Broken Angel

Love as deep as the ocean bed
Live as high as the starry space
Give mountains that move feelings
Work like there’s no tomorrow
Do everything with shining light of cosmo fire
Painting the world with colourful brushes
Ripping the pain of others
With healing hands and heart

The world is unkind
Pull everything like the force of gravity
Glitz and glamour amazed
Misery and pain untold
Trust and honesty is not uphold
Cracked as flesh
Breakable if it’s not fixed
Courage doing the right things
Kicked away like a street trash
Slowly melt like a deadly, motionless life
Ruthless and aggressiveness is thunder
Angel on the front not knowing
Devil has burst eaten the angel’s children
Refuse to truly understand people’s life and death

Not everything is told
Like life a book of open pages
There are hidden maps of secrets and unbearable stories
The darkness that sprouts from helpless ache
Some think and feel like they own
Failed to notice what really matters
The uniqueness to evolve
Characters, dreams, and passion
Bathed in happiness, they can’t
Being different throws you in the fire
And sacrifices seems nothing
As it is only seen from their side
Innocence and naïve mirrored
The rattle of melancholy knocked
Not anymore pure but experience
Should be acknowledge
Than age or silence
The eyes are disconnected
By immortality of eminence
From the soul that sees
Try to awake from the blaze
Pounding heart that no pulse
Beyond the dust and throbbing agony

The salt can never be the same
No matter how youthful or ancient you be
Who understands
Marvel the stillness of a soul
Bathe in peace and wisdom
In a safe space where people really listen
The disruption and noises where some throw stones
Chaos that want to be seen and heard
But not necessary and ruins
The vibrant of independent soulful angel
That do wonders in peace
The need to disappear and swallow the turmoil
With underlying words
As that is a power where only those
Appreciates the solitude and ingenuity
Humbles the presence and madness
That smiles within the tears

Get the best of someone
When they thrive in their own space
Sense the quiet triumph
The source of great strength
In the noises of crowd
Sacrifice and loyalty are gem
Golden, no money can trade
Trust and honesty are rock
Once completely broken consider vended
Vulnerable, cold and unpleasant
A rat race that has no end
The one-piece at the corner end

It’s time to wake up
Wear your best dream
Ignite your flames
Fit in your own crowd
And ride the waves
Because you’re worth it
The glorious depth in you
That filled with good intentions, purpose and truth
Let it flow
And you shall live again
And those who stayed

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