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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Saturday, October 24, 2015

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Video: How the Japanese conduct their meetings

Compare your country’s meeting style with 
how the Japanese conduct their meetings

Personally, it depends on where you work. Meetings are conducted differently at government and private company. It differs from one company to another, from international companies, multinational companies, and enterprise to the small business industry.

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The difference is based on the way how the management or parties conduct the meetings. If you have a Japanese boss, you’ll have a meeting like the one as shown in the video. If you have a European or American boss, the meeting would be conducted by the presenter of the day or chaired personally by him or her. Occasionally they would encourage junior staff to chair the meeting for exposures. If you have a Malaysian boss, the meeting would be conducted and chaired by him or her.

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One of the criteria of poor meeting is that it can be too lengthy to discuss small issues or to brainstorm ideas. This problem usually arises when there is no proper planning, organization and communication between parties. In the end, the successfulness of a meeting depends on the company’s culture and the leadership approach adopted by the company.

One of the best methods is to adopt a meeting style that produces a positive result with having a positive environment. Offer chances for junior employees to chair a meeting to provide them a learning experience to handle company’s meetings. Don’t forget that different types of meetings have to come with a proper time management.

In brief, all companies have different style of meetings based on their company’s culture and leadership style. 
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Sunday, October 18, 2015

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Video: Presentation Skills for Business Professionals

Referring to the video, most typical business presentations failed because they follow a standard template, ”Who I am, what I do and what I can do for you”. As an alternative, the speaker recommends us to engage with the audience by creating a mutual understanding and interaction between both parties.

I agree with the speaker in the video. It is vital for us to focus on the audience and let them be a part of our presentation. We should avoid giving presentations for the sake of delivering without taking advantage of the focus approach tips. Let the audience feel they matter. Engagement and two way communication are the elements of an effective presentation.

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

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Video: Outsourcing

Outsourcing is an arrangement in which one company delivers services for another company that could also be or usually have been provided in-house.
These are the policies and strategies that the company can set for the benefit of the clients and the employees.
1. Get the clients involved in the progress of the project and how it’s handled. They will create a positive image of the company through their progress in achieving targets which will be closely monitored.

2. Two way communication should be created between the management and the workforce for the betterment of the company.

3. Make the work clear – The company should overcome inconsistencies related to the KPI targets which affects the employees’ bonuses. Employees’ need to create a strong union in order to have sales and contribution for future growth of the company and quality assurance.

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Impromptu Presentations

To deliver a good and effective impromptu speech, we need to link our ideas to these 3 important aspects.

1. Know-Ideal information to let them aware and understand
2. Feel-Motivate them and make them feel and inspired
3. Do-Persuade them to act on the information shared

Example: My impromptu speech on “Why do we have to love animals”.

1. Know-I’ll share with them about the current situation of how the animals are being treated by the humans.
2. Feel-I’ll motivate them by making them imagine themselves in the position of animals.
3. Do-I’ll persuade the audience by showing them real life projects that will make them interested and take part in loving animals.
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Friday, October 09, 2015

Can customer satisfaction kill a business?
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Customer satisfaction can kill a business only if it is used as an indicator of loyalty. Nevertheless, customer satisfaction must be set as a high priority on a business mission statement. Customer satisfaction is crucial for businesses and it can be measured.

One of the top ways to increase a company’s profit is by retaining the customers. These satisfied customers will come back for more, repeat orders and refer the business to other people. The word of mouth is a very powerful marketing tool in the business world. One happy and satisfied customer could refer to four of other new customers and so forth.
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This tremendous testimonial and referrals cycle will continue and boost the business performance. However, business owners must always be aware of this behavioural pattern to ensure that they can gain loyal customers rather than just satisfied customers.

Thus, the goal of every company should be geared towards the customers’ satisfaction and provide them a reason to come back for more which in return will give a positive outcome to the company.
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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Video: Ethical Practices at Workplace

What are the 2 ethical practices from the video 
which you think is often violated in your workplace

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Sadly to say, I’ve come across all the problems as shown in the video. Honestly, this is the sad truth and real situation that is happening in a workplace. It is either you already have encountered them or not just yet. The two ethical practices which are often violated in the workplace environment would be controlling anger and working efficiently.

There will always be someone who gets angry about almost everything and throws tantrums to someone else. This is common events that happen in the workplace where there is miscommunication between certain levels without thorough investigation. Some individuals tend to listen to gossip and they circulate unwanted stories and negativity in the workplace. When this happens, the workplace environment becomes unhealthy and discrimination will follow through. This will lead to anger, depression and suppression. Therefore, it is crucial to manage your anger and don’t circulate unwanted stories in the workplace that may spark further problems.

Besides that, unhealthy workplace environment will lead to inefficiency in the workplace. It may not affect everyone, however it will affect those who are in the center of the problem. Again, it is vital for an individual to have a strong heart and principle to survive in a workplace. Certainly these two violations are not the only issues, but many more are there as we grow in the workplace and life. We need to identify the issue and understand how to solve the problem in the right manner to be content at work and life.
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Sunday, October 04, 2015

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Genius vs Wisdom

A person is called genius when he or she has exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability. 

A person is said to have wisdom when one has the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment-the quality of being wise.

Those with an Intelligent Quotient (IQ) score over 140 make up about 0.25% of the population or around 1 of every 400 people, roughly under 200 million people worldwide. However, the IQ tests concept is very slanted in terms of education, age and cultural orientation. So there could be more geniuses than the statistics of IQ tests indicate.

There's 9 different intelligences:
1) Bodily-kinesthetic
2) Naturalist
3) Musical
4) Existential
5) Mathematical-logical
6) Interpersonal
7) Intrapersonal
8) Linguistic
9) Spatial

For example, the famous Einstein was probably a genius in spatial and mathematical-logical, but not in bodily-kinesthetic or interpersonal.

On the other hand, Michael Jordan was a bodily-kinesthetic genius, but not any of the others. The same can be said for Mozart (musical).

This is indeed a subjective topic, which the answer would differ depending on who you talk to. Just because one has an exceptional IQ test score does not mean they will do anything  with it or accomplish anything significant. 

There are many individuals who do not have an IQ that high, but they are exceptional in their line of work or passion. They show intelligence in what they perform.

I respect those who have high intelligence as how I would respect others as well. Unfortunately, some geniuses think highly of themselves and they tend to look down on others. Some individuals tend to be cynical and ignorant and would only accept information with solid facts and proofs. 

This data must be obtained from legitimate sources with credible research and solid grounds. Everything in the world needs to have proper justification. If not, what you're going to say to this type of people would just be stupid and meaningless. This will end up of losing respect towards each other because both parties have different point of views. 

Not all geniuses, but some of them. Some of them tend to become highly dependable on facts and figures rather than experience and understanding being a normal human. This may lead them to feel less human and couldn't understand the world in the eyes of a normal human being. 

They compressed their feeling of love towards life and other being deep inside them. Their humanity switch is off or just half open. They prefer to increase their level of intelligence rather than their feelings towards their loved ones and the world itself.

They think others sees the world in a smaller picture than they. They may think if we are the ignorant one when we questioned their beliefs and gives them ideas to think upon. They think you are not smart if you can't perform what you supposed to. In brief, they think they're God, and you are just another ass that they meet in their life. 

To me, this kind of people doesn't know the true meaning of life. They wouldn't want to believe anything except themselves. They do not want to learn from others. They do not want to learn to be humble and understand peoples' feelings. They resist humanity and just obsess focusing on themselves. 

I respect people with wisdom because they are wise with their knowledge, experience and judgment. Personally, it is difficult to find someone who has wisdom, but I do know some of them. I'm blessed to meet many types of people in my life who teach me the meaning of love and life. Without them, I wouldn't understand all of these. 

It is true, there's always a reason behind someone you've met in your life. There's always something you can learn from everyone you've met in your walk of life. And it is also true that you can't change some people or I would say, the majority of the people. You just have to stay calm, be good and continue to grow in every possible right direction and help the world as you grow. 

If you are blessed with intelligence, used it wisely. Don't obsess of becoming Einstein because the best person you can be is the best version of yourself. There's no point you're a genius but zero at heart and soul.

Yes, I believe in what I write because this is the true fact. It is because I'm nobody, that's why 'some' might say you have no solid proof. Again, it depends on you as a reader. If it is a fiction, then it is. If it's not, then it's not. Sometimes we just have to put aside our ego and just listen and understands. Then you will understand. =)

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Saturday, October 03, 2015

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I believe that the seeds of creativity live in everyone. Creativity happens all the time, all around us. We could develop strong creative thinking abilities by ‘think outside the box’ and build confidence to invent special things in the future. 

We need to allow our creativity to prosper and do not worry about others’ perceptions. To produce a great invention, the innovators in a Company must go through a brainstorm process and let the creative juices take them somewhere that they didn’t think existed. There would be no innovation without creativity. There would be no iphone 6S after iphone 6, and no Facebook after Myspace, and so on.

We should not be afraid to illustrate our creativity to the world no matter in which industry we are in. Everyone is blessed with creativity and we should always try to live up to our potential and talent. Moreover, it is always good to become a creative leader who is able to create a culture where everyone’s ideas are valued.

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These are two famous quotes on creativity that I would love to share with all of you on creativity.

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”-Pablo Picasso

“Creativity is more than just being different. Anybody can plan weird; that’s easy. What’s hard is to be as simple as Bach. Making the simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity” – Charles Mingus

♥ Sophie
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Friday, October 02, 2015

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In relation to co-creation and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), I agree that co-creation is the future for all of us. This is when companies view their clients as stakeholders of their brand where client input are valuable and companies could acknowledge by creating better products and services. Eventually this would benefit companies to:

1) Innovate better
2) Create customer-centric products
3) Generate brand loyalty

On the customers’ end, they are more likely to purchase from a company that supports and engage activities to improve society. They do not accept unethical business practices or companies who act irresponsibly. CSR would benefit companies by:

1) Develop and enhance relationships with customers, suppliers and networks
2) Improve business reputation and standing
3) Generate positive opportunities and give back to the society

In brief, co-creation of CSR activities would benefit the society and it helps to build a better community and the nation. Without the corporate social involvement, how could the poor and those in need would benefit from this marvelous social initiative? It should not be viewed as a drain on resources but a divine responsibility to help back the society for a better future for everyone.

Sofia =)
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Thursday, October 01, 2015

The most essential change in office space for the FUTURE

In my opinion, a hybrid workplace would be the most essential change in office space for the future. Hybrid workplaces provide a mix of open and enclosed work places which available for employees to occupy on and as needed. This allows a flexible environment which will encourage creativity, knowledge, teamwork and coordination rather than the traditional enclosed office space.

Besides that, hybrid work space can take advantage of technology to combine virtual collaboration and face-to-face within the office and remotely. Hybrid workplace can inhibit work and promote interaction as well as knowledge sharing in open and collaborative rooms or areas such as team rooms, lounges and open project spaces. Employees will also have the option of working individually in a quiet space such as the privacy rooms or focus booths.

I believe that hybrid workplace is the future and will be essential for businesses to increase their productivity and ensure their employees are happy and creative at workplace to stay ahead.

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