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Monday, October 05, 2020

My Very 1st Book - A Book of Life❤


I am extremely happy to announce that I am launching my very 1st Book, A Book of Life, published by Ukiyoto Publishing Canada! 🥰

Thank you so much to all of you who have been supporting me all this while and here's to you, cheers!😘

17+ Years of Passion & Dream

5+ Years of Hustle & Dedication 

Putting myself, art and work out there, was tough and challenging, but it's all worth it to see my dream turn to reality!🥳

My passion is writing and I love to share and help what I can. I hope through my writings, I can help you in anyways as I have helped myself in embracing love and life🌱 

A Book of Life (ABOL) is a motivational book, to fuel your passion, love and life. This book will take you on the deep journey of enlightening you to find your motivation and inspire you to be a better you🙌

ABOL size is A5, handy and you can easily keep in your handbag/bag. Must have book for yourself and also perfect as a gift❤

🔥You may purchase ABOL directly from me if you are in Malaysia by personal/direct message or email me at snaznim@gmail.com 

🔥ABOL is open for Order now. Place your order now and receive an exclusive note & author's signature😍💕

ABOL is also available now at Amazon store, Kindle store, and Ukiyoto website💫
❤ABOL at Amazon & Kindle

🌈Be the first to read A Book of Life and share your experience by #rainbowpegasus 


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