Rainbow Pegasus by Sofia Naznim

Rainbow Pegasus by Sofia Naznim

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My love, my soulmate, I hope you are in your very best of health. No matter where you are, I hope you always be happy. 

You still remember the moment of our happiness when I’m still right beside you? I am still there but closer. Closer than you think because I always be there, in your heart. I’m sorry I can’t be there in person to hold your hands and shed your tears when you are in pain in remembering my presence. Although I’m no longer exist in the world, our love will never vanish and you know how strong and real is the love we shared.

The loving and precious moment we shared since we are friends, best friends, lovers, a loving married couple, parents to our beautiful children, and how we grow old together will always be remembered. 

Those beautiful moments when we sing, dance, cook, pray, write, draw, study, work, and all the loving things we done together always makes me happy and really hope that I can stretch the time longer to be with you all the time. The tears that we both had those days make our relationship grow stronger day by day. We always uphold our relationship because it is so real and pure right from the heart.

The obstacles that we have gone through together never failed us instead it makes our love stronger than ever. Even I’m not here sitting next to you darling, I always be there uphold our beautiful love.

This very moment of writing, I have no idea when I’m going to have my last breath, how I’m going to die and where it shall be. All I know that the time will definitely come and if it comes I hope I will die in your arms next to our beautiful family members that always be by our side in the times of good and bad. 

Thinking of death makes me nervous but having you there holding me when I’m about to leave will ease the pain of dying. Never want to leave, but God need to take me to be with Him and I shall wait you in the beds of heaven, love.

Though I’m still in my best health right now, it is best for me to write you one last letter to tell you how deep is my feelings for you. Although you know how much I love you, I’m afraid I could not say how much I don’t want to go and how much I love you in the moments of dying. Please remember, my love for you would always be forever.

In times of missing me, look at our children because they are a part of me, a part of us. Love them with all your heart as how you love me before and forever would it be. Tell them how much I love them, how much we love them everyday. Stay strong hubby for our legacy. Fight for love and peace for humanity as how I would fight for them if I’m still alive. I will always be fighting for you, with you.

Love, you are always be the best husband, father, soulmate that I could ever wish for. I am so grateful to have you in my life until my day come. Thank you so much for giving me the best life and beautiful loving memories. Thank you for standing by my side at times I’m cripple and not be able to live my life. I love you so much and will always be forever. I love you so much, love.

With Undying Love,
Your wife, Sofia


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Monday, March 30, 2015

Everyday I feel you in my heart, my mind, my veins, my soul. Everyday you make me whole, alive, content and blessed. We never failed to rise together when we fall. We always remember to stay strong when life gives us lemon, we make quench thirst lemonade.

My feelings for you are like having the first sip of your very first coffee and your very first bite of chocolate cheese cake, too good to be true. I am overwhelmed to be right by your side, to feel your heartbeat next to mine and see your smile everytime I’m awake.

Sometimes, I wish there would not be a day to work, so I could stay with you and do all the crazy great loving things we can do together everyday. No matter how occupied we were on works schedule, we never failed to try our best to always stay close and love each other like the first moment we are together. The feelings are true and pure.

We both cherish goodness and move forward towards betterment together with an open heart and an open mind. No matter how cruel people and the world test upon us, we are always true and strong with each other because we truly love and hold the love of God gifts.

Obstacles will always be there no matter how good we are. The better we are, the more obstacles we shall encounter. Most importantly, have courage and be kind. Those who do bad to us,let karma finish the rest.

Our journey of love and life has still more to come and we must hold our love to go through together with love, faith and joy. Together we hold true to the good principles of good relationships and marriage and never let go.

In life, there are always certain people who do not like what we achieved and want to see us fail though we never do anything to them. Let them be and one day they taste their own self-poison. We must never fear the devils and we must always have faith with the righteous.

We know what we want and need darling. Together we achieved it with goodness and happiness. Thank you for being the best man I could ever wish for and making me a better person day by day and accept me for who I really am in and out.

You are a wonderful husband and a great man. I respect you with my heart and may you always be a good leader of our family, people and the nation. God bless you, me, us and our beloved family. Amen.

Your love,
Mrs. Sofia

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Time flies so fast and our moments to be pronounced as husband and wife is just around the corner. It feels like we just know each other yesterday. Our moment of how we know each other and feelings starts to develop is still fresh and it feels as good as always. It is an honour for me to be your wife and I’m very grateful to have you as my husband and my lifetime soulmate.

Never imagined that I finally found the one and I’m truly happy for such miracle.  I found you among 7 billion people and how lucky I am to found real love and soon to be your wife.

Our love story is very unique and there is a lot of sacrifice involved. Who ever imagined how strong a person could be when there is a lot of obstacles in a person life. Thank you for being strong, matured and good-hearted man. Without your wisdom, I would never found mine.

The beautiful moments, the tears and pain that we have endeavour will always be our pillars to stay strong until the end of life. Your virtues is very hard to find and that makes me really grateful to have you in my life. Never forget to hold on to the virtues because with them, the love is pure and real.

I finally found my key bearer and never thought you are actually close to me than I thought it would be. Thank you for accepting the whole of me, the beauty and the beast, the full and the broken, the good and the bad especially my weakness and my flaws. 

Thank you for making such a beautiful rainbow with lighting full of stars in my life. Thank you for light up the path and have great wisdom. You are my sky full of stars, my triple rainbow, my everything.

Thank you to God The Almighty for meeting us together and soon unite us as husband and wife. Thank you to both parents for honouring our love and relationship. Thank you to siblings that always support us in times of need. Thank you to family members for your contribution. Thank you to good friends who remember to give a helping hand. Thank you to friends who pray for our unity. Thank you to loving companion that cheer us in times of hard. Thank you to all that understands and helped in any possible way to make our marriage happen. 

Love, I solemnly vow to you that I will always love and cherish you for worse, for better, for poorer, for richer, in sickness and in health, in times of sorrow, joy,  the bad times and good times. I will be there when you need me, to support you, to build you up, to enlighten you in life.

I vow to love you with all my heart, be the best life partner to make you the happiest and be with you to fulfill your dreams and hopes. I pledge to honour, respect and support you with love and devotion and stand by you during triumphs and tragedies of life. If life give us obstacles, we turn them into miracles that makes our life beautiful to the pinnacle. This is my promise of love to you.

I love you my love.

Lots of Love,
Miss Sofia

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Hello ABOL readers =)

I will post few letters that I wrote specially for my love one which is now my beloved husband. The first letter I wrote to him when we are about to get married. The second letter is after we are united as husband and wife. The third letter is the letter for the future when I died. 

This is a series of letters where I share with him and I would like to share with my readers as well. These are the letters that I wrote for him to convey my feelings through words, although I did not write everything I feel because I believed he could understand my deepest thoughts and feelings for him. 

It may not be the sweetest or romantic letter ever, but I hope these letters would be our 'Notebook' when I'm no longer in this world. I love you, husbandee. =)

Thanks for reading my mushy entries. (^.^)

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Friday, March 20, 2015

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Happy International Day of Happiness! Fill your days with love & live your life happily with those you love. Cherish nature and animals. 

The world needs more love and peace within every individual. Many people use their judgement without understanding the importance of togetherness. Problems and unfortunate events happened around the globe and sometimes we can't foresee these predicaments. The term of happiness is very hard to achieve indeed when someone failed to see the real happiness one should embrace. 

Sometimes, we, human think we are superior in the world with what we have achieved and gained. We forget to make peace with nature, animals, non-living things and other people from different geographical area and religion. 

They are many individuals who love to condemn and judge, insult and hurt, hate and prejudice. With all the non-divine attributes in your heart, happiness within would not be earned. You may gain the happiness that other people hope and perceived but not what you truly need and want. 

Live to make people whole, especially those who are dear to you and of course yourself too. If you start discriminate and prejudice, say goodbye to happiness within. So, if you want to be really happy, cherish the truth and those who stay with you no matter what the tides bring into your life. 

Know what you really want and must/should have in life and who makes you truly happy in your journey of life. Happy pursuing your happiness. =)

Saturday, March 14, 2015

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Education is essential. It is not about how many A's you got or how high is your GPA/CGPA during your courses in schools, college and university. It is about how you learned well, learned good and give back what you learned to yourself, people, society and as a whole-the world.

Sometimes, not everything you learned at these institutions (schools, colleges, universities) , but you learned the fundamentals of living, love and respect mostly from home, from families. This will later even contributed by your friends, colleagues and people you associate in your real life and virtual life.

The most vital key of your education does come from your home. They way you talk to people, how you interact with one another and respect another being and non-living things, this is basically what you have learned from your home.

What have our parents taught us and how we response to those teachings will develop us to the person we are today. They are parents who failed to perform their responsibilities to their children by giving a good education in terms of developing a child's attitude, behavior and character. Whereas, this is the most crucial development for a person which soon will help him/her to develop towards a good person.

Nevertheless, there are children who learned several things by themselves and if their basis are learning good values from their home, they will pick up the good ones and leave the bad ones. Unfortunately, most children or teenagers are easy corrupted by their external surroundings, especially by friends and peers.

If they are surrounded by bad behavior friends, they might end up like the particular group of individual. Most may get influenced, though some may know to differentiate good and bad instead respect these groups and try to change them in stages. So, don't simply judge, unless you are in the person's shoes and know the entire true story.

Stop all the hurtful words where you insult people by swearing and bring people's reputation to the ground. Stop all the medium that brings humiliation to others. Nothing fit the shoes unless your own shoes that done such evil.

Let's not touch too deep on religion because every religion in this world teaches us to be good and perform good in our daily lives. Almost everyone in this world is entitled to their religion either they are born with one or convert to a religion later in his/her life. In reality, most of us are blinded by the meaning and concept of religion itself rather than the concept of true goodness and pursuing the right path to Him.

So? Many people like to use religion as a tool to cover someone mistake in current time.

People can change. There are few individuals who used to be bad individuals, however blessed enough to realize their mistakes, met someone to help them change, learned from the past and stop repeating the same mistakes and completely repent. Like I said, few.

Many bad people are still roaming around, especially in today's world. They forgot their real responsibilities in this world and are obsessed with hurting people and jeopardizing other people's life. Why? You think because you're still young, death won't come to you? There is no judgement day and a miserable life in another life and the afterworld? There are people who will forgive you for all the mistakes that you have done to them, family or their entire life?

If you are enjoying every single agony that you commit to good people or people you barely know, be ashamed of yourself because you don't have any self-respect for yourself, family and your religion. If you have that 'I don't care' attitude or screw other people, you are living in your own hell, waiting for the right time to be punished in the world and the afterworld.

I am sorry that I can't help you and the others can't too if you do not want to help yourself. Don't say people failed to help you. You failed to help yourself when there are opportunities and unfortunately you are blinded by your own character, self-pride and evilness within. If you remained being bad or worse-evil after being punished of your sins, may God forbid you to ruin other people's life and may your repent to Him before everything is too late.

This bad, evil people are multiplying day by day. It is a very dangerous and cruel world indeed out there. There are several individuals who really concern to take care of their real good virtues, heart and soul to help themselves, family, loved ones, people and the world.

Most people are more keen to see how well you dress and who you are rather than seeing the inner beauty of a person. Some even judge you before they know you. Some spread false rumors after they know you, but hate you for no reasons out of jealousy and pure evil. 

Some just create more issues for others to hate you even there is nothing to it but again, pure evil. You don't expect to earn goodness from this kind of people because sometimes, they are the people who hides behind their mask, and their evil will one day eat them when the time comes.

Thus, if we are an educated person, we are supposed to perform good deeds rather than committing evilness and turn other people's life and the world upside down. We should have a good family and community that help each other to cleanse the heart and soul rather than passing rumors, backstabbing and commit evil in front or behind a person. 

Most importantly, every one of us should help ourselves, improve ourselves better. Sometimes, we are our own worst enemies. Friends are also important. Be good to people but choose your mates wisely. Associate yourself with good and kind people with virtues and values. 

Beware of those who talk nice in front of you, but badmouth on you behind your back. Worse, those who slander, hurt, or try to destroy you. Somehow, you will know when the right time comes.

Thus, parents should embrace their role to really educate their children and inculcate moral values and virtues to ensure your children will be a good person in the future. No matter how far a person goes, they will remember their roots and the importance of being and doing good in life. 

Education as a whole is very substantial. However, we must never forget the real education we should have which is keep learning being and doing good. Individuals who go astray, stop blaming your parents, friends or anyone else. You have to start looking at your own mistakes and be sure to learn from them rather than pointing fingers. 

Educate yourself without hoping from other people. That is how you will learn.

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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Please help the polar bears ='(

Hello everyone. International Polar Bear Day may be over for this year, but you can still sign our Petition for Polar Bears. Let leaders know that you want the world's nations to create a plan for greenhouse gas reductions that are fast and deep enough to help polar bears-and, by extension, people. By signing, you'll speak up for renewable energy, for efforts to stop deforestation, for a greener world. Kindly submit your petition at http://bit.ly/1EQkmhJ (click this link)

Source: Polar Bears International Google+

For more information on polar bears, please read my articles onthese poor beautiful great white bears at http://snhheritage.blogspot.com/2013/10/save-polar-bears-interesting-cool-facts.html

Please do your part to save them and the world. 

#polarbearsinternational #polarbears #musthelp #animallover

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