Butterfly X Dolly Wink Christmas Party πŸŽ„ - Stunning Easy Lash in just 10 seconds!

Hello Butterflies!
Ho ho ho! I felt so Christmassy and Japanese at the same time with around 50 butterflies at the awesome Butterfly X Dolly Wink Christmas Party on 7th December❤ Everyone wore their Japanese outfits which makes the party more kawaii! I enjoyed the party very much, met familiar, friendly faces and made new friends during the party. Once I entered the beautiful space of Kaki Yuki at 163 Retail Park, Mont Kiara, I quickly stumbled upon Mamasan and finally got the chance to take many photos with her as promised after our Coachella Butterfly Party! Thanks Tammy for having me again and I truly love this kind of get together event. You have the opportunity to meet a lot of people and celebrate together. This time, I get to celebrate Christmas with Dolly Wink and the butterflies!

So ladies, when you think of party or event, you think of makeup and the makeup look feels complete if you have beautiful eyelashes, right? To get beautiful eyelashes, it is either you are born with naturally long and curl eyelashes and with just a little mascara tadaaa you're set to go or you wear the current trending eyelashes extension or the famous fake eyelashes/falsies. Having said these, eyelashes are essential for women, especially. That’s why we have Dolly Wink to the rescue if you need beautiful, easy and light eyelashes to wear at any event, party, or even your day-to-day outings!

Let’s discover Dolly Wink together! The brand was launched back in 2009. At that time, “Japanese gal culture” becomes a social phenomenon in Japan. “I struggled to be my Kawaii look”. This message sent from Tsubasa Masuwaka captured the heart of girls. Tsubasa has been acknowledged as a trendsetter who has empathy for girls in all ages and capable of creating new fashion trends changes with time. She wants to send cheerful power to girls in the world and after 10 years, with novelty and surprise, Dolly Wink is here to pave the way in the makeup world.

Dolly Wink is equipped with Koji Honpo technology from Japan. Recently, the cosmetic market has become saturated due to a lot of players of eye makeup products in the market (eyeliner/mascara). Dolly Wink helps to cater to the need for those are not fully satisfied with mascara or eyelash extension. Wearing mascara is known to eye lumps prone, lesser long lash effect, takes time to apply and can be hard to remove before sleep and it can be boring to use with the same makeup look. In addition, eyelash extension can cause damage to own lashes and it can be very expensive to maintain.

To the group of people that still wants a good eyelash effect and want to still protect the eyelashes, falsies are an option to compliment your look. The new trend of Dolly Wink brings is to transform negative eyelash elements or inconvenient use of mascara or eyelash extension to “Easy, New Eyelash Trend”! People acknowledge the benefits of eyelash once they use Dolly Wink. They feel it is easier to make lashes longer than applying mascara and it is instagrammable and photogenic when they use Dolly Wink.

Today, Dolly Wink's goal is to change the common sense of falsies in the world from “GAL fashion make up technique” to Daily eye make product for everyone” in just 10 seconds to complete the eyelash makeup. If you are someone like me who doesn’t know how to put falsies, you can try Dolly Wink as it is easy to use. Simply anyone could complete eye makeup by using this revolutionary, new concept point type eyelash and you can say bye-bye mascara! Dolly Wink provides 16 various types of eyelashes, perfect choices of the point lash for tail end, center point lash, variations of length and lash colours according to your mood of the day or any upcoming occasions and scenes!

If you struggle with falsies, remember Dolly Wink. I tried using Dolly Wink falsies at the party. Thank you so much Dolly Wink Malaysia for the Xmas gift! So many eye makeup products which include four of their 10th Anniversary “Easy Lash” 10 seconds falsies! Who doesn’t like to receive pressies right?! Once we unbag the gifts, we are surprised with a mini eye makeup challenge. The contest was probably easy for those who know how to makeup, but not for me, it’s my first time trying falsies by myself and does eye makeup which is not my forte. The challenge was to see the before and after effect on your eyes after using the Easy Lash and Dolly Wink eye makeup product.

I am totally new to this as honestly, I just know the basic makeup like wear powder and lipstick, but not eye makeup. I tried and coloured my eyes and I get to try the falsies for the first time at the party. I was excited and nervous at the same time because the butterflies all around me make it super easy when they put on the falsies and I’m still unsure. Luckily, there was this Dolly wink assistant who helped and guide me on how to use them. After merely 10 seconds, it instantly booms ‘I got this long, curl and stunning eyelashes’. :D 

Here are 3 easy steps to use Dolly Wink falsies!
1. Apply glue on the base of your falsies
2. Lift your chin with your half-closed eyes. Position the base on the root of own lashes
3. Adjust the angle and you are done!

Easy right?

Bonus point is the falsies are light, it is not heavy like most falsies out there. It feels like you are not wearing one. Love it! For me, my original eyelashes are short (still happy with it), I do feel falsies are great for events and parties. I usually have my makeup artist do it for me when she does my makeup for events. I instantly look different, in a good way. It was nice to learn something new. At least I know how to put on falsies and I can say it’s easy for a first-timer like me.

A great party gets more awesome with good food. We had good handcrafted Japanese desserts at the party. It was spreads of desserts and if you love Japanese desserts, you will surely love this. On top of that, each table were given 2 Kakiyuki, the famous Japanese shaved ice dessert. We got the best-selling Matcha Brulee and the Pink Mont Blanc. It was fluffy and delicious and fun to share the desserts with each other.  I personally liked the delightful Pink Mont Blanc as it is strawberry and yogurt-based, yummy! Then we had more Japanese desserts such as pillowy artisan Daifuku Mochi, Warabimochi, Yoyogi custard pudding, matcha roll cakes, hojicha, matcha and so much more. We also had winners for the eye makeup contest and the best-dressed winner before the party ends. Congratulations to all winners!

At the end of the party, we all took lotsa pictures together, and each of us gets a thoughtful and cute gift from Tammy, a cute lil monkey muffler from Japan! Thank you so much Tammy for such a wonderful Christmas gift! Wore it immediately! ;P

It was nice to meet many people and had a great time with everyone. If you love falsies and eye makeup products, give Dolly Wink a try. Great to be part of your daily makeup essentials. 

Dolly Wink Easy Lash RM29.90/each is available online on http://www.4allbeauty.com and at Sasa stores.


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Party Venue:
Kaki Yuki @ 163 Retail Park
163, Jalan Kiara 1, Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,

Merry Xmas luvs!

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