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Friday, February 27, 2015

What color is this dress?
-The original photo-

Okay, I have seen the dress color and all I can see nothing but a blue and black dress. People are debating over the internet on the color of the dress.

The debate started after this photo was posted on Tumblr by a 21 year old singer named Caitlin McNeill, who lives on the Scottish island of Colonsay with the caption, "guys please help me - is this dress white and gold, or blue and black? Me and my friends can't agree and we a freaking the f**k out". It was a sensation of 'breaking the internet' on the Thursday night because of a dress that had defied the classification of color.

The dress was worn by the bride's mother on her wedding day and her friends said that the color of the dress was obviously blue and black. Then..everything seems to change when everyone starts to debate on the dress color after the photo was posted and most continue to disagree on the dress color.

Some said the color is white and gold, blue and gold and many more. Mainly, most of them are arguing that the dress is White and Gold instead of Blue and Black. Everyone seems to have a different answer. Completely weird, aite?

I'm wondering if that's the issue, it means that everyone is looking simple colors with so many perspectives. It seems most of us are color blind or..no idea. This issue has raised scientific questions, theory and answers which how our eyes and brains perceive color.

There are one of this article on scientific explanation that I have read which mention that the blues in the dress reflect as white color for some viewers because the photo is taken in lighting with a blue hue, and make it appear to be white and gold.

On the other hand, there are also an article that scientifically explained where the wavelength composition of light reflected from an object changes substantially in different condition of illumination, however noted that the color of the object does remain the same.

Oh my, what is actually really happening? Out of the blue, this dress color becoming a hot issue worldwide. Do you see blue and black colors as white and gold too previously? I would say no, nevertheless maybe some of you might say yes.

No matter what color do you see, I hope it's normal. If you perceive different from the others, maybe there is some scientific explanation for it. ^.^

Watch this video for a clearer view on this hot topic. All and all, i do learn something from this chaos-neuroscience. Thank you girl =)

A scientific explanation of why people perceive the colors of the dress differently

***updated 28/02/2015***
Original photo of the dress

Now I get it @.@ I have seen the color of white and gold like most of them claimed boldly that the color of the dress was White and Gold. It finally hit me when I was reading through my article and the first photo (original photo) was changing color when I was moving my head up and slightly to the left, and I was like ??? Oh goodness, I was @.@ It was interesting to see both colors, blue and black and white and gold.

Thus, in my opinion, I have to conclude that what Tessa had explained on her Youtube channel about the neuroscience was indeed true. I can see the dress is changing color from blue and black to white and gold and vice versa.

I presume it might be of the 3 theory which Tessa had explained on her video. Give it a go and experiment on the original photo, you might understand what this stuff all about. Experienced it yourself.

Luv Note: I saw the color changes from the original photo of the dress with blue and black color to white and gold color from my laptop with 50% brightness and a slightly dark room with minimum light. Maybe it is because of the ambient lighting.

Another thing I realized that I have been writing and reading continuously from my laptop which generate more light into my eyes that makes me saw the changes of color in the photo. Plus, it changes color (original photo) when I scroll the pages up and down. I am serious with what I saw. Still @.@

I guess, no one is wrong, neither no one is right in this debate based on the original photo. Both answers are literally acceptable (based on the 2 colors hot debate). Nonetheless, the dress in real life is obviously blue and black. Watch the video below. ~Learn and think positive~

The true color of the dress (proof)

***updated 24/10/2017***

After 2 years, the internet is on fire again about colors and this time is not over a dress but over a shoe! I have shared the picture below on my page and I gain several responses from my friends, which I find their answers are very much interesting.

Some said it's mint and grey, pink and white, and some they can see both colors. When my husband showed me this photo the first time (just like the dress), I saw the mint and grey, just like I saw the blue and black dress. But then again when I start to tilt my mobile phone, I then saw the pink and white, and it excites me.

Now every time I see the picture, I can see both colors without tilting my phone. What I like about this 'game' is you see things differently and if you don't, you know that things can be seen or appreciate the differences. It can be based on perspective and how we want to perceive them. The science behind it - it is the same as the blue and black dress that went viral as I have explained above.

Don't worry, it's normal not to see both colors nor not the same colors as your friends. Most important is we know how to respect people's perspective and opinion on matters. We could somehow learn a lot from them. :)

Thanks for playing this game with me! Hope you gain something out of it :D


Image result for shoe mint grey and pink white

Roger and out!
Peace ♥

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

It is not easy-peasy to run a business. That is why you have to learn, relearn and never stop learning. Not only in executing a business, but also living your life. The fundamental is learning.

Many people are running their own business nowadays. Varies from freelance, entrepreneurship, startup, small business, medium enterprise until the massive business development such as big companies to multinational companies. There is no exceptional to learn from those who are experienced in the business field and you will definitely learn a lot from your own experience in dealing with your own business as time goes by.  

This process involves business ideas, training and development, practice and business minded individuals to grow from zero to something relevant from time to time which lead to success. No business takes the easy ride to success unless it involves corruption, black money, cheat and lies and all the dirty things that we should not do to earn a blessed living.

Today's global economic issue, most people are not comfortable to work with bosses anymore and want to be their own boss due to their own personal reasons. Personally, I think it is good to have something extra for you to work out, doing business as such. However, not everyone could pull it off to a level we called success. Bear in mind, although you are working with people and have your own business or you don't work with people and only work for yourself, you should not be arrogant and look down on other people. Everyone is working for somebody even if you are doing your own business, you are still working for the people, with the people. 

Success does not merely measured by money $$, position, followers, power and fame. It can be determined by how you change someone to betterment, several or many people/animals life or situation and the good things in life that we all should learn, give and honour.

To me that is a part of success-a complete one. Everyone has a different view on everything. As in my point of view, money is important because we need money to live in this world but it's never everything. It cannot be denied that we need money to live, to survive, to help others who need help and the list goes on. 

Unfortunately, many people tend to forget once they have a lot of money. They tend to go further to earn rank, fame and power by destroying others well-being from personal to families and others while being so cruel and heartless. Then they forgot their main purpose in life, to live good, find the right path and help what they can and they should for the world in whole. 

I am no angel. Yet, I'm trying to develop what I can to those who wants to learn. I want to learn as well and I will never want to stop learning. That is my duty to develop individuals who wants to strive and do good. I believed in this since I was a kid until this very day. Thanks to my mom and my late father who raised me and teach me about the real importance of money, love and life.

Over the years, I have been debating with friends and individuals that money is not everything and I am grateful that I still hold my principle until this day. I hope this will never change no matter where I go, who I'll be. Those who really know me, would understand this clearly. What I presented in classes, talks, debates, works, writing and sharing with people stays the same-how important is to not look at the value of money $$ solely but the real value of social entrepreneurship, charity and try to help yourself, others (people, animals, plants, the world) by giving a favor without hoping something in return. I have to say that this is very hard to do, but thank you to one of my 'Sifu' who teach me that with sincerity, you will be fine, you will see things clearly. You have to really do it with your heart and soul to feel the power of sincerity. 

In this process, maybe most of the people you encounter will try to take advantage of your kindness, sincerity and virtues, however let karma and God handle them in the future. Perform your responsibility well with honour and dignity. It was never easy and will never be painless or trouble-free . 

You must learn the power of leadership and psychology to assess people the right way. Never ever judge. If someone tries to hurt you, people you care and love and your journey of life more than once, step away from them because the second one or more is no longer a mistake but a choice. If they seek for forgiveness and completely repent, they will find a way back to you and the same goes to you.

If you are in a business line or dealing with people, never ever push people to purchase your product or promote your service to them until they lose their trust in you. Obviously you need to promote for your business to move forward. Despite, once you see that someone is reluctant in regards to your business no matter what you do, it means that particular individual is totally not interested with your products or services. They are many reasons for it, so relax and move on. Focus on those who engage and value you. Stop pushing the wrong people instead focus on the right one. With experience and knowledge, you will understand how to approach people the right way.

One of the crucial things that most inexperienced business people failed to do is how they talk, write and converse with others in any medium, real life, or the virtual world-the internet. They used inappropriate words and language when they talk and write or conveying a certain message. Some of them use all the beautiful words, but when you ask questions to them or reject their proposal, they start to bash you. Some can be so nice, but in the real world they totally hate you and slander you here and there. This is a really bad attitude. If you want to achieve real success in life, attitude is the key. If your attitude is down the drained, respect will never be yours. Reflect yourself, reflect the big A-Attitude.

For those business people who are struggling to keep your business on the line, remember to do good and be good. If people are being hard and harsh on you, ignore them. They are too jealous seeing and counting your achievements. Every single hard work is actually an achievement if it's good and there is no malicious and cruelty involved. 

Be true to yourself, team, people, fans and your prospect. Don't go for the big money $$ but help what you can based on the things you delivered. Sometimes the least you can do is to share positive vibes, encouragement, motivate and make people happy and feel that they are worth in this world. Be sure that your goods or services benefits them and satisfy their needs. Make it safe, healthy and good in all ways. 

You have to care no matter how hard things get because you are living and breathing to lead. They will be leaders and followers in life. That is life. Be a good leader or be a good follower or be both. The best is to be both and understands things in a wider scope, open mind and heart. 

Respect is vital. You have to learn to respect people no matter who and where you are. Watch your language. Stop gossiping, spreading rumors, slandering and do harm to another being. Respect living things and the non-living things too. That's one of the key to respect others and be respected as well. Be good at the heart and act right.

Sometimes in the process in achieving success, there will be many obstacles and haters. There are people who will demotivate you, push you, ignore you, talk bad about you, slandering, underestimate you, bring you down, down and down.

Sometimes friends can simply not be friends and family can be torn apart. If you are doing good and the right way and people are doing this to you, don't worry. Put in mind, you have those people who love, care and appreciate you although they are plenty of this kind of individual in the world these days. 

Remember those who stay beside you during your hard times, sadness, pain and in need of help. They are the people you should put near to your heart, mind and soul. Always grateful that you have them in life, even you only have one, or few-this is the diamond, they are the diamonds. Stop focusing on collecting stones until you forget the real diamonds in front of you-in your life. 

The more you become better and achieved in your life, the more enemies you will create. That is life. Let the enemies be. Focus again on those who adore and admire your strength and beauty within. People who do not learn to value gems, they will be at loss, a terrible one. 

If you are reading until this last paragraph without skipping any of the above, I would like to congratulate you because you have a definite strong will power to learn and develop yourself. I hope you gain something fruitful in this article. If you are my silent reader, keep reading and I hope you could share your insights with me when you are ready to engage with me on my page. Most importantly, you learned something or relearn and refresh things that you forgot, although nothing is really that new. Still, thanks a lot for reading and your brain cells are really connecting rapidly now. Muchas gracias! 

Motivational write-up.
Mind your words, mind and heart.

Luv Luv,

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of standing still."
"Patience is power; with time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes silk."
"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."
"If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow."
"Kindness is the best quality of the soul."

-Chinese proverbs-

Best wishes for the holidays and happiness throughout the New Year. Drive carefully and enjoy a cheerful festive season. Gong Xi Fa Cai to friends that celebrate!

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"Remember, everyone starts somewhere". Every professional was once an amateur. If now you are hero, you used to be zero. However, if you are someone who willing to learn and thrive with positive attitude, don't be afraid to those negative people who just love to break you until you give up.

They are not the hero although they 'think' they are because of their title and achievements. They deserved if they are good people nonetheless nothing of that matters if their heart full of hatred seeing other people achievements as well.

Most of these people under this category see other people success or effort as a threat. They are extremely frightened of the hidden potential and other people accomplishment. They just want to win and they think they are the best, brilliant and new starters are foolish-rubbish. They teach others, but to hide. They speak to people, but to trap.

They failed to understand that age is just a number. Their maturity is worse and some of them don't even matured. If we can't support the young, we are a useless old individual. If we are young, we should learned from the good old individual. We need to respect each other. The key is always respect each other. Then you will not sway with the evilness that will always try to win.

Before you misjudge someone albeit you are somebody in the real world, no one shall really respect you because of your arrogance and ignorance. Those who are smart knows how to differentiate the words and actions of the good ones.

Everyone is trying to earn a living. Everyone is trying to live a good life. You should not be worried of them except towards yourself because only those with pure heart will aspire to support each other and understands the difficulty that someone has to go through in life.

Those who dislikes will always find excuses and spit poisonous words that they don't even understand the impact of expressing it in the first place. Mind your words, mind and heart. These are the fundamental essence that you should be taking care diligently. Learned to reflect yourself.

No matter how many likes you earned in your virtual pages or how many friends you have in the real world who knows how to 'fan' you, while you continue look down upon others and mocking, respect would never be yours.

A leader should be thrilled to see others learning and thriving. They should encourage each other. Develop together. Bring out the goodness and leave out the negativity from mind and heart. If someone thinks he/she is almighty and condemn you in any ways, let them be. They can't stand any part of you from your words, your action, and your attitude, because all of it are too positive for them to accept. Envy=Evil.

One of the best way is try to let them be in their own self-centered world. For you my dear, move on, keep going until you find triumph. Everyone will achieve differently. Find your real success. Most importantly, don't listen to people who are completely negative and unkind no matter how high their ranking are in the real world. Stand up for what's right. That's one of the real triumph. You will feel contented.

Beginners, keep learning. Everyone has different learning pace. Study smart and hard. Professionals, keep guiding in a good manner. Never insult. Remember, you also started as a complete novice in your field. Don't forget your roots.

Motivational write-up.
To those who struggling in life, business, working life. Be strong, you are more than what you think you can achieve. Believe in yourself, be good.

Luv Note: Mind your words, mind and heart.


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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Apa khabar anda di sana? Semoga baik-baik hendak-Nya. 

Pertama kali saya berbahasa di dalam blog 'ABOL' ini. Seperti yang dijanjikan, saya akan mula menerapkan bahasa ibunda saya di dalam blog ABOL untuk pembaca yang sudi membaca kisah-kisah di dalam blog yang tak seberapa ini. 

Buat pembaca yang memahami Bahasa Malaysia, sudah pasti anda akan merasa senang dengan bahasa yang akan disampaikan. Namun, akan ada pembaca dari negara lain yang akan kecewa kerana mereka terpaksa translate dan kalau translate pun akan berbunyi sangat pelik apabila baca terutama sekali bait-bait puisi (akan datang). Tetapi kalau betul-betul berminat nak baca, saya harap dapatlah mereka dan kamu juga survive dalam blog saya ini! Pasti boleh! =)

Saya mempunyai cara penulisan saya yang tersendiri. Boleh dikategorikan sebagai agak skema tetapi saya lebih prefer tulis macam ni. Saya try untuk mix BM and BI sikit-sikit dalam penulisan depends kepada apa yang hendak disampaikan bagi updated dengan cara orang nak baca zaman terkini.

Kebanyakan waktu, saya akan lebih banyak menerapkan bahasa sastera yang mudah untuk difahami terutama dalam penulisan-penulisan dan penyampaian puisi yang mendatang. 

Penulisan-penulisan yang mendatang boleh dikategorikan dari rangkaian puisi, kata-kata hikmat, penulisan kreatif, motivasi dan akan ada banyak lagi yang akan menyusul buat pembaca tegar ABOL.

Saya ingin meminta maaf dari awal sekiranya cara penulisan saya tidak menyenangkan mana-mana pihak. Saya telah cuba menggunakan bahasa yang sebaik mungkin. Sekiranya ada perkara yang anda ingin tanya dan kongsi dengan penulisan saya, anda bolehlah menghantar email pada saya di www.snaznim@gmail.com untuk sebarang pertanyaan atau cadangan.  

Selamat membaca karya-karya yang seterusnya!

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Munsee is my companion
He completes me
Part of my life,
Part of who I am

He stood beside us everyday without fail
He whacked his tail every single time signifies how big his love and heart to our family

Bubbly, protective, loving
In his own unique irreplaceable ways
Never failed to put a smile on our face
With his charming meowww

He is my routine, favourite and love
His wet nose, pinkish mouth and tummy
His magical yellow eyes, cute 2 patches, long whiskers
His little 4 paws that I love to play with

Will become a memory
Memory of undying love
& misses that will never has an end

Your precious presence will never be forgotten
God loves you more
& we will always pray for you
May you rest in peace in heaven

You are our companion
You are our love
You are our family

We love you Munsee

May you rest in peace love.

You can also browse through my slideshare for the visual tribute to Munsee at http://www.slideshare.net/snaznim/tribute-to-my-feline-companion-munsee

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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Thursday greetings to you!

I would love to introduce you to SF Artography, my writing and photography project, a sensation of art and photography, both combined with love and passion centered for masterpieces to be shared with people who I love and care. I believe in 'Your DREAM is our PASSION', focused on your need and shift them into promising results with work of love and enthusiasm. 

Delivering the beauty of art in writing and photography is the core of SF Artography. I have embarked this journey with my hubby one month ago and now we are moving forward with our loyal followers. Those who believes in the power of art in writing and photography should share their desire and dreams with SF Artography. We believed the world need more artistic people who are willing to learn and relearn on what they can to improve the society at heart through the art of seeing, feeling and believing. 

Wishing Happy First Monthsary to SF Artography! Our achievement could not be accomplished without the amazing support from our followers. Together we spread the love with SF Artography! :)

'Like' our page and share with your loved ones! =D

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Nerch Self-balancing Electric Unicycle
Hot Gadgets are now introducing the newest gadget in town! The self-balancing electric unicycle or popular known as 'Solo Wheel' is a must have in your bucket list item!! The one wheel electric scooter is unique and incredibly versatile to possess. 

You will be fascinated by the features of the gadget which it is very convenient to handle. Solo wheel is the most compact motor vehicle in the world that can be transported and stored anywhere conveniently as it is less heavy (body weight 9.8 kg). It will provide you a conducive and fun transportation experience. You definitely should try to experience the sensation yourself. 

Besides that, a lot of tricks and styles can be realized with this super cool unicycle. It is easy to learn to use the gadget as the operation is similar to our walking ability as human being. Give yourself several days to learn the basics, soon or later you might be doing some awesome tricks!

The Nerch electric unicycle is originated from Guangdong China (mainland) and this gadget is using German technology with 201-500w power and 60v voltage power. The tire is 14 inch in size made of natural rubber and heavy metal alloy wheel. You can use the electric unicycle at any type of ground/road or grass as it provides good grip which increases the safety factor. For full satisfaction, you can try out your unicycle at a skate park or any safe smooth pavement. 

The maximum load it can handle is up to 120 kg and it can go as fast as 18 km/hour. The charging time for the unicycle is minimal. It only needs 1 hour of charging time and it uses super Li-ion battery with a capacity of 2200mAh. 

The electric unicycle is foldable, handy for the users. It is available with 3 colours in white, black and blue. Important note, it is environmental friendly! In addition, it meets the need for those who expect to travels nearby.

How to handle a self balancing electric unicycle:
1) Read user guide carefully to learn the product. Recommended to wear safety gear to prevent yourself from hurt.
2) Turn on the unicycle power.
3) Place your feet at each pedal, left and right.
4) Firmly balance your body, breathe easily, relax.
5) Steer the unicycle by lean your body forward, backward, left or right, speed up, slow down, turn left or turn right.
6) Be sure not to exceed the maximum speed. Safety first.

Where to get this magnificent gadget? Check them out!

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