A Letter to My Loving Husband

Every day I feel you in my heart, my mind, my veins, my soul. Every day you make me whole, alive, content and blessed. We never failed to rise together when we fall. We always remember to stay strong when life gives us lemons, we make quench thirst lemonade.

My feelings for you are like having the first sip of your very first coffee and your very first bite of chocolate cheesecake, too good to be true. I am overwhelmed to be right by your side, to feel your heartbeat next to mine and see your smile every time I’m awake.

Sometimes, I wish there would not be a day to work, so I could stay with you and do all the crazy great loving things we can do together every day. No matter how occupied we were on works schedule, we never failed to try our best to always stay close and love each other like the first moment we are together. The feelings are true and pure.

We both cherish goodness and move forward towards betterment together with an open heart and an open mind. No matter how cruel people and the world test upon us, we are always true and strong with each other because we truly love and hold the love of God's gifts.

Obstacles will always be there no matter how good we are. The better we are, the more obstacles we shall encounter. Most importantly, have the courage and be kind. Those who do bad to us, let karma finish the rest.

Our journey of love and life has still more to come and we must hold our love to go through together with love, faith and joy. Together we hold true to the good principles of good relationships and marriage and never let go.

In life, there are always certain people who do not like what we achieved and want to see us fail though we never do anything to them. Let them be and one day they taste their own self-poison. We must never fear the devils and we must always have faith with the righteous.

We know what we want and need darling. Together we achieved it with goodness and happiness. Thank you for being the best man I could ever wish for and making me a better person day by day and accept me for who I really am in and out.

You are a wonderful husband and a great man. I respect you with my heart and may you always be a good leader of our family, people and the nation. God bless you, me, us and our beloved family. Amen.

Your love,
Mrs. Sofia

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