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Red Fox Lying on Ground
I'm cute & I'm more popular than you yaw!

I find that the music is catchy and interesting. That’s when I know that people nowadays are more complex than before. Their thinking is more diversified and unique.

It’s powerful to see these individuals turn trashy thoughts (most people think by referring through the lyrics) into something viral that most people liked. The two brothers from Norway made up the lyrics and song just for fun and never thought that it will be a hit around the world. People seem to enjoy the informative lyrics, the weird noises (chorus), and the dance (Hatihatiho).

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My view is that these two brothers showed the world that you won’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Give the best in what you loved by not hoping for anything in return.

If you are lucky enough, the world will see it and give it back to you.
They are haters out there, no matter in what industries. 
Let them be because they are just afraid of who they are. 
They might have a superiority or inferiority complex personality.
People, stop hating! Try to open up your mind, think and be proactive.
I believe in Love. LOVE is always the answer.

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Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.
If you hate, you will get more hate.
If you love, you will get more love.
Do things generously and always try to be good for yourself, others, and everything. TRY.
Best of LUCK!

By the way, hope you enjoy this music video! :D

Video: The Fox-What Does the Fox Say? By Ylvis

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Photo Credit: Original artists from Google image

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