Remdii – Helps Heal Sensitive and Eczema Skin

Are you someone who is plagued with sensitive skin and/or eczema or does your loved ones suffer the same? 
Do you know that eczema is one of the most common and chronic skin disorders and can occur in individual of all ages, especially children. 1 in 10 children suffers from eczema in developing countries and the prevalence rate of eczema continues to grow yearly. Eczema started with inflammatory skin condition characterized by ichtyosis (dry skin), erythema (redness) and hypopigmentation in old lesions.

If your answer is “Yes, I have sensitive skin and/or have eczema”, we are on the same boat and I would like to share with you a recent product I found to be useful for someone who has sensitive skin or/and eczema. I am grateful to get to know this product, Remdii that can help me and my husband to treat our sensitive skin condition. 

For us, we need to be diligent in choosing the right product for our skin as we have sensitive skin and eczema. There are plenty of products that we have tried especially to reduce eczema skin inflammation and irritation. Some don’t work at all and some gave a slightly better result than none. 

Surprisingly, we have used Remdii and apply the cream to our problem area for 2 weeks, and we can see improvement! Seeing this result makes me feel relieved because we finally find a product that can help us with our sensitive skin. I’m a detail person when it comes to the product I use for my skin and consume in my body. Why I have confidence in Remdii?

Remdii is developed successfully by a group of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) researchers to revitalise and treat skin disorder or eczema, a skin condition that causes inflammation, itchy and dry skin. Remdii is steroid-free and it is formulated with a complete continuum of vitamin E from palm oil extracts that managed to reduce itchiness, flaking and intensively repair despaired skin conditions within just two weeks. The cream’s all-natural bio-actives recover the skin’s moisture barrier and shield it from external irritants.

Remdii patent formulation is bio-engineered to be the most of near nano-delivery absorption for targeted delivery to repair the skin at source (dermis layer) where the problem occurs. Remdii is also formulated from a combination of bio-actives that provides 60 times more superior antioxidant and anti-inflammatory goodness which is free of steroids, parabens, preservatives, lanolins and fragrances.

Remdii’s group of scientists use distinctive vitamin E as the core ingredient which comprises 3 times more Tri-E and combined hard-to-find tocotrienol (Tri-E) with other bio-actives. Remdii is bio-engineered to be delivered to the inflammation area for it to work its wonders which help to relieve the symptoms of damage, irritation and dry skin as well as restoring the affected area from within and provides a protective layer on top of the skin through a thorough, extended scientific research and testing.

Remdii has been effective in treating 
  • eczema
  • sensitive skin
  • extremely dry skin
  • psoriasis
Use Remdii to 
  • Reduce itchiness
  • Repair damaged skin conditions 
  • Reduce flaking 
  • Seal (and heal) the skin against moisture lost
If you are looking for a product that can help to treat your sensitive skin or eczema, you can give Remdii a try. Be sure to consult with your doctor first for any skin condition that you are not sure of. If this is not relevant to you but you know of a friend, a relative or a colleague who has a very dry, irritated and sensitive skin condition, you may share this with them. It might help them in many ways because life with sensitive skin is never easy.

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  1. Wash your face gently with a product designed for your face. If you have dry skin, you’ll want to choose a cleanser that doesn’t have alcohol, and if you have oily skin, look for an oil-free cleanser. CHOLLEY

    1. Thank you for reading and your kind comments