Masa itu Emas : Time is Gold


Masa itu emas. Time is gold. Tomorrow is another day we said. Maybe do it later. 

We still have more time. I said I love you another time. But these may not come if it’s the end of time.


Time flows like the water in a river. It is faster than we imagine and thought. It feels like yesterday you were in year 2000, 2010, 2020, and now we are entering 2024 in no time. That’s how fast it can be.


Time can’t ever be bought. It is a God's gift that should not be taken for granted. Time is all we have.


We are given precious time from the time we are given soul and life. We are given prolonged time when are given time to live our lives and make a difference and good changes in our lives, families, and the community. But when time is given, it will be also taken away. All time will end. One day, our time and journey will meet with an end.


We all will have our moments, experiences, and stories that we’ll leave behind. There’s so much to learn from someone's life and demise. There’s more to learn from the many lives and deaths in the world we live in.


If we open our hearts and minds to be more vulnerable, respectful, and willing to learn, we can understand so much more and what is the purpose of life.


Time is gold. We don’t know when and how is the end of our lives, but we still have the opportunity to change what we can, learn and improve what we don’t know, and give more love and respect to those who matter, animals and nature around us, and our Creator.


It is never too late, but it is better now or never if you want to do something or change for the better. Do more good, give more love, and seek forgiveness.


As life can end at any moment of time, to everyone who knows me or we have had any exchanges of anything at all, please forgive me for any of my mistakes and if I wronged you in any way and permissible anything that you have shared with me. Only God can repay you for your kindness in your forgiveness.


Thank you very much to those who have been with me during my highs and lows in life. May God bless you always.


Sometimes we wait, but He is waiting on us🕊️

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