Encore Melaka - Immerse Yourself in the World Class Innovative Theatre Experience

I’ve always wanted to watch a theatre performance and I’m so glad I had my first theatre experience with Encore Melaka together with my hubby! 
My first thought when I heard about theatre is a live performance with a structure of musical concerts and a grand stage. Encore Melaka is beyond that. 

The moment I arrived at Encore Melaka, I was awed by the beautiful and unique building structure. This place is a known place that you must visit if you have a holiday or staycation in Melaka. The theatre building was designed by Mr. Wang Ge from the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (BIAD) – renowned as a technological research centre of information architecture design and construction in Beijing. 

The building has an impressive modern structure of white porcelain exterior and blue shades spans signify the colours of purity and eternity. The majestic building span across 15 acres that overlook the scenic water view of the Straits of Melaka. 

This iconic building is also known as ‘Instagrammable’ spot because it’s a unique structure and the breathtaking view around the area that one will never want to miss.

Once we entered the theatre, we were amazed by the overall rich atmospheric ambiance and lighting of the space. When the show began, we were in the zone – immersed with the mesmerising performance of the touching life stories of the locals. Interestingly, it is a performance that reflects the Melaka society that embraces diversity and inclusiveness that upholds their heritage and culture rather than a classic cultural performance for tourists which you might have expected. 

The visual and auditory experience is top-notch. This is not your classic theatre performance. Be ready to engross in a phenomenal innovative art experience as Encore Melaka brings the first 360 degree rotating auditorium with multiple-stage, Asia’s largest theatre that seats more than 2,000 people! Yes, the auditorium is enormous and it rotates! Honestly, during the show, I was like “wow, this is mind-blowing”. The scenes were lively and somehow you feel you are part of the show.

The performance for us is a mixture of a stunning classic and digital performance, right from the theatre props, costumes, advanced lighting, to the projection mapping, which that’s what makes the overall show astounding. We enjoyed the story mode and also the dance performances performed by the 200 local performers, which showed the inclusiveness of Melaka that is expressed through the blend of traditional and contemporary dance. 

During the show, you will go through the 6 centuries of history literally crossing through time and space, illustrated through compelling songs and dances. You will be transported through different eras presented in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Tamil, local dialects and Portuguese to reflect the harmony that exists within Melaka.

I still can’t move on from one of my favourite dance performances – the water scene! It was phenomenal. That’s the best show ever! If you are a fan of the Step Up 2 movie, yesss, you’re about to see something similar during the dance water scene, but better and longer. As a dancer, I can watch a particular dance routine for long, it was just amazing! The overall lighting was excellent. It was vibrant and the overall theatre effect was marvelous. 

The 70-minute mega show seriously didn’t feel like 70 minutes at all. We were swayed by the performance and did not notice the time, that’s how good it was. We brought back a story of Melaka legacy and how rich is Melaka with its culture and history, the true essence of Melaka and its multicultural coexistence. If you’re a tourist and you want to learn more about Malaysia’s and Melaka culture, this is a great show and a must watch – a spectacular theatre experience.

The show is directed by Wang Chaoge (recognised for directing the opening ceremony of 2008 Olympic Games Beijing) who has studied Melaka’s history, culture, traditions and people for two years. The whole theatre brilliant idea and production came from the vision of Datuk Wira Boo Kuang Loon, CEO of Yong Tai Berhad, whose love his hometown, Melaka and his passion lives in the theatre performance.

Don't miss out the opportunity to feast your visuals and experience an unforgettable moment at Encore Melaka! You may easily locate the theatre by Waze or simply Google Encore Melaka. This beautiful theatre is located at Melaka's most prominent site, along Melaka waterfront, just 3.5 km from Jonker Street. After a great theatre, enjoy food and shopping fiesta at Jonker Street. That's what we did and we had an awesome and worthwhile short staycation! 

This place is beautiful at night too. The building sparkles! If you're lucky enough, you will be able to watch the sunset and don't forget to walk around the area and enjoy the sea breeze! Romantic! ❤

Get to know more about Encore Melaka or simply connect with them via Facebook. Early bird prices start from RM148 (Standard), RM248 (Premium) and RM 568 (VIP). 

Live, Watch and Feel
Unfold Stories Behind Melaka's Inheritance
with Encore Melaka

Encore Melaka currently have a special promotion for Holiday Bonanza from 1st Nov – 31st Dec 2019 (For MyKad Holder)
❣ Standard Seat – RM 120/2 pax (RM 60/pax)
❣ Premium Seat – RM 150/2 pax (RM 75/pax)

Special promotion for Student and Senior Citizen till 31st Dec 2019
❣ Standard Seat – RM 74
❣ Premium Seat – RM 124
❣ VIP Seat – RM 284

❣ Child aged 12 years and below – FREE

Show Time:
❣ Monday - Saturday: 5.30 pm & 8.30 pm
❣ Sunday: 2.30 pm & 5.30 pm

★ For more information, visit their website www.encore-melaka.com

★ Should you have any inquiry, please call Box Office at +606 270 7777

Encore Melaka
▹No. 3 Jalan KSB – Impression 8, Impression City, Kota Syahbandar, 75200, Melaka, Malaysia
▹+606-270 7777 (Box Office)
▹+606-270 7700 (Customer Service)
▸Email: enquiry@encore-melaka.com
▸Box Office Counter:
▹Monday – Saturday: 10 am - 10 pm
▹Sunday: 10 am - 7 pm

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