden beneath their joyous or passive character. It can be a silent illness that may 'kill' a person's character if treatment not sought. 

Such individual could claim themselves mentally healthy but their character shows opposite through the way they behave, think, speak, write and others. They may be vulgar, spiteful, inhuman, vicious with their words and behaviour to try to notify others how emotional they are without thinking other peoples' feelings and well being. They may go the extra mile to bring people down by threatening, slandering, and worse killing. 

Oh yes, it can be horrid, thinking that they are the good one and no wrong has been done and everyone is at wrong except them. This is a serious issue where mental problems have been detected and one of the cure is to try your best to be calm, reflect, realize, repent and change

Find a cure. Sometimes these people become like this may be due to lack of love, attention, guidance, education and all the beauty that the world can give. If it is a mental situation, hopefully, it can be treated. 

On the contrary, if it is not a mental case, people who like to hurt and see others in pain are maybe because there are just evil at hearts. Only they could save themselves from God punishes and only God can save them from going to you know where.

These illnesses (mental or purely being evil) can make you miserable and may cause you serious problems in your daily life from relationships, works, and life routines. Most of the times, the problems can't be seen now but it will soon or later be seen especially to those who are in the know. Yes, being evil is an illness too. It can be a disease that can be treated or there is just no treatment for some evilness in the world. 

If these kinds of symptoms is detected, a combination of medications and counselling (psychotherapy) should be considered (for mental illness). Nevertheless, if it is because the individual is somehow just evil at heart, guidance should be given. 

It is such a disgrace to be an evil human being because the world doesn't need more of them. Hopefully, people do change to better not to worse although most of the times people will never change and if they change, they change for worse. But still, hope they will see the straight path.

Mental illness is not a joke. It is real and common and it can be treated. Same goes to those who are a bad person or such evil. Be calm, reflect, realize, repent and change. Nothing is too late if you realize and repent. 

Being wrong and doing wrong to God is a thing, being and doing wrong to human is another thing. So think. Don't make yourself a bait to the evil because they surely love it and they don't think twice to turn your souls to theirs. Think, think, and think. If not, you just another human who deserves a place in you know where.  

I strongly believe that there is some good in this world and it's worth fighting for (quoted from J.R.R. Tolkien). Anyhow there are also many evils in this world that we must fight to sustain some good in the world. There are those evil that we can see with our naked eyes and those that we can't see. 

Fight them if they don't want to change, fight if they forget the deeds of virtues, fight until the light shine upon us! 

Note: This is an educational and informational article, not to be used as a diagnostic instrument.

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