The First

When we talk about the first, it is something novelIt makes you nervous, excited, trembles, anticipate.
Well, the first can be your best or worst or you don’t even recall or give a damn about it.
Nevertheless the first is not an easy thing to flush down the drain.
You tend to remember though you ought to forget.
Many of us still remember the first of at least some pieces of them.
It can be your first day at school, the first day at university, first graduation, first fling, first relationship, first kiss, first interview, first job, first career, first legal marriage, first labour, and many more.
It is a long list that adds to that. Try to think back about your first (anything).
Everyone wants the first to be perfect, something that makes you happy and lifts you up when you think about it. 
The one that develops, encourages, and makes you better than ever.
Somehow most of us get the opposite side of that.
The first that brings you down, just vanish your hope and sparkles of life and love.

Dear beautiful readers,

If any of your first is not a good one, just leave it and carry on by being better, not worse.
You are more than that. Powerful, strong enough to let go of the pain that others caused you.
The first is important. But if the first does not work out, go for next and do your very best for that.

Let’s set an example. I’m anticipating attending my very first interview.
I’m looking forward to positively contributing to my first career path, my first job after graduating.
There are a lot of job offers and even continual studies overseas.
I’m scared of the unknown, possibilities, and the risks I have to manage if I made mistakes.
I need to take over control of the situation.  

My key solutions:- (If you have the same issue or related problems, try these methods and add yours into it)

1) Pray to God to clear your thinking and make Him show you the right way through it.
2) Try to consult your close and trustful ones when you have choices that you’re not able to make a decision on it.
3) Opportunity knocks but once. Don’t easily make decisions without thinking thoroughly about it. In the end, you have to listen to your heart because you are the one that will live with the decision you made.
4) You must work hard and smart on what you trust and best for you.

Remember, the first may tend to end up dreadfully.
Nonetheless, after all the hard work we have done to ensure that the first one to be almost perfect let God does His job to make it better for us.
No matter what the end result, it’s never bad for us though it might seem ugly, He knows better what the best is for His people.

Things might not happen like how we planned out, but if we trust and rely on Him, God's grace and mercy will lead us to the good path with many opportunities that we never thought of.
It’s okay if you are considering any decisions if it’s the first or the hundredth, the keyword is never give up.

Mistakes are not meant to be repeated but to be learned.

All the best in anything you do!

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