Chapayom Thailand is now here in Malaysia! MUST TRY especially their Famous Nangka Sticky Rice

Sah wah dee khaa luvs! Do you love Thailand food and drinks? 
I loveee Thailand food very much, especially their Tom Yum and Thai Milk Tea and Green Tea and their famous Nangka Sticky Rice! Guess what, I can savour these mouth-watering dishes at Chapayom Malaysia! You don’t have to wait for months or years to travel down to Thailand to enjoy their food and beverages, easy peasy now you just have to go down to Chapayom first opening of their Flagship store at Central i-City Mall Shah Alam!

Chapayom began from humble beginnings of a roadside stall in Thailand and now they’re an International Franchise with 1500 branches worldwide. Chapayom has also been awarded the Superbrands Franchise Award, Thailand People’s Choice for their quality, reliability and distinction. Chapayom is also known for its Premium Thai Tea and Bites.

I’m so glad to have the opportunity to try out Chapayom and gladly indulge their food! I tried most of their famous dishes and all are equally good! My favourites would be the Nangka Sticky Rice (our first time trying this and gotta say it’s yummyyyh!), Papaya Som Tum, Best Selling Tom Yum noodles, Mango sticky rice, Thai Green Tea, Thai Milk Tea and their Thai Green Tea and Milk Tea ice cream! Perfecto!

The ice cream is good...Take both!

Thai Green Tea - Fav!

Chapayom Thai Tea uses 100% original tea leaves and recipe from Thailand. The Thai tea is brewed with premium tea leaves.

They have 15 different types of Thai Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, Chocolate and more than 100 variations of hot, cold and blended drinks. You can also request based on your preference for the sugar level and ice level. I like this because I don’t really like sweet drinks. Able to cater to the sugar level is a bonus point. Toppings? Yeah, they got you covered! Enjoy choosing your favourite toppings such as pearl, red bean, special grass jelly and pudding. As hype as it is, they also have Boba! There are 3 types of Thai premium tea, which are Red Tea, Green Tea and Rose Tea is a must-try at Chapayom!

Feeling Thirstea? Follow and like Chapayom Malaysia Facebook Page for more updates. Don’t forget to enjoy their delicious Thai Milk Tea or Thai Green Tea. Awesome!

Feeling like a panda and just wanna chill, but still want to have your favourite drinks and bites? Sweat no more, Authentic Thai Drinks and Bites from Chapayom Malaysia can be delivered directly to your doorstep with Food Panda! Just order online :D

Chapayom Malaysia
Address: LG K01, Central I City Mall, 40000 Shah Alam, Malaysia
Business Hour: 10 am – 10 pm (Monday-Friday), 10 am - 10.30 pm (Sat-Sun)

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