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Personal Development

Stop Bullying!

No, we will never know. 
Don't simply judge.
Stop hating and prejudice.

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We think we know, but we don't.
We don't walk others path. 
Walk your own path. 
Help others. 
Stay motivated. 
Inspire others. 
Be good. 
Watch your words.
Have a positive attitude.
Inculcate divine virtues.


Pervert v/s Men

 How do you recognize he is a good man or a pervert? 
Know the difference. =)

Source & Credit: Man-Handled, Facebook

To the girls/women, know the difference and beware. 
To the boys/men, please respect women and yourself.
Respect is the key. 


Man’s Best Friend

Why a dog is man's best friend? =)

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Humane Society International
Please shut it down. Stop dog eating!!!
Stop animal bullying, neglect and dog eating. 
Stop being prejudice. 
Stop being inhuman. 
They are God creatures. 
They are living beings that have feelings. 
Love them, protect them. 
Learn to love. 
You will live life. 

Yours truly,

Today’s Reality

Dear beloved readers,

The world has achieved so much today. We accomplished much in life too. But have we ever recap the real achievement which makes us more human and happy? Let us go through together, today's REALITY.

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These are today's realities which are common and suffered by many of us, the society as a whole. Out of these 10 today's realities, which one do you think reflect on you the best? If any of these or even those 10 realities reflect your life, try to change for the best and pursue for the real achievements. You can do it, we can do it! 

Sofia =)

You Can Live Your DREAM!

Dream-Motivational Video

Have a dream? 
A must watch video! All the videos that I have shared, are worth watching. 
Open your mind and heart while watching these videos. 
Focus while watching and don't skip. 
Consume all the great motivational words of advice and act upon it. 
Let's roll!!!

Why Do We Fall?

Why Do We Fall-Motivational Video

No one has never failed in their life, no matter how strong is that person. 
All of us used to face disappointment and failures in pursuing our dreams and goals. 
Hence, why do we fall? 
Watch this exceptional motivational video and think beyond than we ever had. 
Keep moving forward and let's move forward, TOGETHER!!

Prince Ea YouTube Videos Review

Prince Ea

I found a very inspiring YouTube channel for you to follow. 

Follow Prince Ea on YouTube and watch his videos. 

All of his motivation advice are valuable to me. Yeah, he's doing a video with abundant of motivational words, but there are always haters who just love to dislike anything that people trying to do especially good things. 

Stop hating, at least he's doing something good for himself and others as well. Some people act a lot more, but just to show to other people what he/she has done rather than being sincere upon the act itself. So, what's with the racist and negativity? 

Do your thing and let him do his thing. This applies to other network and people. Do good reply with goodness. Simple as that. Unless when someone is just evil, evil will take charge and consume till the end.

No matter how good you are, there will always group of people who will hate you for no reason or just being jealous. 

To my fellow readers, move forward, do good, strive for your dreams and shine!

Watch these videos! Listen to the words without being judgmental. Open your mind and open your heart. Truly inspiring. =)

Can We Auto-correct Humanity?

Working to Live or Living to Work?

Why I Think this World Should End

Why Most People Die at The Age of 25

Prince Ea (Richard Williams) is an American rapper, spoken word artist,music video director and rights activist from St Louis, Missouri. His goal for his channel is to make people laugh, cry, think, and love with the ultimate goal to evolve. -Prince Ea YouTube channel-

Yours truly,

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