Shark Finning and Shark Meat Harvest Cruelty

Selective Photo of Gray Shark

We humans need to eat in order to survive.

Meat, poultry, vegetables, fruits are some main examples that we need in our daily balanced diet. We consume food and eat happily without thinking about how the food is actually being harvested. I am keener to share about eating shark fin and shark meat as the information just come up to my knowledge. 

Shark fin demand has tremendously soared over the past 15 years. Personally, I have eaten shark fin soup before and it was good. However, after I've been told of how the fin was removed from the shark, I felt terrible. Worse, I decided to watch the video on how it has been done, right after my first sip of the soup. 

In open air, there I was crying for the first time watching a video that shows the cruelty of humanity. Watching the shark suffer really put me in terror. It's like slaying a human both arms and legs and while it's bleeding and completely in pain and helpless, throw back the human in the sea. Letting the person slowly die bleeding, in extreme pain, suffocated, and helpless.

These cruel people do this to the sharks and this event happens 100 million times a year. 
98% of the shark that has been killed is discarded to die on the ocean floor.
Now, the shark population has been declined to 90%.

This is a video that I need to share to create awareness. Please watch and comment on how we can together prohibit this from happening as a community and for humanity.

Video: Shark Finning Cruelty

Apart from that, shark meat is equivalent cruel too in how they harvest the shark and cut the meat. The shark must be gutted immediately after the catch and all the internal organs need to be removed until it bleeds out to death.

The reason being is the shark will urinate in its own flesh upon death and if the shark meat is not properly cleaned, it will build up a high amount of uric acid in the skin and this may cause the meat to smell like ammonia.

This may lead to skin or other health problems if the shark meat is still consumed by the consumers. Moreover, shark meat is potentially dangerous to consume as the meat contains a high level of metal mercury which can cause blindness, loss of coordination, and even death (FDA, 1996).
Video: Over 73 Million Sharks Killed Every Year for Fins

I know there are people who are still concerned about nature and humanity. Nevertheless, there are haters and people who really don't care and really think about other things except themselves.

Stop saying that good for the sharks because those beasts kill humans, sharks are top predators and don't deserve to live, "who cares, there are still lots of sharks in the ocean".. People like these will only figure out how it feels if it happens to their species, their own family, friends, loved ones, or themselves. 

Watch this final video and please, this is not just for the shark, be HUMAN. 
Respect other beings. Love them. Don't get blinded by money and power. 
In the end, you ended up unhappy with your dirty hands and soul. 
Your life shall not be blessed and you'll suffer in the afterlife. 

May God forgive us and save mankind from sin.

Video: Sharks Don't Cry, Stop Finning! ='(
Video Credit: Youtube

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