Happy International Day of Happiness! =)

Photo Credit: ♡WWF♡

Happy International Day of Happiness! Fill your days with love & live your life happily with those you love. Cherish nature and animals. 

The world needs more love and peace within every individual. Many people use their judgement without understanding the importance of togetherness. Problems and unfortunate events happened around the globe and sometimes we can't foresee these predicaments. The term of happiness is very hard to achieve indeed when someone failed to see the real happiness one should embrace. 

Sometimes, we, human think we are superior in the world with what we have achieved and gained. We forget to make peace with nature, animals, non-living things and other people from different geographical area and religion. 

They are many individuals who love to condemn and judge, insult and hurt, hate and prejudice. With all the non-divine attributes in your heart, happiness within would not be earned. You may gain the happiness that other people hope and perceived but not what you truly need and want. 

Live to make people whole, especially those who are dear to you and of course yourself too. If you start to discriminate and prejudice, say goodbye to happiness within. So, if you want to be really happy, cherish the truth and those who stay with you no matter what the tides bring into your life. 

Know what you really want and must/should have in life and who makes you truly happy in your journey of life. Happy pursuing your happiness. =)

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