Every professional was once an AMATEUR

"Remember, everyone starts somewhere". Every professional was once an amateur. 

If now you are a hero, you used to be zero. However, if you are someone who willing to learn and thrive with a positive attitude, don't be afraid of those negative people who just love to break you until you give up.

They are not the hero although they 'think' they are because of their title and achievements. They deserved if they are good people nonetheless nothing of that matters if their heart full of hatred seeing other people achievements as well.

Most of these people under this category see other people success or effort as a threat. They are extremely frightened of the hidden potential and other people accomplishment. They just want to win and they think they are the best, brilliant and new starters are foolish-rubbish. They teach others, but to hide. They speak to people, but to trap.

They failed to understand that age is just a number. Their maturity is worse and some of them don't even mature. If we can't support the young, we are a useless old individual. If we are young, we should learn from the good old individual. We need to respect each other. The key is to always to respect each other. Then you will not sway with the evilness that will always try to win.

Before you misjudge someone albeit you are somebody in the real world, no one shall really respect you because of your arrogance and ignorance. Those who are smart know how to differentiate the words and actions of the good ones.

Everyone is trying to earn a living. Everyone is trying to live a good life. You should not be worried about them except towards yourself because only those with a pure heart will aspire to support each other and understands the difficulty that someone has to go through in life.

Those who dislike will always find excuses and spit poisonous words that they don't even understand the impact of expressing them in the first place. Mind your words, mind and heart. These are the fundamental essence that you should be taking care of diligently. Learned to reflect yourself.

No matter how many likes you earned in your virtual pages or how many friends you have in the real world who knows how to 'fan' you, while you continue to look down upon others and mocking, respect would never be yours.

A leader should be thrilled to see others learning and thriving. They should encourage each other. Develop together. Bring out the good and leave out the negativity from mind and heart. If someone thinks he/she is almighty and condemn you in anyways, let them be. They can't stand any part of you from your words, your action, and your attitude because all of it is too positive for them to accept. Envy=Evil.

One of the best ways is to try to let them be in their own self-centred world. For you, my dear, move on, keep going until you find triumph. Everyone will achieve differently. Find your real success. Most importantly, don't listen to people who are completely negative and unkind no matter how high their ranking is in the real world. Stand up for what's right. That's one of the real triumphs. You will feel contented.

Beginners, keep learning. Everyone has a different learning pace. Study smart and hard. Professionals, keep guiding in a good manner. Never insult. Remember, you also started as a complete novice in your field. Don't forget your roots.

A motivational write-up.
To those who struggle in life, business, working life. Be strong, you are more than what you think you can achieve. Believe in yourself, be good.

Luv Note: Mind your words, mind and heart.


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  1. Hello Sofia, what an inspiring post. I felt like you were talking to me… maybe because I needed to hear most of what you had to say. “If now you are hero, you used to be zero. “ So true, thank you for sharing your wise words. I would like to twitter a link. Do you have a twitter button here? https://write2campeuro.wordpress.com

  2. Hello, lovely. =) Thank you so much for reading through my post and I'm glad if my article inspires you. I always try my best to deliver to readers as though I'm talking to them and I'm glad you feel that way. Thank you for your encouraging comments. I look forward to sharing more inspiring stories and articles with you and all the readers out there.

    I hope no matter how far and how high we achieved, we never forget to inspire others and lift other people spirit rather than bring other people down. Professionals in any field should motivate and help novice, instead of condemning other people, mainly starters. They tend to forget their roots when they become someone.

    In regards of twitter link, I'm trying to upgrade my blog to a more proper website where there are more social links for easy sharing. Once the website is done, I will definitely inform you and make a general announcement in my blog. =)