Rainbow Pegasus by Sofia Naznim

Rainbow Pegasus by Sofia Naznim

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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Brewball IOI Mall, E5dss Dancing & Phoenix Dart Game!

Good news for E5dss (Dance Super Station) dancers! You can now head on to IOI Mall New Wing as the dancing machine is now ready for you to Step Up!! Straight to Brewball at 3rd floor, next to GSC and Redbox.

There are also few others arcade machines such as Initial D, Boxing, Jubeat, Basketball and one of the coolest game trending-Phoenix Dart game. This game is also a great game to train and sharpen your accuracy and persistency while loosen up your stress! At Brewball you can hangout with friends, playing pool, snooker or arcade.

Have fun!

Photo Credit: Sofia Naznim

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