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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Movies are engaging.
It is not just entertaining but informative, educational and broadens your mind.
I have several great movies that I watched and I would love to share with my readers.
If you have time, watch these amazing movies and who knows you might stumble upon startling ideas to write or produce your own movie!

Top Lists Marvelous Movies 2013 (Released in Malaysia)

1. Iron Man
2. Rush
3. About Time
4. Flu
5. Gravity
6. Kick Ass 2
7. Red 2
8. We’re The Millers
9. Insidious (Chapter 2)
10. Escape Plan
11. Prisoners
12. Runner Runner
13. The Family (Malavita)
14. Machete Kills
15. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
16. Paranoia
17. 2 Guns
18. 3096 Tage/Days
19. Killing Season
20. KL Gangster 2
21. Step Up 3
22. Fast & Furious 6
23. Rush
24. The Reluctant Fundamentalist
25. Make Your Move
26. The Conjuring
27. Battle of The Year
28. Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
29. Captain Philips
30. Enough Said

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For Salsa lovers out there that want to fiesta everyday in Kuala Lumpur city, here are some compilations of the best venues that you can partycatch up with associates and meet new friends!

This is the most recent and updated venues for Salsaholics and those who want to learn another type of dances as well since few of the salsa clubs has closed down.

Salsa social nights used to be at Shivz Grill (Bangsar) but now it is closed.

Venue  : Havana Bar (Changkat, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur) 
*Kizomba Workshop is available
Time    : from 9 pm till 2 am
Music   : Kizomba, Zouk, Salsa & Bachata with DJ Sam
Charge : No cover charge

1st Venue : Loco Bar & Restaurant Changkat, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur)
Time        : from 10 pm onwards
Music      : Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba & more
Charge    : No cover charge

2nd Venue  : The Gastro Project (Section 17, Petaling Jaya)
Time          : from 9.30 pm till 12.30 am
 Music       : Salsa with DJ Steiner & Selva
Charge      : RM 15 (1 bottle of mineral water)

1st Venue   : Bar Flam’s (Changkat, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur)
Time          : from 10.30 pm onwards
Music        : Salsa, Bachata, Zouk/Kizomba with DJ Jinggo
Charge      : No cover charge

2nd Venue  : QBA, Westin Hotel (199 Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur)
Time          : from 9 pm till 12 am
Music        : Salsa, Bachata, Merengue
Charge      : No cover charge

Venue        : Paradox Art Cafe (Bandar Utama, Damansara)
Time          : from 9.30 pm till 1 am
Music        : Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Zouk with DJ Steiner
Charge      : RM 20 (2 can of soft drinks/1 juice/2 bottles of mineral water)

Venue        : The Grand Modestos, Jalan P.Ramlee
Time          : from 10 pm till 3 am
Music        : Salsa Caliente, Bachata with DJ Dev
Charge      : 1st Drink Charge: Any drink + RM 10 (Jokey Parking)

1st Venue     : Havana Bar (Changkat, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur) *Kizomba Workshop is available
Time             : from 9 pm till 2 am
Music           : Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Reggaeton & Kizomba/Zouk with DJ Sam   
Charge         : No cover charge

2nd Venue   : Bakita (Changkat, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur)
Time            : 9 pm till 2 am
Music          : Kizomba, Zouk, Bachata, Salsa, Mambo, Son, Bachata 
Charge        : Purchase 1st drink at the door:-
                      RM 15 (mineral water/soft drink/juices)
                      RM 25 (beer/premium house pouring)

Keep Dancing Baby! =D

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Based on my personal views, Mid Valley arcade is the best out of the entire arcade in Kuala Lumpur.

It is known as the Holiday Planet in Mid Valley (Kuala Lumpur). It is based on the 3rd floor, near the Cosmic Bowl and Golden Screen Cinema (GSC). Good spot to hang out if you are bored, waiting for your show to start, want to release some stress or getting athletic.

For those who dance at the arcade, this arcade is the best place to dance because it has 2 dancing machines. The Pump Up Fiesta and the E5dss (Dance Super Station). Holiday Planet Mid Valley used to be the only place that has an E5dss dancing machine but now I know that there is another one in Aeon, Rawang and I have been there to try it out. The place was good, less crowd at the arcade and the dancing machine is in a well condition.

Thus, there are only two E5dss (Dance Super Station) dancing machine in Malaysia and it is placed in Mid Valley and Aeon, Rawang.

However, due to the fact that Rawang is quite far to those who lived in Kuala Lumpur or Klang Valley area, I suggest that Mid Valley would be the best and nearer. There are many dancers and professional dancers around in Holiday Planet, Mid Valley that you can dance and make friends with.

To those who don’t like to dance, not to worry. There are other fun machines that you can try out and have fun with your friends. 

Here are several pictures I would love to share! :D

So what you’re waiting for? Head yourself to Holiday Planet, Mid Valley now! =D

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Friday, October 18, 2013

I'm cute & I'm more popular than you yaw!

I find that the music is catchy and interesting. That’s when I know that people nowadays are more complex than before. Their thinking is more diversified and unique.
Related image

It’s powerful to see these individuals turn trashy thoughts (most people think by referring through the lyrics) to something viral that most people liked. The two brothers from Norway made up the lyrics and song just for fun and never thought that it will be a hit around the world. People seem to enjoy the informative lyrics, the weird noises (chorus) and the dance (Hatihatiho).

Image result for what does the fox say
My view is that these two brothers showed the world that you won’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Give the best in what you loved by not hoping for anything in return.

If you are lucky enough, the world will see it and give it back to you.
They are haters out there, no matter in what industries. 
Let them be because they are just afraid of who they are. 
They might have the superiority or inferiority complex personality.
People, stop hating! Try to open up your mind, think and be proactive.
I believe in Love. LOVE is always the answer.

Related image

Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others do unto you.
If you hate, you will get more hate.
If you love, you will get more love.
Do things generously and always try to be good for yourself, others and everything. TRY.
Best of LUCK!

By the way, hope you enjoy this music video! :D

Video: The Fox-What Does the Fox Say? By Ylvis

Related image

Related image

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The First

Friday, October 18, 2013 0 Comments

When we talk about the first, it is something novelIt makes you nervous, excited, trembles, anticipate.
Well, the first can be your best or worst or you don’t even recall or give a damn about it.
Nevertheless the first is not an easy thing to flush down the drain.
You tend to remember though you ought to forget.
Many of us still remember the first of at least some pieces of them.
It can be your first day at school, first day at university, first graduation, first fling, first relationship, first kiss, first interview, first job, first career, first legal marriage, first labour and many more.
It is a long list adds to that. Try to think back about your first (anything).
Everyone wants the first to be perfect, something that makes you happy and lift you up when you think about it. 
The one that develops, encourages and makes you better than ever.
Somehow most of us get the opposite side of that.
The first that brings you down, just vanish your hope and sparkles of life and love.

Dear beautiful readers,

If any of your first is not a good one, just leave it and carry on by being better not worse.
You are more than that. Powerful, strong enough to let go the pain that others caused you.
The first is important. But if the first does not work out, go for next and do your very best for that.

Let’s set an example. I’m anticipating attending my very first interview.
I’m looking forward to positively contribute to my first career path, my first job after graduating.
There’s a lot of job offers and even continual of studies overseas.
I’m scared of the unknown, possibilities and the risks I have to manage if I made mistakes.
I need to take over control the situation.  

My key solutions:- (If you have the same issue or related problems, try these methods and add yours into it)

1) Pray to God to clear your thinking and make Him show you the right way through it.
2) Try to consult your close and trustful ones when you have choices that you’re not able to     
     make a decision on it.
3) Opportunity knocks but once. Don’t easily make decisions without thinking thoroughly 
    about it. In the end, you have to listen to your heart because you are the one that will live 
    with the decision you made.
4) You must work hard and smart on what you trust and best for you.

Remember, the first may tend to end up dreadfully.
Nonetheless, after all the hard work we have done to ensure that the first one to be almost perfect let God does His job to make it better for us.
No matter what the end result, it’s never bad for us though it might seem ugly, but He knows better what the best is for His people.

Things might not happen like how we planned out, but if we trust and rely on Him, God grace and mercy will lead us to the good path with many opportunities that we never thought of.
It’s okay if you are considering for any decisions if it’s the first or the hundredth, the key word is never give up.

Mistakes are not meant to be repeated but to be learned.

All the best in anything you do!

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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Image result for polar bear cubs

When I see Polar Bear, I see LIFE.

Image result for baby polar bear

Image result for polar bear

Nevertheless, there are people out there who see Polar Bear just as an animal to be shot and killed.

To shot dead the poor animal for their fur, trophy or just for the sake of enjoyment.

Maybe I’m not in control to say “Please stop torturing animals people!”. 

The least I could do is try my best to alert the whole world through my writing (at the most those who read this and past around the info to create awareness and help what we can).

Few interesting and cool facts that you should read to understand more about 
Polar Bears!

Image result for polar bears

µPolar bears are also known as marine bear, Arctic, or Ursus Maritimus (scientific name).
µThese fascinating animals are the world’s largest land predators.
µMost of its diets is ringed and bearded seals. While sometimes polar bear also eats walrus, beluga whale, birds, kelp and vegetation.
µPolar bears are found in the Arctic region namely in 19 subpopulations such as Alaska, Canada, Russia, Norway and Greenland.
µHowever, 9 are in decline compared to 3 are stable and only 1 is increasing and other 7 don't have enough data to draw any conclusion yet. 

Image result for baby polar bear wallpaper
µ Polar bears actually have black skin. (The colour of its nose)
µ They have clear hollow hairs covering their bodies and the reflection of light makes them look white.
µ Sometimes the ones that kept in captivity can change into green due to the presence of algae growing inside their guard hairs.
µ Polar bears are exceptional swimmers and are known to swim hundreds of miles (long-distance swimmer) and they can swim nonstop for a week!
µ Some polar bears have been recorded to swim as far as 200 miles (321 km) away from the shore.
µ One true sad story, a mother polar bear and her cub swam 426 miles (680 km) over 9 days to find a new home due to melting of ice which is their natural hunting ground. Unfortunately, her cub died along the way and she lost 22% of her body weight when she finally reached land. It is a sad event even to think the challenges these creatures faces.
µ Basically, polar bear lives alone.
µ A group of polar bears is known as ‘Celebration’.
µ Polar bears are invisible to infrared cameras because the radiative properties of polar bear hair are exactly the same as those of snow.

Image result for polar bears


Image result for polar bears
µ Do you know that these polar bears only courting and mating twice a year which in the month of April and May?
µ It is really interesting to know that the male follows the tracks of a breeding female for 60 miles (100 km) or more. (That’s far!)
µ Then they have to fight for their mate with other males which result to injuries such as scars or broken teeth.
µ On average each litter has two cubs. The gestation took place about 8 months with delayed implantation.
µ Normally, female polar bear gives birth every 3 years.
µ But bear in mind, the female polar bears can only produce up to 5 litters in their lifetime which makes its the lowest reproductive rate that occurs at any mammal.
µ Typically, cubs are born helpless and nurse for two and a half years.
µ This female polar bears are noted for their affection and protecting her cubs.
µ However, most cubs are weaned at two and a half years of age and sibling cubs will travel and share their food together for weeks and months after their mother abandons them.

µ Polar bears rarely attack humans unless they are provoked (self-defense nature), hungry and scared towards human.
µ There are only 20,000-25,000 polar bears in the world according to The World Conservation Union (IUCN). (Now its decreasing)

Stop any cruelty towards polar bears!

Image result for polar bears

Polar bear is not just cute and cuddly (to me) although it is a carnivorous bear, but the bear needs conservation efforts as they are endangered species especially in today's world!

Can you imagine when you are reading this post, maybe there are polar bear that is being shot dead or captive by killers or hunters.

If the female polar bear can only have up to 5 litters in their lifetime, why the humans have the heart to kill them? Stop killing! ;'(

I’m still going to provide the info in average how many polar bears died per day although there are people out there that say it is a false science.

Still, we human has the ability to choose, believe or not to believe and I choose to believe. Nothing to lose if you believe in something good and real.

These polar bear deaths are 4 to 5 average per day due to global warming. The ice is melting, SERIOUSLY! This is a number that we know due to global warming but how about the ones that been killed by humans?

Due to the intensity of climate change and Arctic menu has been dramatically altered these recent years, these poor animals have to turn to more disturbing option; cannibalism-eating cubs and worse, their own kin.

To those few people out there, stop denying that global warming is a myth or is not happening now. Is like denying that death is not coming to you in any way.

Climate change, pollution, oil and gas development, sport-hunting and not to mention others is threatening the polar bear habitat and species.

Furthermore, human are the only species that preys on polar bears!

Hence, I beg everyone out there, please spread the love. Let us try our best to protect while we can!! Not just for the polar bears, but for the balance of ecosystems, nature and the well-being of humanity!

Image result for polar bears global warming

Related image

Image result for polar bears global warming

Image result for polar bears global warming

Related image

Image result for polar bears global warming

This poor cute little cub's life depends on your love to spread the message. 
Hopefully our action can someday save polar bears and other animals elsewhere.

Please watch the videos I tag for a better view on Polar Bears Killing.

Let us preserve nature and uphold humanity Worldwide!

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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Something about love that makes you wonder.
Something about love that makes you smarter.
That's when I fell in love every time with this wonderful person that makes me happier and better EVERYDAY...

The past that anyone would have is a mixture of happiness and those sad, 
bad memories that you want the awful ones to be vanished.
Past memories can be terrible, especially when it involves past lovers.
The past is something that will haunt a person if you keep thinking about it.
Let it go. It is never easy. But it will slowly fade away when you find happiness.
I finally found the person that makes me love myself more than I had today. My happiness.
A person who gives me hope, who leads, have a lot of faith and magic, God gifts. A special one.

When the person can make you feel better about yourself and the world, 
encourage you to pursue your dream and desire, motivates and cherish you, never let go.
My heart has been locked for years to find my true love.
Who knows that the keybearer is actually nearby but you never met until
you are destined to find each other.
Thank you dear God The Almighty for destined us to be together.

My keybearer, I super love you.

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