A Letter to Soon I May Call Husband

Time flies so fast and our moments to be pronounced as husband and wife is just around the corner. It feels like we just know each other yesterday. 

Our moment of how we know each other and feelings starts to develop is still fresh and it feels as good as always. It is an honour for me to be your wife and I’m very grateful to have you as my husband and my lifetime soulmate.

Never imagined that I finally found the one and I’m truly happy for such a miracle.  I found you among 7 billion people and how lucky I am to found real love and soon to be your wife.

Our love story is very unique and there is a lot of sacrifices involved. Whoever imagined how strong a person could be when there is a lot of obstacles in a person life. Thank you for being a strong, matured and good-hearted man. Without your wisdom, I would never found mine.

The beautiful moments, the tears and pain that we have endeavour will always be our pillars to stay strong until the end of life. Your virtues are very hard to find and that makes me really grateful to have you in my life. Never forget to hold on to the virtues because, with them, the love is pure and real.

I finally found my key bearer and never thought you are actually close to me than I thought it would be. Thank you for accepting the whole of me, the beauty and the beast, the full and the broken, the good and the bad especially my weakness and my flaws. 

Thank you for making such a beautiful rainbow with lighting full of stars in my life. Thank you for light up the path and have great wisdom. You are my sky full of stars, my triple rainbow, my everything.

Thank you to God The Almighty for meeting us together and soon unite us as husband and wife. Thank you to both parents for honouring our love and relationship. Thank you to siblings that always support us in times of need. Thank you to family members for your contribution. Thank you to the good friends who remember to give a helping hand. Thank you to friends who pray for our unity. Thank you to loving companion that cheer us in times of hardship. Thank you to all that understands and help in any possible way to make our marriage happen. 

Love, I solemnly vow to you that I will always love and cherish you for worse, for better, for poorer, for richer, in sickness and in health, in times of sorrow, joy,  the bad times and good times. I will be there when you need me, to support you, to build you up, to enlighten you in life.

I vow to love you with all my heart, be the best life partner to make you the happiest and be with you to fulfil your dreams and hopes. I pledge to honour, respect and support you with love and devotion and stand by you during triumphs and tragedies of life. If life gives us obstacles, we turn them into miracles that makes our life beautiful to the pinnacle. This is my promise of love to you.

I love you, my love.

Lots of Love,
Miss Sofia

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