Dear beloved readers,

Dedicated to all the great men and women out there

Start DREAMING for good things in life..

Your long life VISION

and your ACTION towards your DREAM...

Dream WITHOUT action is an ILLUSION...

Doing the same thing over and over again is INSANITY..

Start to DREAM if you haven't..

Start to ACT if you already have the DREAM...

May you will have a GREAT REALITY!


Yours truly,


Photo Credit: Original artist from Wallpapers apps

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  1. Hi Sofia,

    lovely writing well said. I would love to be able to bertulis di Bahasa Malaysia seperti awak ada boleh di bahasa English, tapi saya belum pintar! Great pic too, did you take it?

    Just one thing. When you refer to one man or woman it is "man" or "woman." When you refer to more or many or plural the reference becomes "men" and "women".

    Now please embarrass me with my terrible Malay above!!!!!
    We are FB friends, where do I know you or your husband from? Please remind me as I have maybe forgotten.

    Best regards Nic

    1. Hi Nic! :)

      Gosh, I just realized your comment. Sorry about that. :(

      Thanks a lot Nic for your lovely comment and sharing. The picture for this article doesn't belong to me. I captured most of the pictures where you can find them with the 'SF Artography' watermark in my blog, page and other social media accounts.

      I definitely have a lot more to learn in writing and photography. Thanks Nic for the correction. I had it fixed and thanks to you. :)

      There's nothing to be embarrassed about. That's a great Bahasa from a Mat Salleh like yourself. :D I saw you write and photograph moments and I think we share the same interest. I like to make friends with those whom I feel can progress further together with me in what we do best. I'm really happy to know you and hope we can collaborate in the near future.

      Thanks again Nic. Feel free to reply or pm me. :)