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Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Difference of Meeting Styles

Photo Credit: www.spiritridge.ca
Video: How the Japanese conduct their meetings

Compare your country’s meeting style with 
how the Japanese conduct their meetings

Personally, it depends on where you work. Meetings are conducted differently at government and private company. It differs from one company to another, from international companies, multinational companies, and enterprise to the small business industry.

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The difference is based on the way how the management or parties conduct the meetings. If you have a Japanese boss, you’ll have a meeting like the one as shown in the video. If you have a European or American boss, the meeting would be conducted by the presenter of the day or chaired personally by him or her. Occasionally they would encourage junior staff to chair the meeting for exposures. If you have a Malaysian boss, the meeting would be conducted and chaired by him or her.

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One of the criteria of poor meeting is that it can be too lengthy to discuss small issues or to brainstorm ideas. This problem usually arises when there is no proper planning, organization and communication between parties. In the end, the successfulness of a meeting depends on the company’s culture and the leadership approach adopted by the company.

One of the best methods is to adopt a meeting style that produces a positive result in having a positive environment. Offer chances for junior employees to chair a meeting to provide them with a learning experience to handle company’s meetings. Don’t forget that different types of meetings have to come with proper time management.

In brief, all companies have a different style of meetings based on their company’s culture and leadership style. 
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