For The 'Wicked'

Plague. You are a plague of evil.

You should be ashamed from the beginning of your attitude of being mean, full of sins. Stop blaming others like all of you are angels. Forgiveness should be given to those who seek it, repent and worth giving. Do not use religion as a tool.

As a result of people like you, the world has too much evil roaming around. The prophet is a loving and a brilliant leader nevertheless he also punishes those who deserved to be punished. If he doesn't, God sure will.

When it comes to forgiveness, there you go, 'religion'. When you commit destruction and nuisance, now where is your religion? Selfish. Hypocrite. Evil. Faced the consequences when you are wrong. Stop using verse to cover up your wrongdoings. Quit all the drama.

You may be lucky to pass through all the slandering you have done to others however not to the person I love. You have crossed the line. Extremely. This is not a game. Never a joke. Don't mess with me. Don't mess with us. Don't simply overlook a person. Never ever underestimate people. Don't ever look down on the people you barely know.

All those people who favour you even your attitude are down the drain and they know how vicious and cruel you genuinely still listen to your drama and believes it, I sincerely feel sorry for them. Kissing your back is like kissing the deepest hole of you know where-7 deep down. They do not know they just ordered a ticket to again-you know where.

If that is called support albeit knowing all the wicked things you did and still doing that leads to shame and abomination, they are absolutely your evil mates, meant for each other. Evil will be with the evils and the good ones know to value the greatest good.

People who can observe will notice and people who are just too blind to see will perish. If you get punishment from the world because of your evilness, wait and see in the afterworld. Learn the difference between mistakes and repent, being malicious, maintain being inhuman and never stop from being corrupt and immoral.

Carry on, if I failed you, that's not me. It is life and those who suffered agony from your depravity act through me. I am not your hater-my time is too precious to waste on hating you. I am just a painful disturbance in your life called truth.

A creative writing piece.
Written by Sofia Naznim

Photo Credits: Original artists from Wallpapers apps

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