The Sweet Yummy Komugi Bakery+Cafe ❤

Komugi is a Japanese derived bakery that runs bakery & cafe which offers its luscious authentic bread, cakes and confectioneries. 

Komugi actually means "wheat" and the kanji for Komugi is 小麦. 

Everything is baked fresh daily by their Japanese pastry chefs and team according to Japanese recipes, standards and techniques to serve you the best quality of KOMUGI. The best top of all is everything is made from natural and premium ingredients! Not to forget, they also remember to give hot promotions from time to time. Awesome!

Looking at their cakes will actually make you drool and in hesitation to choose which the best because all of them look delightful! If you are truly a pastry and cake lover, this is a place for you. They offer plenty of great choices that will make you come for more. The bread and pastry have been just ummmphhh! You have to try to earn the satisfaction from your first bite. Hopefully, it makes you smile!

Komugi has lots of products to offer. They are categorized from:-
❣ Bread
❣ Cake & Pastry
❣ Baum
❣ Puffy-O
❣ Chocoletto
❣ Macaroons
❣ Hot Kitchen
❣ Beverages

You can review their hot products at

Komugi has 9 outlets in Malaysia. These are the locations.
❣ USJ 21
❣ Mid Valley Megamall (2 Outlets)
❣ Pavillion Kuala Lumpur (2 Outlets)
❣ Paradigm Mall
❣ Sunway Pyramid
❣ Subang Parade 
❣ Sunway Giza Mall

One of their famous outlets is at Lower Ground Mid Valley Megamall (LG 078), Petaling Jaya. The bakery outlet is available from Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 10 pm.

Must-try items: Cherry Brioche, Cookie Cream Puff, Hanjuku Cheese, Creamy Custard Krone

Here are several pictures of their bread and pastry from SF Artography for you guys. Enjoy! ♥

Taste the freshness and goodness and ask for more! ❤

Photo Credits: SF Artography & Google image

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  1. Dpt discount tak kalau u beli kat bakeri nie?

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and your kind comment!