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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Green fingers they say - where you can keep your plants alive and good at making plants grow. But how true is this? I do believe in knowing the right techniques can keep your plants grow and alive and I've always wanted to learn how to grow plants healthily and how to home farming from someone who is a pro at doing so. I hope one day I can grow my own veggies and fruits from my small little farm to ensure I consume fresh and healthy produces. 

Luckily, I met James, the founder of Uniworco Enterprise and Jesslyn, the edible garden consultant. They are two incredible and a humble couple with fantastic business initiatives. Uniworco promotes edible garden through organic gardening and home farming to anyone out there who are concerned and want to grow your own healthy and clean food. Best of all, you don't have to wait till you own a farm to grow your own food, you can grow them in your balcony, garden or yard, today! We know that the best food is to grow our  own food with our own hands right? You know they are fresh, and most importantly, they grow without chemicals and free from pesticides and dangerous and unwanted substances, which prevents us from being ill. 

Uniworco focuses on creating public awareness by sharing, how can you grow your own organic edible garden. Besides that, in the long run, Uniworco aims to do home farming in a large scale  which we can have urban/community farms in the cities in Malaysia so that we can get to consume healthy clean food be it rich or poor. In this light, we can recruit those who need to work on the farm and provide more job opportunities and at the same time can develop them with the right skills of home farming. Some portion can be distributed to the underprivileged. Uniworco is one of MAGIC SE from Cohort 01 - Social Enterprise that focuses on this noble effort, if not them, who? If not now, when? 

With Uniworco, home farming is simple, easy, portable, interesting and manageable. Fret not, if you have zero or little knowledge of home farming or how to grow fresh produces from your garden or backyard, Uniworco is the answer. 

Uniworco has 3 different types of learning programs:

★ Workshops which participants can come and attend classes
★ Private workshops that they conduct at clients' place in Klang Valley, if participants are unable to attend their classes
★ Specially training program which to be conducted at clients' place in Klang Valley. A popular program (suitable for individual couple or a small family of maximum 4 paxs) which clients can learn at the same time and they will assist you to set up a mini veggie garden. Special introductory offer of RM 650 with full materials provided and step by step guide with hands on session

For me and hubby, as a start, we want to know how to germinate vegetables using the right techniques. Once we learn the right skills, we can start our home farming slowly. We attended their workshop on "How to germinate vegetables using the right techniques" and amazingly we learned a lot of things from theory, the demos and especially the hands on session! Great stuff is materials are provided and not just that, we get to take home 4 pots of vegetables, which two of the pots we have germinated are Hong Kong Sawi and another two pots are Bayam Merah which are organically grown baby veggies that we need to care once we're back. We also get to taste their special tea from their organically grown fresh produces. the ones we tried are mulberry tea and soursop tea. It tasted fresh and on point. Plus point, we even get certificates, cool! :D

We had so much fun and earned many insightful information during the session. Here are some notes that I took during the workshop for you guys to understand a little bit about germinating your veggies.

How to germinate vegetables using the right techniques

Stage 1 germination
☘ Goods Seeds
☘ Quality soil
☘ Right method

Stage 2 successful sprouting

Stage 3 successful repotting

Stage 4 successfully harvesting

☘ Bentong ginger is the best ginger
☘ Tomatoes, brinjal, eggplant and chili easily affected by insects. So, need prevention

☘ Pesticides, weedicides and chemical antibiotic - case in honeydew in Australia got bacteria and can cause diarrhea

☘ Mulberry tea - one sachet to 250 ml of boiling water between 98C to 100C, cover the cup and steep for 10 minutes. You can enjoy the tea for 4 rounds with just only one sachet!

☘ Water it daily and fertilize weekly

☘ Tasted mulberry tea and loved it!
❣ Good for complexion
❣ Liquid calcium helps to regulate blood sugar level
❣ Helps to improve vision and rich in antioxidant

☘ Food security is important

It is very important to have good quality soil, besides the following basic conditions: 
☘ Sufficient sunlight
☘ Water
☘ Good air ventilation

☘ Water - watering can with small holes
☘ Fertilize weekly

☘ Treatment: 
❣ Soil treatment: once a week with Uniworco organic insect repellent
❣ Plant treatment: 2 to 3 times a week by spraying Uniworco organic insect repellent on the leaves for prevention of plant pest and diseases 

What Uniworco does in a nutshell
🌱 Promote edible garden for every household through organic gardening and home farming,
🌱 Make home farming simple, easy, portable, manageable and interesting by introducing fresh produces grow in pots due to the limitation of space in the city,
🌱 Provide total solutions for the sustainable growth and development for the fresh produces to grow healthily by introducing right growth techniques using special formulated organic planting soil and choose the right selection of fertilizers and plant care that are Eco friendly,
🌱 Encourage consumers to grow their own fresh produces due to health issue, food safety and food security,
🌱 Create public awareness and emphasize the importance of growing healthy clean food by conducting workshops on “How to grow your own organic edible garden DIY workshops”,
🌱 Assist clients to transform their existing home or balcony gardens into a productive planting space,
🌱 Participate in events, exhibitions, roadshows to promote organic edible garden and create public awareness on the importance of consuming and growing healthy clean food without the use of chemicals to protect the environment and to live in a healthy lifestyle.

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Another good news is you can purchase their products online. Look for Uniworco, just download the app from Play Store and you can start ordering now.

❣ Uniworco products can also be purchased online in Facebook, Shopee and PG Mall, besides Youbeli.

Our veggies now! >3

If you are as excited as me to learn more about growing your own veggies and fresh produces, learn the right techniques with Jess and James from Uniworco. They will teach you step by step guide and provide you answers to those burning questions you have regarding home farming. Simply get in touch with them though their Facebook Page at 
https://www.facebook.com/uniworco/ and you can also WhatsApp @ 016-7133975, for them to assist you in your queries, buying organic products and to join their upcoming learning programs. 

We may live in a different world, but we share the same planet. It's important to grow our own food and more plants the right way to protect ourselves, loved ones and mother nature. 

It's never too late to learn. Start today, and you'll be thankful to yourself tomorrow. :)

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Hi there😊👋 Aren't these dogs cute?😍 If you can look at the first two photos in the collage, these 2 super friendly, adorable dogs are looking for a forever home. Please spread this message so we can find a kind adopter to care and love them❤️ Both female and 1 spayed. Another one will send for spaying soon.

They both very loyal, always follow around and get excited during feeding. They even chase the car halfway through highway after feeding, sign of loyalty and gratefulness. Please help them find a good home🙏
The story behind two people whom I truly respect, who saves and care hundreds of stray dogs in the streets through feeding, spaying and loving.

Every morning, Mr Low never fails to prepare packs of dog food and help to feed the stray dogs at 7 sites in Klang daily. In the evening, he will pack the dog food in bags for some dogs that are afraid of people. He will toss to them and the dogs will pick up the bag and go somewhere safe to eat. You may see from the photos how the dogs would wait for food and how happy they are with Mr Low.

Mr Low prepares the daily dog food by going to bread factory to buy bread in big bulk for the dogs beside dog kibbles and his family left over food that should never be left wasted, instead share with the strays that needed the most.

There are many stray dogs, including the pregnant ones. These voiceless animals were captured and released because they were not good enough to be sold and some are thrown in abandon area or industrial area. Some are captured and kill. Some are tortured until they die. Mr Low help what he can to help these surviving great dogs that don't deserve to die and abused.

These acts of selflessness, care and helping the voiceless has been going through for more than 5 years. Mr Low and his daughter, Winnie, have helped countless of stray dogs. They feed, spayed and cared for these loyal and beautiful God's creation.

I was always impressed with their act of kindness and willingness to help the strays so the strays will find adopters and they do what they can to help the strays to live better in the streets, the least. They use their own means to help the strays. Food can cost roughly minimum RM 600 monthly. Spaying/neutering can cost RM 200-300 per dog depends on the dog's weight. Once in a while, friends or those who are willing to share will donate for food & spaying cost.

If you would like to support the stray dogs in Klang area by helping Mr Low and Winnie to help the strays, any donations are welcome, so they can help to feed, spay/neuter more stray dogs.

Any amount of donations is more than welcome. Your kindness can help to save a stray's life.
Banking details

🔹Maybank 5140 5763 4848 

🔹Low Hooi Bee

Let us all support and help the voiceless. We can start by taking care properly of our own cats and dogs. Ensure our own furry kids get the proper food, care, and get them spayed/neutered.

We can also extend our help by helping the strays by doing what we can. We can also find individuals or community who help the strays and lend them financial support or be a volunteer to help the strays.
In this light, we hope there will be less strays on the run and there will be more hearts to save other furry kids lives. 💕🐕🐈
Spread the kindness, support the voiceless💖

Thank you for reading, supporting and sharing. God bless your kind soul and good deeds. 🙌

Sunday, March 24, 2019

The silence of 3 weeks because I was away, unwell. It all started with an uneasy painful sore throat on Friday evening at work. My body started to feel odd during the night, feeling a little off that night. Then the fever came on Saturday. My body's temperature was extremely high. Went to the clinic, met the doctor, general practitioner (GP) and he diagnosed I had a  high fever. Took all the medicine prescribed.

The fever showed signs of improving but then my body temperature hiked again. So I went to the clinic again and had to take blood test. I was concerned because these days if you have a fever more than 3 days it can be dangerous. Anything can happen. The GP took the blood count test. The result indicated my rbc and wbc are low. I continued and took the medication, but there seems little progress, like it was not normal.

The next day, took the full blood test and I waited for the result. The next day, Doctor told me that I need to be referred to any specialist because my blood test showed positive Typhus. We straight away went to the nearest specialist and get me checked.

My body was totally weak and I felt like a wreck. Met the specialist and he ran a few tests on me. My crp test showed that I have severe infections. For normal people, our crp result should show less than 6, but mine was 68. It was high and my whole body suffered inflammation, which caused me acute sinusitis. My x-ray result showed my chest and face was hazy and was inflamed with mucus, signify acute sinusitis. The doctor told me that I need to be admitted because of my condition. They need to use antibiotic and drip the medication in my blood.

It was definitely the worst fever ever, I coughed terribly till I couldn't sleep, my flu, the mucus like super thick till my ears were painful and my left ear constantly in pain and I can't really hear, my throat kills me, my body ache, my both eyes were red and watery, sometimes I felt super cold, and my body was so hot, my head hurts, I felt exhausted. I was working from home till the hour I got admitted. My husband also got infected from me for 4 days. Poor him. It was a tough time indeed.

And so I was admitted. After admitted, they took another blood test to confirm the initial result. My vein is too small, I got injected 3 times at my hand, the upper palm, so painful. My blood was hard to get out, got clot and the vein burst. Urghh. So sad. Then they put me on antibiotics, drip through my blood. I can't sleep, my mouth was super bitter, tasted the medicine all the time. Every now and then I had to take 3 types of medicine and they will check my fever and blood pressure. Luckily my husband was always there by my side to look after me. Right beside me all the time, through this sad and painful journey. Thank you. You are my life, my light.

My breathing was bad. I have trouble breathing because my mucus was very thick and it caused the nose to stuck. My cough was super bad till I couldn't sleep. My temperature was not so stable so was my blood pressure. Good news, I felt slightly better day by day because of the medication. I stayed in the hospital for 6 days. I supposed to stay longer, but I asked the doctor to continue the medication at home. They discharged me and checked my infection result again. The infection level from dropped to 30 from 68, however it was still there.

I was on heavy medication, 18 pills per day and some pills I have to consume for 2 weeks. I had to follow up with the 2 specialists. One neurologist and one ENT specialist. I saw my medical report. I had a severe infection. Positive typhus, acute sinusitis, otitis media and labyrinthitis. Worse ever.

The day I was discharged, back home, I ate my medication. My head was super painful like it wanted to crack, then my heart and chest felt painful, I couldn't stand and I had trouble breathing. I was crying and shivered. My husband hugged me and asked me to not worry and be positive. He consoled me. I took Panadol actifast to ease the pain and sleep over the pain. I woke up so many times, but I tried to sleep.

Next morning, my headache was better, but my body is very weak, shivers, and my speech is not so good. Hearing still the same, I couldn't really hear. I didn't know that time if I could be back to normal, but I hoped so. I thought I was going to die the other night. The feeling was so scary.

All I want is to be with my husband and family. There was a lot of feelings that came to me at the time. The importance of time, love, family, health and betterment. I was lucky enough to have my husband to look after me, my family, closest friends and colleagues who were concerned on my condition when I was ill.

My doctors advised that I should not be overly stressed about anything even work stress. They asked me to complete my medication and meet them for follow up. I had to recuperated myself at home until I'm fully recovered. Thanks to my leaders for their understanding when I was sick and gave me time to completely heal.

I followed up with my doctor and he checked my crp and finally my infection is no more there. From 30 drop to 1. I was relieved and thankful. I followed up with my ENT doctor, redo the hearing test and the result indicated that my hearing has improved significantly. Checked my ear using the scope and it's not red anymore like before. Although sometimes I felt there was air in my ear now and then, but being able to hear like normal again was remarkable.

I was very thankful, no words can express how thankful I am. I started working the following day and it felt nice to be back feeling healthy and meeting people as usual. Now, I feel good and thank God for the opportunity He gave, the companionship I received, the care and support given from people who truly care.

I learned and discovered many things during the 3 weeks I was sick and I felt grateful for the things I have discovered during the time. It was a challenging time for me personally, but I believed in taking this positively.

I would like to express my gratitude to my husband for being there 24/7, my father, my brother, my in laws and siblings for the care and concern. Thank you to my close friends and my close colleagues who contacted me and wished me well. Thank you to my company and my leaders for their understanding, well wishes and bouquet of fresh fruits.

Thank you to the specialists, Dr Hasnur Zaman Hashim and Dr Roslenda Abdul Rahman for making me better again, and all the nurses that care for me during my admission and sessions at the hospital. Thank you Avisena for somehow making me feel like home, which I don't really feel like I'm in a hospital much. You are all friendly, helpful and the food is nice. Great service all the way. Thank you.

Above all, thank you God, I'm ultimately grateful for this life and all the love I have. Thank you everyone for your prayers and well wishes to me. I appreciate your kindness.

Life is so short, appreciate every single moment, people who appreciate and love us truly, and there is no time to waste. Take care of our own health, health come first. Focus on yourself and people who matters. Always try to be better then where were we yesterday. Don't hold grudges, let go of the things that is not meant to be and be peaceful at heart and mind. Stay away from negativity and toxic people. Cherish life to the fullest. Meditate for mindfulness and inner peace. Give more. Love more. Learn every step of the way. Never give up. Always be prepared for anything. Don't overwork, don't overstress. Take care of our body and mind. Live well. Be independent, be strong, be determined. Learn to say no. Follow your heart but always use your mind. Fill life with kindness. 💕


Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Hello guys! It's the first day of 2019 and I would like to wish all of you to have a wonderful year with our loved ones and may our wishes and dreams come true.

May we be a better version of ourselves as time goes by. Let's embrace this new year, new day with a kinder heart.

Thank you for being a loyal reader and supporter. Last year I was not active at my website, but I was active at Instagram mainly, along side with my other social platforms.

I hope to write and create more art and stories this year and share more here at Rainbow Pegasus. Try my best to juggle between all. 

Hope you'll stay around and thanksss!😆💐

Blessed new year and the days to come.❤️ 


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