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Dear beloved readers,

Dedicated to all the great man and woman out there, 

Start DREAMING for good things in life..

Your long life VISION

and your ACTION towards your DREAM...

Dream WITHOUT action is an ILLUSION...
Doing the same thing is INSANITY..
Start to DREAM if you haven't..
Start to ACT if you already have the DREAM...

May you will have a GREAT REALITY!


Yours truly,


Life is More Fascinating When You Start WRITING =)

-Wonderful Land-
Memorizing is incredibly
In writing
To attract people reading
In your own world of dreaming
To the top of heartening
For the love of giving..!

-3 I-
Writing improves your knowledge, skills and attitude.
Start from scratch.
Grab a piece of paper and start scribbling now!
You might stumble upon startling ideas and inspiring thoughts!!
Write and share.
That makes you more intellectual, inspiring and independent.

Let’s 3 I !!! =)


The First

When we talk about the first, it is something novelIt makes you nervous, excited, trembles, anticipate.
Well, the first can be your best or worst or you don’t even recall or give a damn about it.
Nevertheless the first is not an easy thing to flush down the drain.
You tend to remember though you ought to forget.
Many of us still remember the first of at least some pieces of them.
It can be your first day at school, first day at university, first graduation, first fling, first relationship, first kiss, first making love, first interview, first job, first career, first legal marriage, first labour and many more.
It is a long list adds to that. Try to think back about your first (anything).
Everyone wants the first to be perfect, something that makes you happy and lift you up when you think 
about it. 
The one that develops, encourages and makes you better than ever.
Somehow most of us get the opposite side of that.
The first that brings you down, just vanish your hope and sparkles of life and love.

Dear beautiful readers,

If any of your first is not a good one, just leave it and carry on by being better not worse.
You are more than that. Powerful, strong enough to let go the pain that others caused you.
The first is important. But if the first does not work out, go for next and do your very best for that.
Let’s set an example. I’m anticipating attending my very first interview.
I’m looking forward to positively contribute to my first career path, my first job after graduating.
There’s a lot of job offers and even continual of studies overseas.
I’m scared of the unknown, possibilities and the risks I have to manage if I made mistakes.
I need to take over control the situation.  

My key solutions:- (If you have the same issue or related problems, try these method and add yours into it)

1) Pray to God to clear your thinking and make Him show you the right way through it.
2) Try to consult your close and trustful ones when you have choices that you’re not able           to make a decision on it.
3) Opportunity knocks but once. Don’t easily make decisions without thinking thoroughly 
    about it. In the end, you have to listen to your heart because you are the one that will live 
    with the decision you made.

Remember, the first may tend to end up dreadfully.
Nonetheless after all the hard work we have done to ensure that the first one to be almost perfect let God does His job to make it better for us.
No matter what the end result, it’s never bad for us though it might seem ugly, but He knows better what the best is for His people.
Things might not happen like how we planned out, but if we trust and rely on Him, God grace and mercy will lead us to the good path with many opportunities that we never thought of.
It’s okay if you are considering for any decisions if it’s the first or the hundredth, the key word is never give up.

Mistakes are not meant to be repeated but to be learned.

All the best in anything you do!

Truth Hurt but it Helps

Telling lies is obviously easier than telling the truth. We rather save our own asses than exposing what we intend to keep. Lying is like a dreadful disease, better to prevent than curing it.

Truth and secret are two different things. Secret is not meant to be known or seen by others. Telling secret to others does not help sometimes and it might be one of the worst decision to make. Unless you are telling it to the person that you trust the most and he or she can really be trusted not to spill it out to others. Well, someone like that is really hard to come by and if you do, keep that person close to you. Generally, we think twice before sharing our secret to someone.

Truth on the other hand is the state of being true in accordance with reality or fact that you believe it is true. Human starts to tell lies as early as 2 to 3 years old. It is a part of cognitive development and this is a fact. Some people lie to impress others, some spare other people's feelings and a lot of others several reasons. Clearly, people lie for their personal interest and somehow rather for others too.

In the end, it's up to you either to keep telling lies or try your best to avoid telling lies instead tell the truth. Certain truths are meant to be kept as secrets, certain are not. It is best to start developing one of the divine attributes, telling the truth. It is a great foundation that leads to a solid character. Just keep in mind, truth hurt but it helps. However, never misuse the power of telling the truth. The beauty and goodness of it lies in your hand. God willing, the goodness will come to you.

Why You Should Read This

It is very sad that most people chose the road to not read books. Frankly speaking, I spent a lot of my money to buy books and I read them to know more on the particular topics. Knowing what the author wants to deliver. From there you earn knowledge. From there you become a person who thinks over the edge.

Most people easily spent their money/savings to buy gadgets. Yes it is true that you need tech to grow but if you are not using it in the right way, it makes you narrow. Then come the excuses. Yes, human just loves to give justification. Generally, I am included because I am human. Nevertheless, give a good one.

When you have money and time but your attitude is just simply ignorant, that is when knowledge will just slip away from you time to time. You will never realize the loss until it became yours in the future. In our life, most of us read books to pass tests, exams, to fall asleep after reading it. Rarely we read books because of hobbies, to earn the knowledge and all the positive essentiality

Nonetheless, do forgive me. There are people in certain countries that read books even when I turn around my heads at the beach, subway, restaurant and literally almost most of the place. Not many in my country, city. Most of them just like entertainment, mostly like somehow I see closed to nonsense.

There are also people who read a lot but their thinking is still narrow. Why? If you meet one, ask them, and share with me.

Sorry to say this, but we need to change. Someone just has to pull the trigger and shoot the old you that forgot how to earn knowledge. Never think that you are now somewhere in a very impressive company, awesome friends, great money, good food and shelter, you forgot to search for knowledge that you must.

Last 2 years I see the cyber world as quite an awful place. Now, it is just worse. The senseless you are, the more worship you. I really hope that people can actually realize how important knowledge and readings are. I am not here to criticize any group of people, just human population including reminding myself.

In spite of that, I do admit that cyber world can be a good place if we are doing it right. Share informative and brilliant information and artwork are fantastic. Even so, do no harm to people. Do not slander, defame, ridicule and bring people down. There are certain things that should not be said in cyber world. Don't be a keyboard warrior instead be a warrior that upholds righteousness and humanity.

If you are reading this, I thank you because you are actually reading. The main purpose of this entry is not to just focus on reading books but also in general remind every individual that we should read. Nowadays you can read many things with just a click of a button. You can easily get information from your laptop and simpler, your mobile. If you don't fancy reading books, read informative things on the internet. At least you are gaining than losing. Update yourself. Broaden up your mind. Eventually it will get through your heart and soul.


Mental Illness & Sometimes People Will Never Change

Mental illness is a dreadful disease. Mental illness is a condition which causes disorder in a person's thinking or behavior. There are others 450 definitions how mental disorders is defined. 

Many people have mental health concerns now and then. Sometimes you won't know that you have the illness until you just snap because of it. However, a mental health concern could become a mental disorder when symptoms and ongoing signs affect your ability to function well and could cause frequent stress. 

There are 5 major categories of mental illness which are:-

1) Anxiety disorders
2) Mood disorders
3) Schizophrenia/Psychotic disorders
4) Dementias
5) Eating disorders

I would explain more about mental illness in academic contents on my other entry. This article would be more on today's world issues that not many people realize the seriousness of mental problems that most people are facing.

Nowadays, there are a lot of people with mental problems but you don't simply see them as that 'crazy'. The illness may be hidden beneath their joyous or passive character. It can be a silent illness that may 'kill' a person's character if treatment not be sought. 

Such individual could claim themselves mentally healthy but their character shows opposite through the way they behave, think, speak, write and others. They may be vulgar, spiteful, inhuman, vicious with their words and behavior to try to notify others how emotional they are without thinking other peoples' feelings and well being. They may go the extra mile to bring people down by threatening, slandering, and worse killing. 

Oh yes, it can be horrid, thinking that they are the good one and no wrong has been done and everyone is at wrong except them. This is a serious issue where mental problems have been detected and one of the cure is try your best to be calm, reflect, realize, repent and change

Find a cure. Sometimes these people become like this may be due to lack of love, attention, guidance, education and all the beauty that the world can give. If it is a mental situation, hopefully it can be treated. 

On the contrary if it is not a mental case, people who like to hurt and see others in pain are maybe because there are just evil at hearts. Only they could save themselves from God punishes and only God can save them from going to you know where.

These illnesses (mental or purely being evil) can make you miserable and may cause you serious problems in your daily life from relationships, works, and life routines. Most of the times, the problems can't be seen now but it will soon or later will be seen especially to those who are in the know. Yes, being evil is an illness too. It can be a disease that can be treated or there is just no treatment for some evilness in the world. 

If these kind of symptoms is detected, a combination of medications and counselling (psychotherapy) should be considered (for mental illness). Nevertheless if it is because the individual is somehow just evil at heart, guidance should be given. 

It is such a disgrace to be an evil human being because the world doesn't need more of them. Hopefully people do change to better not to worse although most of the times people will never change and if they change, they change for worse. But still, hope they will see the straight path.

Mental illness is not a joke. It is real and common and it can be treated. Same goes to those who are a bad person or such evil. Be calm, reflect, realize, repent and change. Nothing is too late if you realize and repent. 

Being wrong and doing wrong to God is a thing, being and doing wrong to human is another thing. So think. Don't make yourself a bait to evil because they surely love it and they don't think twice to turn your souls to theirs. Think, think, and think. If not, you just another human who deserves a place in you know where.  

I strongly believe that there is some good in this world and it's worth fighting for (quoted from J.R.R. Tolkien). Anyhow there are also many evils in this world that we must fight to sustain the some good in the world. There are those evil that we can see with our naked eyes and those that we can't see. 

Fight them if they don't want to change, fight if they forget the deeds of virtues, fight until the light shine upon us! 

Note: This is an educational and informational article, not to be used as a diagnostic instrument.

“For The Wicked”

Plague. You are a plague of evil.

You should be ashamed from the beginning of your attitude of being mean, full of sins. Stop blaming others like all of you are angels. Forgiveness should be given to those who seeks it, repent and worth giving. Do not use religion as a tool.

As a result of people like you, the world has too much evil roaming around. Prophet is a loving and a brilliant leader nevertheless he also punish those who deserved to be punished. If he don't, God sure will.

When it comes to forgiveness, there you go, 'religion'. When you commit destruction and nuisance, now where is your religion?? Selfish. Hypocrite. Evil. Faced the consequences when you are wrong. Stop using verse to cover up your wrongdoings. Quit all the drama.

You may be lucky to pass through all the slandering you have done to others however not to the person I love. You have crossed the line. Extremely. This is not a game. Never a joke. Don't mess with me. Don't mess with us. Don't simply overlook a person. Never ever underestimate people. Don't ever look down on the people you barely know.

All those people who favor you even your attitude is down the drain and they know how vicious and cruel you genuinely are still listens to your drama and believes it, I sincerely feel sorry for them. Kissing your back is like kissing the deepest hole of you know where-7 deep down. They do not know they just ordered a ticket to again-you know where.

If that is called support albeit knowing all the wicked things you did and still doing that leads to shame and abomination, they are absolutely your evil mates, meant for each other. Evil will be with the evils and the good ones knows to value the greatest good.

People who can observe will notice and people who are just too blind to see will perish. If you get punishment from the world because of your evilness, wait and see in the after world. Learn the difference between mistakes and repent, being malicious, maintain being inhuman and never stop from being corrupt and immoral.

Carry on, if I failed you, that's not me. It is life and those who suffered agony from your depravity act through me. I am not your hater-my time is too precious to waste on hating you. I am just a painful disturbance in your life called truth.

A creative writing.

Written by Sofia Naznim

Every Professional was Once an AMATEUR

"Remember, everyone starts somewhere". Every professional was once an amateur. If now you are hero, you used to be zero. However, if you are someone who willing to learn and thrive with positive attitude, don't be afraid to those negative people who just love to break you until you give up.

They are not the hero although they 'think' they are because of their title and achievements. They deserved if they are good people nonetheless nothing of that matters if their heart full of hatred seeing other people achievements as well. Most of these people under this category see other people success or effort as a threat. They are extremely frightened of the hidden potential and other people accomplishment. They just want to win and they think they are the best, brilliant and new starters are foolish-rubbish. They teach others, but to hide. They speak to people, but to trap.

They failed to understand that age is just a number. Their maturity is worse and some of them don't even matured. If we can't support the young, we are a useless old individual. If we are young, we should learned from the good old individual. We need to respect each other. The key is always respect each other. Then you will not sway with the evilness that will always try to win.

Before you misjudge someone albeit you are somebody in the real world, no one shall really respect you because of your arrogance and ignorance. Those who are smart knows how to differentiate the words and actions of the good ones.

Everyone is trying to earn a living. Everyone is trying to live a good life. You should not be worried of them except towards yourself because only those with pure heart will aspire to support each other and understands the difficulty that someone has to go through in life. Those who dislikes will always find excuses and spit poisonous words that they don't even understand the impact of expressing it in the first place. Mind your words, mind and heart. These are the fundamental essence that you should be taking care diligently. Learned to reflect yourself.

No matter how many likes you earned in your virtual pages or how many friends you have in the real world who knows how to 'fan' you, while you continue look down upon others and mocking, respect would never be yours.

A leader should be thrilled to see others learning and thriving. They should encourage each other. Develop together. Bring out the goodness and leave out the negativity from mind and heart. If someone thinks he/she is almighty and condemn you in any ways, let them be. They can't stand any part of you from your words, your action, and your attitude, because all of it are too positive for them to accept. Envy=Evil.

One of the best way is try to let them be in their own self-centered world. For you my dear, move on, keep going until you find triumph. Everyone will achieve differently. Find your real success. Most importantly, don't listen to people who are completely negative and unkind no matter how high their ranking are in the real world. Stand up for what's right. That's one of the real triumph. You will feel contented.

Beginners, keep learning. Everyone has different learning pace. Study smart and hard. Professionals, keep guiding in a good manner. Never insult. Remember, you also started as a complete novice in your field. Don't forget your roots.

Motivational write-up.
To those who struggling in life, business, working life. Be strong, you are more than what you think you can achieve. Believe in yourself, be good.

Luv Note: Mind your words, mind and heart.


Business Talk+Life Talk

It is not easy-peasy to run a business. That is why you have to learn, relearn and never stop learning. Not only in executing a business, but also living your life. The fundamental is learning.

Many people are running their own business nowadays. Varies from freelance, entrepreneurship, startup, small business, medium enterprise until the massive business development such as big companies to multinational companies. There is no exceptional to learn from those who are experienced in the business field and you will definitely learn a lot from your own experience in dealing with your own business as time goes by.  

This process involves business ideas, training and development, practice and business minded individuals to grow from zero to something relevant from time to time which lead to success. No business takes the easy ride to success unless it involves corruption, black money, cheat and lies and all the dirty things that we should not do to earn a blessed living.

Today's global economic issue, most people are not comfortable to work with bosses anymore and want to be their own boss due to their own personal reasons. Personally, I think it is good to have something extra for you to work out, doing business as such. However, not everyone could pull it off to a level we called success. Bear in mind, although you are working with people and have your own business or you don't work with people and only work for yourself, you should not be arrogant and look down on other people. Everyone is working for somebody even if you are doing your own business, you are still working for the people, with the people. 

Success does not merely measured by money $$, position, followers, power and fame. It can be determined by how you change someone to betterment, several or many people/animals life or situation and the good things in life that we all should learn, give and honour.

To me that is a part of success-a complete one. Everyone has a different view on everything. As in my point of view, money is important because we need money to live in this world but it's never everything. It cannot be denied that we need money to live, to survive, to help others who need help and the list goes on. 

Unfortunately, many people tend to forget once they have a lot of money. They tend to go further to earn rank, fame and power by destroying others well-being from personal to families and others while being so cruel and heartless. Then they forgot their main purpose in life, to live good, find the right path and help what they can and they should for the world in whole. 

I am no angel. Yet, I'm trying to develop what I can to those who wants to learn. I want to learn as well and I will never want to stop learning. That is my duty to develop individuals who wants to strive and do good. I believed in this since I was a kid until this very day. Thanks to my mom and my late father who raised me and teach me about the real importance of money, love and life.

Over the years, I have been debating with friends and individuals that money is not everything and I am grateful that I still hold my principle until this day. I hope this will never change no matter where I go, who I'll be. Those who really know me, would understand this clearly. What I presented in classes, talks, debates, works, writing and sharing with people stays the same-how important is to not look at the value of money $$ solely but the real value of social entrepreneurship, charity and try to help yourself, others (people, animals, plants, the world) by giving a favor without hoping something in return. I have to say that this is very hard to do, but thank you to one of my 'Sifu' who teach me that with sincerity, you will be fine, you will see things clearly. You have to really do it with your heart and soul to feel the power of sincerity. 

In this process, maybe most of the people you encounter will try to take advantage of your kindness, sincerity and virtues, however let karma and God handle them in the future. Perform your responsibility well with honour and dignity. It was never easy and will never be painless or trouble-free . 

You must learn the power of leadership and psychology to assess people the right way. Never ever judge. If someone tries to hurt you, people you care and love and your journey of life more than once, step away from them because the second one or more is no longer a mistake but a choice. If they seek for forgiveness and completely repent, they will find a way back to you and the same goes to you.

If you are in a business line or dealing with people, never ever push people to purchase your product or promote your service to them until they lose their trust in you. Obviously you need to promote for your business to move forward. Despite, once you see that someone is reluctant in regards to your business no matter what you do, it means that particular individual is totally not interested with your products or services. They are many reasons for it, so relax and move on. Focus on those who engage and value you. Stop pushing the wrong people instead focus on the right one. With experience and knowledge, you will understand how to approach people the right way.

One of the crucial things that most inexperienced business people failed to do is how they talk, write and converse with others in any medium, real life, or the virtual world-the internet. They used inappropriate words and language when they talk and write or conveying a certain message. Some of them use all the beautiful words, but when you ask questions to them or reject their proposal, they start to bash you. Some can be so nice, but in the real world they totally hate you and slander you here and there. This is a really bad attitude. If you want to achieve real success in life, attitude is the key. If your attitude is down the drained, respect will never be yours. Reflect yourself, reflect the big A-Attitude.

For those business people who are struggling to keep your business on the line, remember to do good and be good. If people are being hard and harsh on you, ignore them. They are too jealous seeing and counting your achievements. Every single hard work is actually an achievement if it's good and there is no malicious and cruelty involved. 

Be true to yourself, team, people, fans and your prospect. Don't go for the big money $$ but help what you can based on the things you delivered. Sometimes the least you can do is to share positive vibes, encouragement, motivate and make people happy and feel that they are worth in this world. Be sure that your goods or services benefits them and satisfy their needs. Make it safe, healthy and good in all ways. 

You have to care no matter how hard things get because you are living and breathing to lead. They will be leaders and followers in life. That is life. Be a good leader or be a good follower or be both. The best is to be both and understands things in a wider scope, open mind and heart. 

Respect is vital. You have to learn to respect people no matter who and where you are. Watch your language. Stop gossiping, spreading rumors, slandering and do harm to another being. Respect living things and the non-living things too. That's one of the key to respect others and be respected as well. Be good at the heart and act right.

Sometimes in the process in achieving success, there will be many obstacles and haters. There are people who will demotivate you, push you, ignore you, talk bad about you, slandering, underestimate you, bring you down, down and down.

Sometimes friends can simply not be friends and family can be torn apart. If you are doing good and the right way and people are doing this to you, don't worry. Put in mind, you have those people who love, care and appreciate you although they are plenty of this kind of individual in the world these days. 

Remember those who stay beside you during your hard times, sadness, pain and in need of help. They are the people you should put near to your heart, mind and soul. Always grateful that you have them in life, even you only have one, or few-this is the diamond, they are the diamonds. Stop focusing on collecting stones until you forget the real diamonds in front of you-in your life. 

The more you become better and achieved in your life, the more enemies you will create. That is life. Let the enemies be. Focus again on those who adore and admire your strength and beauty within. People who do not learn to value gems, they will be at loss, a terrible one. 

If you are reading until this last paragraph without skipping any of the above, I would like to congratulate you because you have a definite strong will power to learn and develop yourself. I hope you gain something fruitful in this article. If you are my silent reader, keep reading and I hope you could share your insights with me when you are ready to engage with me on my page. Most importantly, you learned something or relearn and refresh things that you forgot, although nothing is really that new. Still, thanks a lot for reading and your brain cells are really connecting rapidly now. Muchas gracias! 

Motivational write-up.
Mind your words, mind and heart.

Luv Luv,

Blue and Black, White and Gold DRESS goes VIRAL 
& The Explanations

What color is this dress?
-The original photo-

Okay, I have seen the dress color and all I can see nothing but a blue and black dress. People are debating over the internet on the color of the dress.

The debate started after this photo was posted on Tumblr by a 21 year old singer named Caitlin McNeill, who lives on the Scottish island of Colonsay with the caption, "guys please help me - is this dress white and gold, or blue and black? Me and my friends can't agree and we a freaking the f**k out". It was a sensation of 'breaking the internet' on the Thursday night because of a dress that had defied the classification of color.

The dress was worn by the bride's mother on her wedding day and her friends said that the color of the dress was obviously blue and black. Then..everything seems to change when everyone starts to debate on the dress color after the photo was posted and most continue to disagree on the dress color.

Some said the color is white and gold, blue and gold and many more. Mainly, most of them are arguing that the dress is White and Gold instead of Blue and Black. Everyone seems to have a different answer. Completely weird, aite?

I'm wondering if that's the issue, it means that everyone is looking simple colors with so many perspectives. It seems most of us are color blind or..no idea. This issue has raised scientific questions, theory and answers which how our eyes and brains perceive color.

There are one of this article on scientific explanation that I have read which mention that the blues in the dress reflect as white color for some viewers because the photo is taken in lighting with a blue hue, and make it appear to be white and gold.

On the other hand, there are also an article that scientifically explained where the wavelength composition of light reflected from an object changes substantially in different condition of illumination, however noted that the color of the object does remain the same.

Oh my, what is actually really happening? Out of the blue, this dress color becoming a hot issue worldwide. Do you see blue and black colors as white and gold too previously? I would say no, nevertheless maybe some of you might say yes.

No matter what color do you see, I hope it's normal. If you perceive different from the others, maybe there is some scientific explanation for it. ^.^

Watch this video for a clearer view on this hot topic. All and all, i do learn something from this chaos-neuroscience. Thank you girl =)

A scientific explanation of why people perceive the colors of the dress differently

***updated 28/02/2015***
Original photo of the dress

Now I get it @.@ I have seen the color of white and gold like most of them claimed boldly that the color of the dress was White and Gold. It finally hit me when I was reading through my article and the first photo (original photo) was changing color when I was moving my head up and slightly to the left, and I was like ??? Oh goodness, I was @.@ It was interesting to see both colors, blue and black and white and gold.

Thus, in my opinion, I have to conclude that what Tessa had explained on her Youtube channel about the neuroscience was indeed true. I can see the dress is changing color from blue and black to white and gold and vice versa.

I presume it might be of the 3 theory which Tessa had explained on her video. Give it a go and experiment on the original photo, you might understand what this stuff all about. Experienced it yourself.

Luv Note: I saw the color changes from the original photo of the dress with blue and black color to white and gold color from my laptop with 50% brightness and a slightly dark room with minimum light. Maybe it is because of the ambient lighting.

Another thing I realized that I have been writing and reading continuously from my laptop which generate more light into my eyes that makes me saw the changes of color in the photo. Plus, it changes color (original photo) when I scroll the pages up and down. I am serious with what I saw. Still @.@

I guess, no one is wrong, neither no one is right in this debate based on the original photo. Both answers are literally acceptable (based on the 2 colors hot debate). Nonetheless, the dress in real life is obviously blue and black. Watch the video below. ~Learn and think positive~

The true color of the dress (proof)

Roger and out!
Peace ♥


Education is essential. It is not about how many A's you got or how high is your GPA/CGPA during your courses in schools, college and university. It is about how you learned well, learned good and give back what you learned to yourself, people, society and as a whole-the world.

Sometimes, not everything you learned at these institutions (schools, colleges, universities) , but you learned the fundamentals of living, love and respect mostly from home, from families. This will later even contributed by your friends, colleagues and people you associate in your real life and virtual life.

The most vital key of your education does come from your home. They way you talk to people, how you interact with one another and respect another being and non-living things, this is basically what you have learned from your home.

What have our parents taught us and how we response to those teachings will develop us to the person we are today. They are parents who failed to perform their responsibilities to their children by giving a good education in terms of developing a child's attitude, behavior and character. Whereas, this is the most crucial development for a person which soon will help him/her to develop towards a good person.

Nevertheless, there are children who learned several things by themselves and if their basis are learning good values from their home, they will pick up the good ones and leave the bad ones. Unfortunately, most children or teenagers are easy corrupted by their external surroundings, especially by friends and peers.

If they are surrounded by bad behavior friends, they might end up like the particular group of individual. Most may get influenced, though some may know to differentiate good and bad instead respect these groups and try to change them in stages. So, don't simply judge, unless you are in the person's shoes and know the entire true story.

Stop all the hurtful words where you insult people by swearing and bring people's reputation to the ground. Stop all the medium that brings humiliation to others. Nothing fit the shoes unless your own shoes that done such evil.

Let's not touch too deep on religion because every religion in this world teaches us to be good and perform good in our daily lives. Almost everyone in this world is entitled to their religion either they are born with one or convert to a religion later in his/her life. In reality, most of us are blinded by the meaning and concept of religion itself rather than the concept of true goodness and pursuing the right path to Him.

So? Many people like to use religion as a tool to cover someone mistake in current time.

People can change. There are few individuals who used to be bad individuals, however blessed enough to realize their mistakes, met someone to help them change, learned from the past and stop repeating the same mistakes and completely repent. Like I said, few.

Many bad people are still roaming around, especially in today's world. They forgot their real responsibilities in this world and are obsessed with hurting people and jeopardizing other people's life. Why? You think because you're still young, death won't come to you? There is no judgement day and a miserable life in another life and the afterworld? There are people who will forgive you for all the mistakes that you have done to them, family or their entire life?

If you are enjoying every single agony that you commit to good people or people you barely know, be ashamed of yourself because you don't have any self-respect for yourself, family and your religion. If you have that 'I don't care' attitude or screw other people, you are living in your own hell, waiting for the right time to be punished in the world and the afterworld.

I am sorry that I can't help you and the others can't too if you do not want to help yourself. Don't say people failed to help you. You failed to help yourself when there are opportunities and unfortunately you are blinded by your own character, self-pride and evilness within. If you remained being bad or worse-evil after being punished of your sins, may God forbid you to ruin other people's life and may your repent to Him before everything is too late.

This bad, evil people are multiplying day by day. It is a very dangerous and cruel world indeed out there. There are several individuals who really concern to take care of their real good virtues, heart and soul to help themselves, family, loved ones, people and the world.

Most people are more keen to see how well you dress and who you are rather than seeing the inner beauty of a person. Some even judge you before they know you. Some spread false rumors after they know you, but hate you for no reasons out of jealousy and pure evil. 

Some just create more issues for others to hate you even there is nothing to it but again, pure evil. You don't expect to earn goodness from this kind of people because sometimes, they are the people who hides behind their mask, and their evil will one day eat them when the time comes.

Thus, if we are an educated person, we are supposed to perform good deeds rather than committing evilness and turn other people's life and the world upside down. We should have a good family and community that help each other to cleanse the heart and soul rather than passing rumors, backstabbing and commit evil in front or behind a person. 

Most importantly, every one of us should help ourselves, improve ourselves better. Sometimes, we are our own worst enemies. Friends are also important. Be good to people but choose your mates wisely. Associate yourself with good and kind people with virtues and values. 

Beware of those who talk nice in front of you, but badmouth on you behind your back. Worse, those who slander, hurt, or try to destroy you. Somehow, you will know when the right time comes.

Thus, parents should embrace their role to really educate their children and inculcate moral values and virtues to ensure your children will be a good person in the future. No matter how far a person goes, they will remember their roots and the importance of being and doing good in life. 

Education as a whole is very substantial. However, we must never forget the real education we should have which is keep learning being and doing good. Individuals who go astray, stop blaming your parents, friends or anyone else. You have to start looking at your own mistakes and be sure to learn from them rather than pointing fingers. 

Educate yourself without hoping from other people. That is how you will learn.


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