The little stories behind the 3 love letters

Hello my dear readers =)

I will post a few letters that I wrote specially for my loved one which is now my beloved husband. The first letter I wrote to him when we are about to get married. The second letter is after we are united as husband and wife. The third letter is the letter for the future when I died. 

This is a series of letters where I share with him and I would like to share with my readers as well. These are the letters that I wrote for him to convey my feelings through words, although I did not write everything I feel because I believed he could understand my deepest thoughts and feelings for him. 

It may not be the sweetest or romantic letter ever, but I hope these letters would be our 'Notebook' when I'm no longer in this world. I love you, husbandee. =)

Thanks for reading my mushy entries. (^.^)

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