Nerch Self-Balancing Unicycle - Your Bucket List Item!

Nerch Self-balancing Electric Unicycle

Hot Gadgets are now introducing the newest gadget in town! 

The self-balancing electric unicycle or popularly known as 'Solo Wheel' is a must-have in your bucket list item!! The one-wheel electric scooter is unique and incredibly versatile to possess. 

You will be fascinated by the features of the gadget which is very convenient to handle. The solo wheel is the most compact motor vehicle in the world that can be transported and stored anywhere conveniently as it is less heavy (body weight 9.8 kg). It will provide you with a conducive and fun transportation experience. You definitely should try to experience the sensation yourself. 

Besides that, a lot of tricks and styles can be realized with this super cool unicycle. It is easy to learn to use the gadget as the operation is similar to our walking ability as a human being. Give yourself several days to learn the basics, soon or later you might be doing some awesome tricks!

The Nerch electric unicycle is originated from Guangdong China (mainland) and this gadget is using German technology with 201-500w power and 60v voltage power. The tire is 14 inch in size made of natural rubber and heavy metal alloy wheel. You can use the electric unicycle at any type of ground/road or grass as it provides good grip which increases the safety factor. For full satisfaction, you can try out your unicycle at a skate park or any safe smooth pavement. 

The maximum load it can handle is up to 120 kg and it can go as fast as 18 km/hour. The charging time for the unicycle is minimal. It only needs 1 hour of charging time and it uses super Li-ion battery with a capacity of 2200mAh. 

The electric unicycle is foldable, handy for the users. It is available with 3 colours in white, black and blue. Important note, it is environmental friendly! In addition, it meets the need for those who expect to travels nearby.

How to handle a self-balancing electric unicycle:
1) Read the user guide carefully to learn the product. Recommended to wear safety gear to prevent yourself from hurt.
2) Turn on the unicycle power.
3) Place your feet at each pedal, left and right.
4) Firmly balance your body, breathe easily, relax.
5) Steer the unicycle by lean your body forward, backward, left or right, speed up, slow down, turn left or turn right.
6) Be sure not to exceed the maximum speed. Safety first.

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