Super Keybearer :)

Something about love that makes you wonder.
Something about love that makes you smarter.
That's when I fell in love every time with this wonderful person that makes me happier and better every day...

The past that anyone would have is a mixture of happiness and those sad, 
bad memories that you want the awful ones to vanish.
Past memories can be terrible, especially when it involves past lovers.
The past is something that will haunt a person if you keep thinking about it.
Let it go. It is never easy. But it will slowly fade away when you find happiness.
I finally found the person that makes me love myself more than I had today. My happiness.
A person who gives me hope, who leads, has a lot of faith and magic, God's gifts. A special one.

When the person can make you feel better about yourself and the world, 
encourage you to pursue your dream and desire, motivates and cherish you, never let go.
My heart has been locked for years to find my true love.
Who knows that the keybearer is actually nearby but you never met until
you are destined to find each other.
Thank you dear God The Almighty for destined us to be together.

My keybearer, I super love you.

Black Metal Skeleton Key Beside Red Roses Bouquet on Gray Surface

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