Tribute to My Feline Companion, Munsee

Munsee is my companion
He completes me
Part of my life,
Part of who I am

He stood beside us every day without fail
He whacked his tail every single time signifies how big his love and heart to our family

Bubbly, protective, loving
In his own unique irreplaceable ways
Never failed to put a smile on our face
With his charming meowww

He is my routine, favourite and love
His wet nose, pinkish mouth and tummy
His magical yellow eyes, cute 2 patches, long whiskers
His little 4 paws that I love to play with

Will become a memory
A memory of undying love
& misses that will never have an end

Your precious presence will never be forgotten
God loves you more
& we will always pray for you
May you rest in peace in heaven

You are our companion
You are our love
You are our family

We love you Munsee

May you rest in peace love.

You can also browse through my SlideShare for the visual tribute to Munsee at

Photo Credits: SF Artography

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