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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Do what you truly LOVE ❤

When I was 23 years old,  the beginning of  my writing journey

It's been 5 amazing years since I started blogging seriously. Rainbow Pegasus is now 7+ years old (and counting). Its old name was A Blog of Life and Persada Perkahwinan. To look back, it was an interesting journey which I'm glad I took the opportunity to share my writings with friends around the world. Thanks to my hubby who encouraged me a lot. ❤

Interesting as it may sound, I have never thought that I'll be sharing my writings with the whole world today. I began writing poems since I was 13 years old - wrote in a simple notebook where I scribbled my thoughts and ideas. The only soul that knows what I write is basically me, myself and I at that time. I was a shy lil girl who loves to read and write - express myself by pen down words.

Only after 10 years later, when I was 23 years old, I started to explore blogging online, recommended and advised by my hubby. At 25 years old, I began to write seriously, parallelly while I'm working full time. Through my husband, I know that Blogger and other writing websites exist. I further understand that there is a platform for writers to express their ideas and art. I tried to share my writings one step at a time in the online world. Honestly, it's not easy, it took a lot of courage because I prefer to write in a book than sharing my writings with everyone.

Now, things have tremendously changed for me and my writings. I have written hundreds of posts and articles that help people, animals and organisation along these 5 years of my writing journey. I also ventured myself in copywriting, ghostwriting, editorial, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing and working with more than 100 clients globally, including having my writings published in various publications. The thing I like the most is I'm able to make an impact in someone's/living being lives and to help create awareness about subjects that people don't really know or care much and through my writings, it helps them to further understand, develop and make a better change.

Writing also helps me as an individual in a lot of ways. As my writings grow, I grow too, I become more matured and wise in areas that I was not before. I love writing so much. If you love writing and sharing, my advice is to just start. Start now if you can. Don't wait for the perfect moment because there will never be one. For me, I do have faith that life events happen at the right moment especially when you never see it coming. Don't worry about starting late, better late than never. If you want it, go for it, I'm ultimately grateful to still be writing till this date.

Writing is not just about the beautiful and bright. In a writer's world, there are many ups and downs in delivering your thoughts and messages for the world to understand, appreciate and recognize. Sadly, at times, the people you know can be the ones who demoralizes you and think negatively about the good that you're doing. Positively, just bear in mind, if their comments don't make any sense, what you do doesn't cause any harm or trouble, and they just try to ridicule you to make you stop doing what you love, ignore, move on and continue doing what you love till you strive.

If we come across these types of people, take it easy and handle them carefully. Sometimes these individuals are just being snobbish and envy of the work that you put through all the way. So many people I've met and I would say the best people are those who encourage, support, inspire you no matter how unbreakable the world gets, and guess what? Most of the time, these people are not your 'friends' - the ones you called them friends. Mostly, the positive supporters are the ones that you barely know but just have that pure heart that doesn't easily judge you and continuously motivate you till you flourish. They are not resentful and have hatred in their heart.

Every so often, it can be hard to find friends who are not your foe behind those masks. Nevertheless, some are still real friends (which is a gem!) and you simply can count them with your fingers. The ‘one’ who is willing to be with you, support you and make you feel appreciated even if the world thinks you are nobody. If you're lucky you might have 2-3 amazing people like this that stay and go through such life battles with you till the end of your life.

If you think, "Nah, I have tons of friends”, wait and watch closely - time will surely tell. Most of us used to be in that shoe, happily knowing that friends don't 'eat' friends. This real-world is getting brutal, day by day, people kill people to get what they want. Maybe not with guns, but with their mouth and dirty little agenda - some places do kill people for real with guns and so much more. :( Bottom line, watch your back because they might be someone who is just too crazy and can't see the beauty and happiness in you. 

In the way of paving your road to do what you love towards attaining success and happiness, there are always some people who can’t just see the beauty, joy, and prosperity you achieved. These people just want to rob that happiness away. Why? It can be because they don't have it and can't have it, and they feel dreadful to see you triumph happily with the people you love and do what you truly love. 

Here, in my writings, I share parts of life truth and its harsh reality and I believed it is important, to tell the truth. I love to be positive, but as lovely as it sounds, the more positive you become, the more hurdles come in your way because life ain’t that easy and there are always people who try to ruin that for you. Thus, it's important to equip ourselves with faith, love, good attitude and willpower to surpass life trials including people who have ill motives. Take this as part of parcel in life to make you stronger. The stronger your heart and mind, the harder those bad individuals try to put you down. Do what you can - the very best, the rest, leave it in God's hand and pray for the best.

Whatever you do, my friendly advice is, do what you truly love. Your heart will be free from tortures and life long regret. Great and successful people always say that do what you truly love because it will lead you to greater success in life. 

Why is that so? When you do what you truly love, you bound to find real happiness. Only you know what makes you happy, no one else. Focus on you, not other people. We all have our differences and special abilities, skills, talent and knowledge. Explore and use them wisely. Find your own niche. Don't do something because other people do it and because that person is making lots of money and famous, you want to be like that until you lose yourself (unless money and fame is your ultimate goal in life). I've seen and partly experience life events that involve money and fame and this type of life is not for everybody and it's not as rosy as you might think. Always be grateful for what you have, that makes you richer than everybody.

For me, I'm happy as long as I can write and able to share with people and create awareness through my writings. I'm happy as long as you are eager to read my articles. I'm happy if you understand the real significance of my writings. I'm happy if you could comfort others and yourself for betterment through my sharing. I'm happy when my readers are pleased and able to take away some learnings when they read my works. Thank you for having me as your writer. =)

Yours truly,


P/s: This article was first published in Jan 2016. I've updated this today because this is one of my favourite articles I have written ;)

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Me today :)


  1. Thank you so much for your kind comment. =)

  2. Well said Sofia. Great writing from your heart, I am old enough, experienced enough and able to understand what you are saying. Stay on your path, wherever it takes you. I am old enough to have seen many people die and it is always the same story, "wish i had done this or that, or worked within what I loved doing most, etc etc"
    Find your niche and it does not seem like work! I wish I could read Malay and will keep trying!

    1. Hi Nic :)

      Thank you so much for such an inspiring comment and advice. I am very happy when I write, create art and masterpiece and photograph moments. No other work can beat that at the moment. I always have the heart in writing since I was small. I guess that keeps me writing and sharing for the benefit of others too. I'm trying my best to stay on the path that I think best for me though sometimes it is very hard to juggle everything at one go, but I'll try my best. Since you are a writer too, I wish I can learn more from you and who knows one day we'll achieve better together.
      If you would like to read my Bahasa blog post, try to Google translate it. But the English translation would be odd though. (^.^) Anytime, just pm me or drop me a comment.

      Gracias Nic :)


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